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why ant i cold?!


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Hi Kimmie
I'm the complete opposite!! If you're not drinking iced water, try that. I drink pints of the stuff but am permanently freezing!!(and on toilet):crazy:

Otherwise get yourself a fan to keep you cool. If you're like that now - it;ll be worse in the summer!!


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Hey Kimmie,
I've never really been cold either except occasionally my feet but thats nothing new! I count myself lucky, i hate being freezing!! But would hate to be really hot also. Try Jax's idea of the ice cold water xx
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omg i have suffered being cold and also suffered with sweating... i used to be terrible sweating when i was bigger.. all i did was sit there eating... omg and it was dripping off me.. hated it!!

i kind of keep myself cool now, by keeping the windows open till i hear kids teeth chattering.. lol


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Im always freezing cold since starting VLCD. Didnt realise this was common. Why is that and does anyone know if its a good or bad thing to be cold?


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Hi Kimmie

No idea why you are not cold I guess not everyone gets that side effect. Maybe you have a super metabolism that is managing to keep you warm on so few cals. If so lucky you!



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S: 17st11lb C: 16st9lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 1st2lb(6.43%)

Being cold is a common side effect of any VLCD. We are eating so few cals that our bodies conserve enery for the really important stuff like keeping out hearts and lungs working.

Its not dangerous.

Like Jac said your body goes into a mode where it tries to protect your vital organs (I can't say for sure but it's my little theory this is also why abdominal fat seems to be the last to go in many). People especially tend to experience cold in the extremities like fingers and toes as the body diverts much blood flow around you abs to keep everything warm and working. So it's not necessarily a good or bad thing. If you are not cold you may still have enough abdominal fat to prtoect your organs - this happened to me and I didn't experience cold till later on in the diet.


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I wasn't cold either hun, i was swealtered too!!
I've not been cold other than hands and feet and they are like that anyway LOL

But I drink all my drinks at room temp or warm so that could be why for me.

The very odd time I have been cold in bed, but I just put on more clothes and I soon warm up

Being cold is not necessary but if you want to be cold try drinking icy drinks that might help.....


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Perm cold here too. Slept in my dressing gown last night as I was freezing!
Hi Kimmie, are you due on your period?? On my 2nd day of SS i came on my period and i was sweating rather than feeling cold. But now my period is finished, i am absolutley freezing, its horrible.

You've had a fab week 1 loss so you must be in Ketosis, so i wouldnt worry about it too much as long as your stil losing weight. Make sure you keep drinking your water to replace the water you lose through sweating.


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