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why am i not hungry?????

hey ppls something strange has happened, im not hungry atall anymore!! im not even hungry 4 my shake. i usally have 1 10am 4pm n 9pm ( due to work ) and i only end up having my 10 am shake at 12 cos im not hungry n im not even hungry at 12 im forcin it down. wots happenin??!!??
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oh lol i didnt know that!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Its a great feeling!!

You wont want your shakes but still make sure you get all 3 in and that you still drink plenty of water xx
cool well its only recently its been like this n ive been on it 3 weeks. wus i not in ketosis then??


I will be skinny again!!!
Hmmm... I duno... Im sure you were.. :S

Maybe its just that your cravings have actually gone??
yea probly woohoo x

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Well done lucky you, cant wait to be in that state!! XX


Bring on the trumpets
You might have a point there Chelly.....it takes three weeks for you brain to stop craving nicotine....after you have quit the fags...so it may take three weeks to stop the cravings for carbs/food etc
hi, same here i am on week 3 and dont feel hungry at all i have to force myself to drink the shakes and i quite like them, yesterday i only had 2 it got so late that i just went to bed. still didnt feel hungry when i got up. wont do it again its probably not good for you.
I'm going through Ketosis too, and loving it. This is why I struggle to have my shakes cos I'm just not hungry. I run around after my kids all day and they hours just fly by. I had my first shake today at quarter to 1. I have had 3 pints of water. Will prob have another shake at 5ish when everyone is eating their tea and my last one late evening. I love the feeling of not being hungry - hate the stinky breath though. My boyfriend said he would prefer me to stay fat with nice breath than slim with breath like poo! Its def the only downfall to this diet!


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Ketosis is like a little secret club that were all in dont you think haha

we shouldget jackets! x


I will be skinny again!!!

"ketosis krew"

(I know crew is spelt with a C but the K matches better lol)

Yeah to be honest Im not hungry but when i see really tasty looking food my mouth waters!!
to tell you the truth i have become more hungrier since week 5 lol possibly cos am getting close and am anticipating it

its a great feeling though not being hungry love it lol
On our jackets we should have a warning : "Ponky Breath - keep your distance!" I never would have believed that I would be going through so much listerene!

I got some ketostix today at the pharmacy and am definitely in Ketosis, so I'll just look forward to week 3 when I'm not hungry anymore ... :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Too be honest I havent been hungry since day 5!!

Yep, ive been trying to find the listerine strips every where because my boyfriend has started to coment on my breath now and its sooo embarrasing!!

Dont think you can get them over here :(
I had a word with my LT pharmacist and suggested that they special order these for their LT customers, and she said she would.


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Having read about these strips on here I asked in my local chemist (not mt LT one) as I thought I'd better get prepared! - she looked for them in their order book and they're not there. She reckons that means they're not doing them any more!! :(:(


I will be skinny again!!!
Thats a shame!!

gona go to tescos tomorrow and see if i can get some then!
i looked EVERYWHERE 4 the strips, evry shop i went in... every chemist n low n behold im out 1 day in town n find them in bloody POUNDLAND!!! how mad is that. they only had 3 packs left so i got thm all!! im gunna have a lok 4 sum 2morro aswell. hey i mite start a little busniness n send 2 ppl who cnt get them haha x

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