Why are you doing this?

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    sensible and veggie
    I'm sure it's been done to death but I figured out the real reason I'm putting myself through this.

    When I picture myself in the mirror I don't see a 17 stone person, I see the 11 stone, gorgeous 18 year old that I used to be (and not that long ago, either!). I find myself amazed to see pictures of me because that isn't who I am in my head. I don't feel disgusted or ashamed, more a bit confused. Who is that woman? What has she done with the real treefrog?

    So, this time I'm going to uncover the woman I see in my mind. She's not something I've lost forever, just misplaced for a while. I'm not ashamed of who I am, but I want to be the person I think I am, and if I can do it physically, then there will be no stopping me.

    What's your motive?
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    Bit of this bit of that
    when I was pregnant I suffered from gestational diabetes, mainly due to the extra weight I was carrying before I got pregnant. It was only mild and was easy to control, but showed my body was at high risk of developing diabetes long term.

    I realised that I was having all these extra trips to the hospital, spending hours at check ups (nothing bad happened but they kept a close eye) I had put myself and my baby at risk and it was all my own fault! had I been a healthy weight the chances are it would never have happened.

    Soooo thats my driving force, to reduce/remove the risk of diabetes (and all the other health risks.....)

    To be healthy in anticipation of a 2nd pregnancy in a couple of years.

    To look and feel better!

  4. Yorkiegirl

    Yorkiegirl is happy being Yorkiegirl

    I have two reasons to lose weight. One is my daughter Sophie who is five, and the other is my daughter Alex who is almost three. I am a lone parent after being widowed last year, and I have to be healthier for them. I am asthmatic and have quite severe back problems, so I am hoping that by getting closer to the right BMI those symptoms will reduce.

    I am also fed up of the lack of choice in larger sized clothes. I need to be able to buy clothes wherever I want, not just in a few shops without the clothes I want to wear.
  5. Happe

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    Slimming World
    My main reason for wanting to lose weight is that i hate the woman i have become. No confidence, withdrawn, frumpy, self esteem on the floor. Thats not the real me, the real me loves being around people, loves getting dressed up and is not afraid to express an opinion.
    Health is the other big issue, i have a strong family history of high blood pressure and strokes, not gonna let it happen to me.
  6. jenna113

    jenna113 Full Member

    - to do everyday stuff eg. crossing my legs without my leg getting tired??? simple stuff really...

    and of course..for clothes and clothes. can afford to buy clothes and i have to stick with a few shops coz i doubt it very much that i can get into topshop (maybe the tops, but certainly not from my hips)..

    will get there..
  7. skinnyminny

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    Treefrog, I can totally identify with everythig you have said.

    I used to be skinny, so skinny that people would often say I was too thin. :sigh:

    I am still not sure why or how but over a few years (yes only a few) the weight literally piled on & I could not see it, I did not see the fat person I am but the thin person I was. I am not really sure when these blinkers came off but when they did I was horrified.

    I am doing this for various reasons but mainly because I want the old skinny minny back!

    I also think other peoples reactions to my sudden weight gain has been hard to take, whilst they don't always realise how they are reacting, it did force me to take a long hard look at what I had become and to try & see me through other people's eyes. I avoided going out (still do to a certain extent) cos I am embarassed at bumping into people I have not seen in a long time, cos I have seen the shocked reaction in people's faces so many times.

    I suffered from pre eclampsia and had a trauma filled pregnancy and birth with my son. I want to be fit & healthy so that my next pregnancy has the best chance of being "normal" and that I will feel confident to go swimming with my son and doing fun things like ice skating, bowling and generally being active, things I am too embarassed to do now because of my size.

    Oh and I wanna be a hot mamma (lol)
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  8. Lilypad

    Lilypad Full Member

    For hideously shallow reasons, so i can wear totally utterly gorgeous clothes, so my husband looks at me with admiration and lust in his eyes, so my kids know i'm really truly a yummy mummy and not just pretending to be one. So i am happy doing things that need little clothiung (swimming etc) Can't think of anymore but I bet there's loads if i put my mind to it!
  9. Vorlina

    Vorlina Full Member

    I've got about 8 reasons, which is good because when I tell myself that one of them doesn't matter, all the others gang up on me.

    My primary, "why do this right now" reason is that one of my ex's (and if I'm honest, probably the one where I think "dammit" the most) is getting married in June. So I'll be seeing quite a few people from Uni, which is where we met, and I'd love it if I was the same weight then as I was when I left - 12st. It wouldn't hurt if I saw him do a couple of double takes, either - at least before the bride gets there!

    Other reasons - well, I've got spina bifida and although its a pretty mild form I do limp about the place and I am super sure my weight doesn't make my life any easier.

    My mum has moaned about my weight for AGES (she was a May Queen etc and has a bit of a thing about having a chubby daughter) so it would be great to make her be quiet for a bit.

    My dad is really big and my brother is starting to take after him, so if I can show him this works, maybe I will inspire them too.

    90& of my mates are a proper size and I want to be in pictures with them without being the fat one.

    Tesco have shrunk the size of their value tights and I am too cheap to buy posh ones (really, they have!)

    I want a boyfriend who chases me around the parking lot.

    I'm in a play and I want to look good on stage.

    Is that enough??? ;)
  10. supermum

    supermum Full Member

    My reasons never end ............

    not to be so damn miserable / to go out and not mind meeting new people / my team take me more seriously / I take myself more seriously / my marriage / great sex - any sex would do ! / chase my kids around the park / look good in summer clothes / go swimming / enjoy holidays with friends - don't go at the mo becasue I am too embarrassed/ To look super by my 10th wedding anniversary..................

    The list goes on and it is really quite depressing !
  11. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    Yorkie realy sorry to hear about your loss & a special well done for tackiling your weight on top of all the life adjustments you must have had over the last year. I'm sure just getting out of bed is a struggle some days (would be for me)...big hug.
    As for why i want to loose weight its a combination of feeling like I've lost me along the way (can totally relate t tree & minis comments!) but also want to get rid of that part of me that I really hate! I loathe being fat & what it does to me - the lack of respect from others, feeling/seeing the "fat cow" comments, physical restrctions caused by weight but most of all wanting to be happy in my own skin, regain energy & start doing the things I dream of - crossing my legs, sitting comfortably on the loo, not having to take painkillers to start the day, learning to rock climb, go riding without worrying about the horse, shop in next & NEVER EVER EVER have to cross the threshold of Evans again!! Great thread!
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