why am I bored ? grumpy too.........

I have been on LL since may 15 th and have done really well I think.
Its really been easy for me
until now...... I just want it over......
I am going to see it to the end , but I would love just to feel normal.......Eat..........
I havent cheated and I wont, but I would love too...........
anyone like this ? why now? XXXXX 10
current size 14
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I'm right there with you 10 ... I've been SSing solid on CD since March 24th and whilst I'm delighted at being nearly 6st lighter, I have to confess to being pretty fed up with the perpetual veggie soup & shakes. Don't get me wrong ... I actually LIKE them, I'm just a tad bored with the lack of deviation.

I just have to keep on talking to myself and staying focussed ... I've done over 5 months and I've only got around three more to do: I CAN do it - I CAN do it!! :)

To make things worse ... tonight I feel hungry - what's THAT about?? :mad:
I reckon there is something in the air, I feel like that too today.
grrrr Im posting like mad to take my mind off it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder is it anything to do with the weather:confused:

It is one of those sticky rainy days and it is so dark for ten past 8 in the evening...looks like winter is settling in on us...:(

Love Mini xxx
I think its one of those things where you have done so well, but the thought of not being able to eat just keeps popping in your head.

You have done really well so far, but your bound to feel like you want to nibble...

Your body is maybe telling you it wants a change? Everyone can get bored with their habits, its only natural..

And like the above posts - I believe the weather plays a big part in getting the munchies! The colder and wetter it is, the more you want to eat!:p