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Why am I not losing??!!

Been eating the following pretty much everyday as I like routine and am a really fussy eater, been doing this for over 2 weeks but no loss. Also been on my exercise bike for 30 mins each day:

3 x scrambed eggs handful of cheese.
Tin of tuna, spoon mayo, cup of lettuce, handful grated cheese
Chicken breast with bacon and lettuce
2 litres water and couple of teas with dash cream 2 tablet sweetners

Any tips?
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looks good ... just hold on in there and there will be a wt loss...more veg ? xx
just realised its 2 weeks ...... are you in ketosis ... may be worth buying some ketostix to check you are in ketosis .. hopefully somebody else will post and guide you xx


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From what I have read on here, cheese can sometimes be a problem for people depending on how much of it. Maybe having it x 2 daily is too much for you. Keep at it though, I am sure someone with much moe knowledge than me will be able of offer more help x


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water and more water cheese can be a issue and soft cheese, trial see what stalls!!


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Cheese would be unlikely to be an issue in that proportion unless your handfuls are huge. Have you lost any weight at all pj? What is your BMI and how much do you have left to lose?
Yes cheese does stall some people, remember that it is not 100% carb-free! I love cheese but I need to limit the amount I eat each day.

You are very short of vegetables, particularly green leafy ones. On Induction we need to include 10-15g vegetables every day. This does make a difference and lettuce, which is mostly water, is counted as salad leaf. You need dark green and other veggies. They help to fill you up and keep your digestive system working efficiently, as well as provide vitamins and minerals.

Another factor, which is mentioned on The Atkins Community official site, is that some on Atkins need to watch portion sizes. Everyone's metabolism is different and for some this makes a huge difference.

You might try a brisk walk every day or similar type of exercise, as this can improve fitness levels and burn more calories.

And yes - drink plenty of water!

Tinker with it until you find what works for you. Good luck!
Are you drinking anything else? What brand on mayonnaise? What brand of tuna? Are you weighing once a week at the same time?

Sorry if these seem daft questions, but little things can make the difference.
plumjuice have you got a starting weight ........ height etc so we can assess x
Hellmans Mayo
John West tuna in water
Start weight 16.4
Goal weight 11.7
Height 5f6
Drinking normal tea with skimmed milk (just a dash) and sometimes a coffee with double cream. Have been having my CD water flavouring but now run out :(
well i 'm confused .... it sounds all ok ..... would get the ketostix though ... i'm sorry i have no other solutions ..... x


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HI PJ, you menstioned your CD fruit juice. How long has it been since you stopped CD? Have you been having any of their sachets as well? I only ask because it takes time to come off CD and their sachets are full of carbs. Plus a dash of skimmed milk can add up. Please don't feel that I am judging. I have struggled with my weight since I was 14 and it is so upsetting when we try so hard to lose and the scales don't budge. I feel your sadness and annoyance. We are with you all the way sweetie. Keep us updated so we can be as helpful as possible xx


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Rachie has it - people coming straight from CD often take a while to see losses. You won't have any glycogen stores to deplete and your body needs to readjust to eating.
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Hi, cooking for 1 is boring but why not cook enough for 2-3 meals, I cook for myself my oh cooks for hum and the kids

I often make up 2-3 meals in one go and eat for lunch the day after or freeze food, nice and easy to microwave

The tuna in water is a great low cal jobby but choose it in oil for the extra fat next time you go shopping:)

Are your clothes looser? Are you feeling smaller,?

It will start to happen, ita just trying to find your best foods x


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I've had this problem, been following the diet to the letter and the scales have hardly moved BUT i feel much better in myself and my clothes are looser, i think its taking my body a while to adjust :)

The one thing i have changed the past few days is drinking LOTS of water!
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same here. i am losing at snail pace, very frustrating. but my body is changing shape, and i feel better.

and i am following the WOE well, don't have sneaky carbs, am very careful
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I think it's the transfer from CD and not enough greens PJ
hey plum juice ...how s it going now ...lost any lbs ? xx
bump x

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