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Why am I failing?

I cant believe how hard I am finding getting back into this :(

After having the week off i started back yesterday.

Did all day then it got to evening and ended up eating some ham and chicken!

Today did really wel and 5 mins ago i completely blew it by eating 4 chocolate digestives.

I am so peed off I could cry :(
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Chin up

Are you on ss or ss+?

If your finding the abstinence of food too much ( like I did) why don't you try ss+ , that way you can still have your chicken / fish and also veg etc and not feel bad :) it saved me from blipping


Have an extra shake if things get tough , I do that too!

Don't call it failing, you just need to find what works for you x
I found it a piece of cake when I started!!

I think I will have to consider SS+ im doing SS at the moment..

I just dont know whats up with me just now :(

Prob a mixture of hunger, feeling sorry for myself and feelinf peed off xx


Laugh in the face of food
I totally agree, I was finding that I couldn't quite make it right through the whole day without eating so I've gone up onto SS+ and it's so much better. Sometimes I don't even have my SS+ meal if I feel okay. It's definitely been a life saver for me too.

As for todays little hiccup, just try and put it behind you, and go for a fresh start tomorrow, take each day at a time, each hour at a time if you need to. Good luck hun you can do it, it took me a little while to get back into it too. xxx
Hi I know exactly how you are feeling - first time I started CD last year I found it an absolute breeze - I'd never done such a easy diet I was on SS -I then came of for a family holiday and it has taken me quite a few months to get back into the swing of things I tried doing SS but just struggled so much - so I am now doing SS+ which is still a struggle but a bit easier. I dont know why second time it is so much harder - the first time I didnt want to eat even when I had a planned day off for my sisters wedding I didnt want to eat and only picked at the meal and didnt touch the buffet in the evening. This time round every day is a struggle and I have to constantly fight the urge to eat. I hope you get back on and manage to fight the naughty temptations.
Good luck x x
Truffle, between me and you :D I couldn't have lasted a day on ss! 3 shakes a day is crazy!!! Ok it works for some, but blimey this is hard as it is! So having the choice of another shake (138 cals only ) and milk or a meal is a no brainer! Losses are practially the same anyway and you won't feel deprived of food

Again, you just gotta find what works for you this time around x


running strictly on fat!
I am with Mrsressex on that one....

I wouldn't last on ss but ss++++ works for me well :))))
Truffle welcome back :) :) - good to see you - was going to post to see if you were around. Am so sorry to hear you're struggling to get back into it, I think it would be a really good idea to give SS+ a go, it has the same excellent losses and you may find that you want to stay on that or you can move to SS at some point in the future.

Really hope you get it working for you again xx


An Attitude of Gratitude
After a break l always found it hard being SS again, l think it's the carbs we miss. l think trying SS+ would be a good idea.
Thanks guys, I see to be ok at the moment - it seems ot be evenings that get to me!

Sooooo what im gonna do is if I feel like im struggling tonight then i might just have some tuna or chicken with veg xxxx

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