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why am I losing weight slower than everybody else?

I lost 6.5 pounds in my first week,3 pounds in my second week and it looks like my third week is going to be about 2 pounds. Other people that are the same weight and height as me seem to be losing a lot faster. I am doing ss+ and sticking to it 100 percent. I drink 3 litres of water a day.
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...we're sinking deeper.
I know I'm doing a different diet, but LighterLife works on the same principles... Some people just lose slower than others.. It's just how our bodies are, you have to switch up your thinking though.. it's not 'only' 2-3 lbs, it's 2-3 lbs closer to your goal. These diets are by far the quickest way you'll lose weight with minimal exercise (which isn't recommended on LL for example)..
There are too many variables at play so early in your journey. :) It will go up and down as each week passes.. some weeks you may even stay the same - which is usually attributed to water retention - if you are in ketosis you *are* burning fat, as simple as that. Sometimes you are losing inches rather than weight on the scales... So remember, the numbers underneath aren't be-it and end-all!

:) Stay positive, it is worth it!
Hi, I’m also having the same problem as you, I only lost 3 ½ pounds my first week and it looks like another poor week this week too I am pinning all my hopes on being measured tomorrow, but it is very defeating when you are following the plan 100% and not really seeing any decent results especially when you look at a lot of the people on here that have lost several pounds in there first couple of weeks, my sister lost 14 pounds her first week and just thought it was weird that I lost so little.

I’m just trying to stay positive.
Its so hard to be positive when the little numbers on the scale feel the same. And my councellor said she expects a three and a half pound weight loss a week so she might think that I have cheated..


...we're sinking deeper.
Its so hard to be positive when the little numbers on the scale feel the same. And my councellor said she expects a three and a half pound weight loss a week so she might think that I have cheated..
Don't think like that! Are you doing this diet for your counsellor or for you? Who cares what she thinks! ;)
Don't be discouraged: the losses in the first week are usually not an actual loss of fat because Ketosis takes 3-6 days to kick in.

At the end of the day: it's probably better to lose slower than faster sometimes... I found that when people lost very quickly they learnt NOTHING about their previous eating behaviour than the ones who took their time to explore those issues. I saw a lady the other day who finished the LL program early, didn't do RTM properly... she had regained everything back within 3 months. ...So go figure. :rolleyes:


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I started CD at 300lbs :eek: and I've had weeks where I've lost 2lbs and weeks at 3lbs and one week at 1.5lb, I do SS+ and never cheat and drink appox 3.5lts of water a day, a loss is a loss and its still a step in the right direction :) I did WW back in 2007 and it took me 7mths to lose 3st I have almost done that on CD in 9 weeks :cool:
OMG this sounds familiar.... I lost 6.5lb the first week, then 4.5, 3.2...... down to not quite a pound one week! I was so disheartened because my counsellor was expecting me to lose loads every week too! BUT, my hubby pointed out to me that I wouldn't/hadn't lost this much in such a short time on ANY other plan, so I should be pleased... I think I have the metabolism of a sloath or something... then last week I lost 3.9lbs, and this week 4.9lbs! And when I had my measurements taken I'd lost 15.5" (I am going to the gym too).... so please stick with it. It will be worth it in the end.


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EVERYBODY is different, and the weight losses on this diet go up and down like a roller coaster. My CDC told me a story about a lady who was doing really well, then lost one pound the following week, one pound the week after that and then NINE pounds the week after that! You just can't tell what is going to happen - as a previous poster said, a loss is a loss and every little helps to get you to that magic place in the end. I was a bit disappointed by my latest weight loss too, but I'm not going to let it get me down, I'm gritting my teeth and carrying on regardless. Less is more! ;)

(AND I've got to make cakes for a party this afternoon - and I know I can't keep dipping my finger in the mix! Life is sent to try us, my dears - but we will overcome! :D)


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I am not going to give up either! The alternative would be to remain unhappy forever
Absolutely - think how amazing you'll be looking and feeling when all this is over (and about that celebratory slap-up meal you'll be able to have, lol! :D)! Just come on here whenever you need moral support, that's what I do (sometimes just to read, and not even to post). :coffee:
You can still have bars on SS after week 2, sure you would be fine to have them straight away as you are only dropping from ss+. Well done on your losses to date, remember how you felt when you first started and how far you have come if you ever feel dis-heartened
Hi im on day 30 of SS and I have just started having the mousse vanilla with half teaspoon of orange powder, its so nice to eat something tasted like lemon cheesecake.

Good luck


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