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  1. alunsarah

    alunsarah Member

    Hello everyone.
    I am doing ok and not remotely tempted to cheat but why oh why are saturdays always the hardest???
    I woke up this morning hungry, spent this afternoon hungry and have a feeling i'll go to bed the same!
    Its as if my body knows its the weekend and was so use to binging on food and drink it goes into shock at the thought of only having food packs...
    Ive already consumed 5 litres of water but my stomach is still saying ' where the hells the chinese and pernod'!
    :sigh: :D :D :D
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  3. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up
    Weekends are a nightmare, I tend to be on the computer chatting on here, cleaning or having a soak in the bath.....!
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  4. bfpo550

    bfpo550 Member

    I know the feeling, saturdays is always take out and a bottle of wine with my hubby!!! I do miss food :cry: but its not for ever! :clap:
  5. angelxx

    angelxx Full Member

    lighter life
    Alunsarah feeling just the same as you!!!!angelxx
  6. kittykat

    kittykat Gold Member

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    I Hate sats too but have just eaten was very good had a dalepack lamb steak low in carbs 1/2 boiled egg lettuce cucumber n red cabbage and best think was couldnt finish it OH had the same 2 steaks cheese chips & 3 slices of b&b
  7. alunsarah

    alunsarah Member

    kitty kat your meal would previously not have made my mouth water.. but right now im drowning in a pool of drool thinking of a dalepak lamb steak!!
  8. kittykat

    kittykat Gold Member

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  9. harri

    harri Full Member

    :cry: I was thinking exactly the same this weekend and last weekend! It is soooo much harder at the weekend.I suppose that is because the weekend would usually be the time that I would relax with some wine, a take-away and a film and then maybe a bit of chocolate too!
    I nearly started this thread myself this afternoon!!!
    Well just about to treat myself to yet another hot St Clements!!:sigh:
  10. RED

    RED Full Member

    Weekends are had for me too!! But since I got my smoothie maker I have been in heavan!! This morning I made a type of iced coffee type thingy with a vanilla pack a couple of sweetners lil bit of coffe and 12 ice cubes...mmmmm
    Then at work I had the hot version so it was like a creamy sweet coffee...then as I knew that by the time i came home I would be missing my normal saturday treats I saved my last two meals for a treat...big bowl of chocolate ice cream and friut bar biscuits....mmmm
    I am sitting here now quite content...it was so good I felt like I was being naughty!!
  11. Wicked Witch

    Wicked Witch Full Member

    Sad to say I think it is the alcohol I miss the most.
    Last weekend was my birthday and I fell off the wagon and had a glass of Champagne. Normally I would have drunk the whole bottle but just having that one made me feel soo much better. Less deprived. Weekend are definitely the hardest.
  12. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    I find weekends difficult in general and always have found it difficult to relax. I think it's because I don't have the routine of work. Even before LL I used to find weekends frustrating unless I had something planned. I am not good at sitting about.

    My job is extremely 'in your face' and adreneline levels are high 8/10 hours a day and so when I 'come down' I feel quite fidgety and irritable.

    I didn't eat any differently at weekends so I don't find myself craving weekend treats but I do find that the discipline of the diet is more difficult to manage when I have nothing structured to do.

    I find I drink a lot more water over the weekend and walk as much as I can - that helps.
  13. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    "...... I don't have the routine of work......."

    I think you've just answered the question Fatpossum.

    It is the lack of routine that can cause problems. Also, the type of routine you do have, especially when it includes eating and drinking, can be a problem.

    Plan a new routine which keeps you busy all day, with some sort of none food reward at the end. It's all in your head too, so do some visualisation and imagine yourself enjoying your saturdays and sundays.

    I was lucky in that I established a new saturday routine of walking into town, shopping and walking back. It really set me up for the weekend and it was a great family activity too. Sundays have always been lazy days and still are, just involving a walk to the local newsagent for the sunday papers and then lazing about reading them!

    I really enjoy my weekends too because hubby is home (!).
  14. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    Right now I could murder a few vodkas.
  15. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    I went out to dinner tonight - well what I actually did was take my husband and two daughters out to dinner.

    I sat there while they ate plates of lovely nosh ...... but I was fine. I drank black coffee and sparkling water and just enjoyed the fact that my stomach was no longer sitting on my lap! :party0011:

    And when I went to the loo I spent time looking in the mirror and relishing my gorgeous cheek bones - bliss.

    I also love the feeling of not being full. My digestion has always been a bit "funny" i.e. whenever I eat something(doesn't have to be a big meal, just something like a sandwich) my stomach bloats up shortly afterwards. It's really uncomfortable and very off putting. So in a effort to avoid this effect I would often not eat at all, particularly if I was going out somewhere and I loved that feeling of being empty and 'flat'.

    Being on LL gives that same sensation. If I could just get rid of the rattling wind I'd be in heaven :)
  16. tishtosh

    tishtosh Hopeful for the future

    Hi Red,

    That sounds sooo positive. Well done - you seem to be in a better mood completely this week. Keep it up x
  17. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    "enjoyed the fact that my stomach was no longer sitting on my lap!

    Yes, me too. Can I add also being able to sit in the car and drive without same stomach touching the steering wheel.

    whenever I eat something(doesn't have to be a big meal, just something like a sandwich) my stomach bloats up shortly afterwards"

    That's interesting. Perhaps, once you return to eating, you will find other foods which cause you problems like that. It is a benefit lots of others have found too, being able to identify foods which cause discomfort, bloating etc.
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  19. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Weekends are hard (esp rainy days like yesterday!) because you are out of routine & so much revolves around food I've noticed. Can def recc an allotment for excercise, stress relief & boredom relief (see blog) and now never find that the weekends drag - its the other way now - work is an inconvenience!!
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