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Why am i still hungry?....


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Really sorry to hear that sweetie. Try to stick at it though. It will be worth it at your next weigh in and you will stop feeling hungry in no time. Have you tried to have Coke Zero? I found at the beginning it can make you feel full and makes a nice change if you are felling deprived. You could also try and do something to stop yourself felling h


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S: 25st11.5lb C: 24st8lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st3.5lb(4.84%)
Sorry that last part was 'You could also try and do something to stop yourself felling hungry, like pampering youself'


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plan things to do each day to remind yourself of why you are doing this. I still get rumbly belly and hunger occassionally, but i now work through it!
Your mind is playing tricks on you....and your going to WIN this one! your not going to eat...mind over matter!
you dont need it, you dont want it, so plod on through...it will get better!
Esp as soon as you start seeing those scales shifting....ah, bliss!



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i find splitting my shakes, DOsENT help, but that is just me. Peppermint tea and loads of decaf coffee get me through those hunger feelings. good job for not giving into them. You know the funny thing is, i actually prefer the "hungry feeling" more than the "stuffed up" feeling and have learned to accept it(most of the time)
you might be missing food in the mind everytime the thought comes tell it where to go in no uncertain terms ...if you continue to find it unbearable think about ss+ the losses are not that much diffrent ... and its better than giving up ... chin up sweety xxx


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Unfortunately it just seems to happen that way sometimes. I have never had hunger problems when doing this diet before, but this time has been sheer hell. I have been permanently hungry for 8 weeks now, uncomfortably so at times, with it even keeping me awake some nights. It has got to the stage where my weight loss has now stopped, I have not lost so much as an ounce in 2 weeks ..... but I suppose looking on the positive slant, I have also notgained so much as an ounce either :D

Anyway - I hope you have an easier ride than me and that your problem goes away soon.


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Hey Jess..
Sorry your still feeling hungry, I would say try and keep yourself busy and keep your mind on other things this will prevent you from thinking about food...... take a walk, read a book, pamper yourself,
Hope this passes very soon, and perhaps try drinking some more water.. x
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are you sure you are really hungry? Sometimes when your on a diet your mind can play tricks on you to sabbotage your efforts. I know the first week when I started CD I thought I would never make it to 8 weeks because I honestly thought I would cheat because the thought of food and eating was so strong in my mind, I then realised I wasn't really hungry at all.

Keep hanging in there babe, I swear it will get easier.
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Hey, thanks for everyones support and advice!.. Nearly threw up i was so hungry last night, i wonder if im doing too much so am using up all my calories... guess we'll find out today as i have a 5 hour train journey in a bit!. joys. Il just keep up my water and persevere.. :) I dont think its in my head even though i am thinking about food constantly, my tummys like churning n grumbling alll the time!. i think my shakes are beginning to fill me up though, i wonder if its taking me longer because my diet was so shocking before CD! :p

Jess x


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Its a massive shock going from all that food to none at all, well it was for me anyway, i still get hungry now, but i can tell you that its so worth putting up with it, the weight loss on cd is fabulous, stick with it and see those pounds drop off, and getting into those smaller sizes its all worth it in the end. Good luck hun.
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Hey hun,

Sorry to hear you arent feeling too good with the hunger. Are you hungry or just bored? How long are you leaving between shakes? Are you exercising at all?

Unfortunately I find not everyone gets that "non hungry" sensation. I know I never did and was ravenous all the way through my initial time with SS!

Have you tried adding psyllium husks to your shakes to make a big porridge?


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Hey Jess, well done for sticking with it despite feeling so hungry. I think the key, as lots of others have said, is to keep busy. I work part-time and the days I worked this week and was busy, I barely thought about CD. I was at home yesterday with my children as their school was closed and had more time to think about it:(. Today, I've been helping someone out and didn't even feel like having my soup at lunchtime although I did. Do anything to keep your mind occupied and hopefully it will help. Hope your train journey went OK :)
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Hey, I guess its a mix of hunger and boredom, i just cant stop thinking about food! Iv had a fair amount on so am rushing around a little atm, but not exercising in particular... and try and keep my shakes to the evening as thats when i need them the most. And when it comes to the psylium husks, i havent tried them yet but am worried that il hate it...dont want to waste a shake. :p plus i cant hack the soups anymore just on shakes atm! :)

Also on the plus side i have just got a part time job at evans which will give me something else to concentrate on. :D woop woop. Oh and train journey was ok, starving and thirsty when i got here because i didnt dare drink much, it tends to go straight through me n toilets arent the easiest thing to find on the journey. Home now with my fam, just prepping myself up for this party tomoro - no1 knows im on it so am going to constantly be asking me to eat n why im not eating and passing all of their comments! joys... im gonna need a hell of a lot of strength but i have to prove to myself i can do this. I need to take control.

Sorry i waffled. :p woops
Jess x


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Sorry i cant offer advice but can offer sympathy as yesterday was my first day of not feeling hungry and today was the same. I have a soup at lunch, a tetra or shake about 6 and something else about 9. Tonight i forgot i had only had two packs so had tetra just before 10!
I am also fed up with soup now but CDC on hol for 3 weeks so have enough until she gets back so i'll have to suffer them. Only thing about soups is nobody notices that its 'different' it just looks like a cup-a-soup.

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