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Why am I not in ketosis? :O

Hi girls
Just did a ketosis test and for my biggest suprise I am not in ketosis. I did the SS for 2 weeks then I cheated and then I restarted it. I am on it again for 5 days now and havent cheated at all. Is it normal am I not in ketosis? When will I be? Or maybe when I restarted it on Monday maybe I shouldnt have eaten the bars.....?
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when did u do the test? If you have drank alot of water that can affect the result you see on the stick..best time to check is 1st thing in the morning. Not to sure about the bars


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As far as I know, the bars can have some effect on you going back into ketosis, at there are more carbs in them, hence not being able to have the bars until week two. HTH!
yeah maybe..but my first 2 weeks was on SS without cheated, after finishing 14 days on SS cheated for 2 days..then i restarted it but had a bar a day, and not in ketosis but I think I should been in it..:)

after 5 days of SS I bet you are in ketosis, don't bother or at least don't get hung up with the test sticks.

Are you hungry - No - In Ketosis
Are you Cold - Yes - In Ketosis
Do you feel good - Yes - In Ketosis.

Also, I thought that you are supposed to stay off the bars for 2 weeks not 1.
IE Bars allowed in week 3 and onwards.


Mrs B

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How do you feel? Apparently these sticks don't work for everyone. I've never used them at all. If you feel ok (or cold) then you are probably in ketosis.


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Really its the morning reading your after , is that when you did it ?


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I've done it again! It's after week two that the bars are allowed. opps!


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yes after 2 weeks of CD shakes then you can have bars but one aday , but its the morning reading you should go on , as long as your lossing thats the main thing


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What had you been doing just before you did the test? were you doing something active? I found last time I did the CD that I took a test just after re arranging my living room.. dashing round hoovering.. and generaly going bonkers.. and it was neg.. but I think it was because my body was doing something with the ketones because I'd just been so active!

but I was def in ketosis

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