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Why am i not doing well !!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Me2u1605, 8 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    IM on week 5 but only lost 7lb and it had seemed to stop, I ended up having Chinese this week because I'm thinking well I'm not doing to well, I have started doing more walking but
    It isn't working, maybe Im just hoping for some good news, I just want to lose some weight before May as I'm going on holiday and last time I was there I was a size 18,
    At the moment I am only able to walk a little way but I'm doing it daily so fingers crossed xx
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  3. smurfette84

    smurfette84 Silver Member

    Hi x
    First well done for losing half a stone so far :D
    Sorry to hear your weight loss seems to have stopped but this sometimes happens xx Have you got a food diary at all for last week xx If not try varying your food a little as I find it gets boring same old all time lol xx

    Try drinking lots of water as that helps flush your body out and make sure every meal has lots of superfree food like fruit and veg xx
  4. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    Thank you smurfette I don't drink a lot of water, if I eat loads of fruit and veg and free food would that make me put the weight on ?? Xx
  5. smurfette84

    smurfette84 Silver Member

    Yes I well known for not drinking as much as I should do but I am trying lol xx And no no no it wont, in fact fruit and veg is part of the SW diet as every meal should have a 1/3 of superfree xxx
  6. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    :bighug: I can see why you may be feeling that it is not working. But, stay focussed: you have lost 7lb in 4 weeks :0clapper: Well done!!!

    May I offer you another way of looking at it?
    If you average out your weight loss over those 4 weeks, that is roughly 1.75lb per week ... and, as we are advised that the average weekly weight loss is between 1 and 2lb ... seems to me you are doing great and it is indeed working :)

    The beginning of May is 11 and a half weeks away. If you loss 1lb per week, on average, between now and then your total weigh loss (4 gone and 11 to go = 15 weeks worth) would be 18lb (or, 1 stone, 4lbs) which is a great loss!
    Very interesting question!
    I would suggest that it would depend on the "Free" foods you are having and the quantity. Even free foods have calories of varying degrees (although the rationale is that they will fill you up faster and keep you feeling fuller for longer) and if you are eating a large amount, logic says it will lead to weight gain.

    "Free" foods can be a little bit misleading insofar as ... suppose you make a SW "free meal" Spaghetti bolognese - Recipes - Slimming World On Extra Easy, this is a free meal :)
    Look closer, the recipe states it is a four serving recipe; this means one serving is "free". But, what if you have two servings? Or, three? Is it still "free"? And, if it is, why then does the recipe state it is 4 servings if we can eat as much "free" food at we like?

    The answer lies on p52 of the handbook, under FAQ's, and refers to adding super free foods to the plate. Within the answer it actually refers to the Spag Bol above - pointing out it is a free food meal and goes on to say ....
    " .. if you want to serve a smaller portion and make room on your plate for a nice crisp salad, or fresh veg, that is great, but it's not a requirement, it's a choice ... ".

    This is a very telling statement: note that you are advised to serve a smaller portion of the meal if you are adding super frees ;) Not the same size portion + super frees; not second helpings + super frees ;) So, the serving size actually needs reducing!

    Like any "healthy eating plan"/diet, the basic principles of SW is that it is offering you a low fat, low sugar, low processed food way of eating and showing you a way of eating well, filling up and staying full for longer on the Super and Free foods.

    Another way of saying all of the above:
    Chicken is a 'free' food (without skin :giggle: )
    If I ate a chicken breast, jacket potato and salad for my dinner, but, my twin sister ate the whole chicken (I bought two ;) just in case ), 2 jacket potatoes and a salad for dinner, have we consumed the same amount of calories? Of course not! Could we expect to show the same level of weight loss if we continued to eat at that ratio for a week? Of course not!
    Yet, we would both be eating "free" foods ;)

    So, yes, I think it is possible to put weight on eating free foods in too high a quantity .

    I do believe Food Optimising works when it is followed correctly :)

    Good luck with a continued, steady, weight loss. You have 11 weeks until May and I think you will look fantastic if you can continue with your current weekly average of 1.75lbs :clap:
  7. smurfette84

    smurfette84 Silver Member

    You should be a consultant lol :D
  8. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    :giggle: I may even consider it ... one day :giggle:
  9. smurfette84

    smurfette84 Silver Member

    Seriously with all that info you just gave out....WoW :D
  10. Me2u1605

    Me2u1605 Full Member

    Wow thank you ever so much mrsSOS X

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