Why am I doing this?


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Ok, so its day four of SSing and I havent cheated once. Its been bloomin difficult not so much being hungry but having to walk through shopping centres and Waterloo station to get to work doesnt help me trying to forget about food!

At the moment I just want to go and stuff all the biscuits that my colleagues have brought in down my throat. I have drunk 6l of water already and had peppermint and nettle teas till they now feel like they are coming out of my ears (I don't do caffeine!) But I still feel like poo

This week has been really pants with moving premises at work, stroppy colleagues, stresses at the air cadet unit i help run and relationship trouble. I have already turned down an invite for a meal and a catch up with the girls and have checked my diary - between now and xmas I have been invited to over 15 different meals/work dos etc, some I cant get out of and it makes me feel really depressed as I feel I cant go. Most of them are formal dinner and dances where there is no chance of me being able to have a pack or brick.

The thought of shakes and soups makes me feel very ill and I am having to force them down. Honestly I think i picked the worst time of all to start!

This year I started in January determined to loose weight and lost over 4 stone by just eating healthily and going to the gym but slipped into bad habits after going on holiday at the very end of August.

I dont think my head can cope at present with all the other stuff going on but I dont want to feel like a failure and put back the 8lb I've already lost on. I want to go to the gym but staying awake and walking for the hour I usually do to and from work is bad enough.

ARGH! Stuck between a rock and a hard place, dont want my counsellor to think I've got no perseverance either.

Sorry, just needed to spill whats going on in my head otherwise i think it might burst!

Need sleep..........

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Oh hun - I remember my day 4 only too well.
I fainted at work, had to be brought home and spent the evening crying, and hating everyone who was supporting me through the diet as they were the reason I wasn't giving in! LOL

Are you in Ketosis yet? That should help.
Try splitting your packs in half so you can have more throughout the day.

I know this feels like a bad time, in all honesty there is never a good time, it's only when the time is right for you will you be able to do this.

I remember everyone telling me that it would go by quickly and not believing them, but honestly I don't know where the last 2 months have gone, and I'm 2 stone 4lbs down now (got to update my ticker)

Stay strong if you can :)

Kitty xxx


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Kitty's right- there is NEVER a good time to start a diet: life is always there 24/7 to trip us up and get in the way.

Stick with it at least for the first week to get yourself comfortably into ketosis: the fab result should give you that extra boost of motivation.

As the Christmas season approaches, perhaps you could think of moving up to 790 to help with the foodie events: at least then you could nibble on some protein and veg (and let's face it, there's a LOT of turkey around at that time of year! :) )

I know you're feeling cheesed off right now but stick with it and it'll all work out - honest!


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Hi Juliane

I can relate to you whole heartedly. Im on day 4, have countless work do's, run a football club, have two part-time jobs which stresses in both and to be honest I had the same thoughts as you today!


Then another person gripes at me about my weight after I asked my father what he was cooking me for Xmas dinner this year (his turn!) - this blokes reply - a lettuce leaf!

Nice one - shame its my dads pub otherwise i'd have knocked him out cold!

So im flipping miserable BUT what keeps me going is the fact that once im done with this mad diet,he'll still be ugly and overweight and I'll be a happy bunny. I'll also have new goals which I'll aim for. Ones for me and ones I've always wanted to do.

I got my weight down once before but got complacent and ate what I wanted again, rather than what I needed! We can do it again ( I remember how it felt to buy nice underwear and pick off the rail rather than in certain shops).

There are so many things in life that give us stress, the one thing I want to do for myself - I scupper it! Like im not worth it.

OF COURSE I BLOODY AM! I am worth being slim! (Im telling myself here too!). I don't know what im saying really, just that if you are a person like me, who gives gives gives, sometimes you have to have a little take and say - hey this is about ME, my time, my life, my body and Im going to do this for ME. It won't take long, it will be over very soon and I'll be on cloud 10! (Thats a new one just for me and you!) hahah.

My goals for when I've lost the weight:

1. Lap up all the compliments I can!
2. Train to coach a football team rather than run it!
3. Train/get fit for The Police or Specials
4. Get my confidence back
5. Buy some gorgeous dresses/shoes without the shop assistant blatantly not asking if I need help because she knows it wont fit! (She's in my book of "go back and visit for revenge"). hahah

Chin Up Juliane - WE CAN DO IT!



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Great post Nuts - that's the sort of post which needs to be printed out, stuck on your fridge, and referred to.

I'm a big one for lists - in strong moments, make a list like this one from Nuts of the reasons you'd like to lose weight. A list of what will change in your life when you no longer weigh what you currently do (sorry, don't know how much weight you have to lose).

Someone above has wisely said that there'll always be something coming up to thwart your plans. It's true that Christmas looms, and all associated parties and things, but there are tricks and ways of getting round them. I've read that many here did attend their parties last year with their packs... or else the 790 way seems a good idea.

I admit that I avoided the parties. I allowed myself free rein Christmas (I wasn't following a VLCD), but not all the lead up parties. There are plenty of other years when I can enjoy them.

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves why we're doing it. Was there any particularly reason you chose a VLCD? Is it your first try at it?


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Hi :)

Sorry to hear you are having a Hard time with it. I was feeling like you are, struggling and wanting to just stuff those biscuits down my throat:( . But NO i stuck to it and pictured myself in a nice outfit and looking great everytime i had a moment.
I know its hard and life doesn't seem worth living without food but you can do it. I am now just under 5 stone less then when i started the diet and now at my ideal weight. I feel FANTASTIC and able to maintain my weight i am having a great time. The feeling is alot better then that short moment of pleasure when eating those biscuits. Just think when you get your weight off you can have those pleasures as you will be more incontrol. Believe me you will be incontrol as the thought of getting FAT again is to scarey.
Good luck, but you won't need it if you want to be THIN.

Nick :)


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Sorry to hear it's tough right now.. once you get that first week out of the way I'm sure things will get better for you... have you tried making some of the recipes with your packs? It's helped me no end.. if you make the crisps you can take them and munch them on your walk through the station maybe to compensate? Just a thought.. the crisps and muffins are, I think, a Godsend! Good luck, am sure you will get there.


You said you've been drinking 6 litres of water plus various teas, I know some people have reported feeling rough on suck a high liquid intake (dilutes the electrolytes too much or something). I must admit that although I like one or two of the soups I am really not a shake drinker, I have to make muffins or mousses. As FFnF says the crisps are really useful and surprisingly tasty.
I can really sympathise on the energy thing, I've had terrible trouble with my stamina since starting sole source, and thinking I maybe made a mistake not choosing 790 as a method. I've started AAM today and really notice a diffrence in how I feel for having a little bit of proper food.
Social events are a major problem with this diet, but if you can get through them with a minimum of carb intake you'll probably still lose overall.