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Whos using milk in coffee?

On day 10 and feeling positive, haven't too many complaints. One is physiological (lack of poo tmi) but the other is having black coffee. I used to love coffee would have constantly had a mug in my hand and just sipped all day, buuuutttt I HATE BLACK COFFEE, I'm starting to dread tea break time, it's making me more unsociable than not drinking!

Grrrr, I've been so 100% and generally coping okay but I really really really want a nice cup of coffee. Just plain filter coffee with a dash of milk! Adding coffee to a vanilla shakes good, not great, and only once a day!

What's the consensus on adding milk?

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I've added the odd dash of milk to tea and it hasn't done any harm, I wouldn't do it more than once a day tho. Do u like peppermint or green tea: I add a sweetner to mine so it doesn't taste so sharp.


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Well I know you're not supposed to, but I have been for the last month whilst doing Dukan (which is ok on Dukan) and Atkins (which it isn't) and it hasn't affected my losses as I've lost 18 lb in a month an very happy with that.

I have cut down a lot though, wouldn't have more than 100mls of milk (skimmed) a day, which is about 30 cals and 5 carbs. It makes the difference between sticking to it and not sticking to it for me. I would say I have between 2 - 3 cups of tea with a dash of milk.

I'm not saying its right or what the diet recommends, its just what I do. I have also taken to peppermint tea which the only herbal tea I like and of course you don't need milk with it.


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Ditto to starlight. Need my tea and will take a mini knock to my weight loss if it means I can have tea, never affected me when I fid sole source on Cambridge though! Just don't go overboard and try to stick to skimmed x


I will do this!!!
i have milk in tea and coffee too!


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I have milk in my tea too, I couldnt drink it otherwise. I wouldnt stres over it, just drink it you will be fine as you are still oodles of calories down each day and it wont knock you out of K


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I have skimmed in my coffee, but I used to have skimmed before anyway :)
In terms of staying in ketosis, full fat milk would be the better option. I doubt there's too much difference in cals or carbs either way if you are limiting it to 2 or three splashes a day though.
I'd be more concerned about the carbs, but in this instance I don't think it would make too much difference either way. I can quite happily drink black tea an coffee, find it more refeshing that milky versions.Just stains my teeth badly :(
Full fat milk in coffee is such a treat. I don't like it in tea though
I take a splash of milk in my tea & coffee (probably max 3 cups per day) and it doesn't seem to be doing any harm. Got a nice rich pink ketostix reading this morning :D


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I have given up coffee since I started this; I had one cup and found I was starving (well very hungry) - not sure if it was the caffeine or what. So now, tea with a splash of milk in the morning, lots of green tea and the usual 3 litres of water.
It seems to work for me; as for slowing weight loss down, I feel it will go at its own pace. I am not in a race and every month I go down a size, so I think its fine. Brilliant in fact.
as for slowing weight loss down, I feel it will go at its own pace. I am not in a race and every month I go down a size, so I think its fine. Brilliant in fact.
If that isn't motivating, I don't know what is! Brill!
I have 2/3 cups of tea a day and I put a bit of milk in all of them. I did only start doing it last week, but I just couldn't live without my tea anymore!

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