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why are my family donig this?!?!?!?

Well i am all prepared to start on the 23rd and my mother and father dragged me up about it saying that they dont want me to do it i cant afford it blah blah blah!

For one, last time i did it I was being £500 rent and bills etc AND the diet!!! this time round im back with the parents paying£140 board and no bills! so that kind of evens it up, also my mum says that my aunty who has been doing the diet for AGES hair is falling out and my mum doesn't want that happening to me!!! well it didn't happen to me the first time round and it may happen second time round but thats what happens!!!!

This is like a major moan im having! my mother is threatening to take my bank card so i dont go to the classes! but she says she will help me loose weight! but she has tried to many times how can a woman who has no will power herself manage to help me! I want to do it for me noone else...she also brought up its near christmas and i wont be able to cope or have a drink etc! my god! i dont want a drink and i will cope if i know by january next year I would of lost at least a stone that keeps me going!!!

GRRR I AM SO ANGRY WITH MY FAMILY! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS!! how dare they make me feel bad about something i really want to do...

My boyfriend is being so supportive saying he loves me as i am but he knows how i get and he will be there 110% with me..which means alot and he thinks i should ignore my parents! but i feel i have to do as they say as they have given me a roof over my head!!

HELP>>>>>sorry i know its a moan and a bit of a novel but i am so angry

Jodie xx
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Hey Jodie, Sorry you're having a bad time. I didn't tell anyone but my bf and gp I was doing this for this very reason. Everyone seems to have an opinion and gives it to you whether you like it or not! It must be really hard if you are living with your parents! However, you are doing this for you and no one else. By the way, I did 20 wks strict SS and have been eating for over a month now and have not lost any hair so it doesn't happen to everyone! Good luck!
Should I just ignore them then and do what I want to do as my heart really is set on doing this!!! i need to and I want to I want to look good and feel good like i did before i came off the diet...!!!
Not sure how old you are Jodie, but you are obviously old enough to be doing LL - and wouldn't normally encourage children (of any age!!) to go against their parents ........ BUT this is your life, your health and yes I think you should politely but firmly tell your parents it is something you want to do for your health and well being and you will do it with or without their support. Point out that you'll need to get your medical form signed by the GP and say how much better you'll feel when you are carrying less flab around. You don't say how much you need to lose - but again take your parents to a supermarket and put the equivalent to a stone of potatoes or sugar in a basket - and tell them you can lose that before 2008.

Good luck - and at least you have support from your boyfriend.
If this is what you want to do try and explain it to them, remind them you'll have your BP done regularly and that you will be careful and it's your choice not theirs. Unfortunately when you get back under parents roofs, even as adults they assume they can parent you rather than form a more adult relationship - your body, you are the one who is unhappy, your decision.

And your Mum has no right to take your bank card - I would point out how childish she is being by not respecting your choice to have an opinion different to your parents!


Happily pro pointing!
Hi Jodie
I would say go with it, you are a grown woman and can do what you like within reason. Obviously you need to respect other peoples wishes to an extent when you are living under their roof, but dieting to lose weight and taking care of yourself is really none of their business.

On the hairloss front, it isn't actually hairloss as such, you hair stops shedding when you start the diet and then your body renews the hair when you stop the diet, just the same as when you are pregnant, so you don't actually go bald or anything, and the hair lost just grows back as normal.
Good luck
See you are in a difficult situation. outside of work only my gf and my best friend knows. Now my best friend is a skinny rake but she is really encouraging about it as I wont go swimming with her until i lose weight and it her favourite hobby. My gf is doing Rosemary Connolley and is not jsut being supportive but also its like we are helping each other.
As to your repsonses thank you very much! i am 22 and I have 6 stone to lose it is really difficult being back with the parents after 4 years living away! but I am going to go ahead and do it! if they dont like it they can lump it! !!!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
As to your repsonses thank you very much! i am 22 and I have 6 stone to lose it is really difficult being back with the parents after 4 years living away! but I am going to go ahead and do it! if they dont like it they can lump it! !!!

Hi you are 22 years of age and they seem to be treating you like a child.

If this is what you really want and have the support of a wonderfull b/f, then you do it. This is your life and your health you are in control not them.

Good luck, hope it all works out, be happy


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Jodie, The others have said just what I would. You are an adult and as such can make decisions for yourself and that they should respect that. You are paying your way living with them and if anything you will be cheaper to "keep" since you won't be eating!!!! Bet they didn't think of that one! lol
You know what you have to do and I don't think you need any of us to tell you. We will all be here to support you though. Great place to come to chat!
And a loving B/F to support you. What more do you need.
Good luck.
Well and update for you all....I phoned my councillor and she says its my decision and my decision only, and she was so nice saying she would be glad to have me back as i put a smile on everyones face awwww! so i am defo going back on the 23rd!!!! and thats final!!! thank you to you all for your support!!! I am looking forward to it really am get back on the wagon! i have brought a picture of me into work before I fell off because of the split up and well i look GOOD! so i want to look good again, the way i see it if i do the same as i did before i will loose 44lbs in 7 weeks! so thats just the new year! new year new me!!! xxxxx j
Excellent! Thats fab news Jodie. Im glad that you are going back. At the end of the day nobody knows how you feel inside and how much it effects you apart from you!

Well done and good luck.

Peanut xxxxx

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