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Discussion in 'Lighter Life Forum' started by July Bride, 19 March 2007 Social URL.

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  1. July Bride

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    Might seem like a daft question but why exactly do we need to drink four litres am I right that it replaces the water we are not getting from food? Keeps everything doing what it should etc etc.

    It just seems when I drink four litres I weigh more than if say only drinking two - which happens from time to time!

    Thank you
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    Hi JulyBride,

    We are told to drink at least 2.25 litres or 4 pints a day. More if you have a tetra or bar.

    Although I do tend to drink between 4 & 5 litres (it really does help with the losses).

    Water will make you weigh more, I can't remember the exact numbers but I think it is something like 1 litre weighs 2 lbs??? I am sure someone will be along to tell you.

    Good luck with your diet journey:D
  4. hippoellie

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    Yep 1 litre= 2lbs in weight. But don't think for a second that if you drink less you will weigh less. If your body is starved of water (either pure water or what is in food) it will retain everything it gets (leading to weight gain), whereas the more you drink the more you will flush through your system. Many people on the forum have said that the more you drink the more you lose overall.

    If you are worried about weigh-in, try to get your 4 litres in with a good hour to spare before WI- most of it will have disappeared down the porcelain bowl before you get weighed!

    My experience is the same now as it was on Atkins- when in ketosis and providing you drink enough you will pee mightily- I get up and go twice in the night and am continuing to lose weight. When I am not losing weight or gaining weight, I only pee once in the night and not so much, so I guess that proves something!

    Keep drinking! (wish they had a drowning/glugging smiley to add here LOL)
  5. magickmel

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    Yes you will retain water if you do not drink enough.

    You need it to replace moisture lost by not eating it in food.

    You need it to avoid constipation.

    Also it flushes the build up of ketones (side effect of ketosis) out of your kidneys.

    So get those 8 pints down !:)
  6. Sez

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    Our llc likened our bodies to watermill, with out enough water it just wont move. The water helps your kidneys and liver to their job properly and thus help push the now "dissolved" body fat out and away for ever!!

    Keep drinking, just like my Meez!!
  7. Pixie

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    That doesn't look like water to me Sarah!;)
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