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Why am i putting on more weight even though ive changed my lifestyle?

Hey all ,

Basically , my lifestyle used to be.

Wake up
Order takeaway

Now its:

Wake up
20 minute walk

I literally never used to step foot outside the house , and now im walking every single day , but i seem to have put on weight , my jeans that i bought 2 months ago where to tight and now i literally have to pull them up every 30 seconds encase they fall down.

But why am i putting on weight the scales are telling me im 4 pounds heavier :S

I bought a exercise bike a few days ago , waiting for it to get here , im going to add another 30 minutes a day to my exercise with that , then slowly move onto more healthy foods , it would be stupid to stop eating how ive eaten for the past year straight away , i'd go into detox and that's horrible.

I do feel fitter :S , I don't get as out of breath as i used to from walking no more.

And i am not starving myself at all , i still eat junk from time to time.

Oh and im not on any diet , i can not follow any of them , would be pointless setting myself up to fail , im just eating in moderation.
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You should be proud of yourself!! if your jeans are falling that means you are loosing weight.Seriously i dont go with the scales anymore. I use to obsess so much about the scales i use to weigh myself twice a day everyday. And most of the times my scales would never go down after the vigirous intense exercise i do evryday. Id get cheesed off and feel like giving up. But although my scales wernt going down my clothes where alot looser and collegues,friends and family kept saying ive lost more weight and id argue that i havent and that my scales are still the same. Ive still continued with my healthy eating and exercise but i havent weighed my self in over 2 weeks, im just going by sizing in clothes, if my size 12 jeans become tighter on me then i know ive put it on. Once a week when i go to grocery shopping i always go to the clothes section and see if i can try and get into a pair of size 10 jeans just to see how far i got to go or if i fit into them yet. Go with your clothes size they are more accurate, because if you go with scales and they dont budge trust me it will distract you from your determination and you loose your enthusiasm and motivation.youve only just started your exercising i promise give it a few weeks i garantee those scales will go down.

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