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  1. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    My biggest problem is that I'm trying to get to where I was when I was unhealthy. I used to be unbelievably hot, but I was also not eating.

    I want to lose about 4 stone, which would put me back at about 100 lbs. I've been trying to do it "the right way" this time, but...

    When I exercise daily and watch every little thing I eat, the weight won't come off, at all. Not even a little. I might lose, oh, 1-2 lbs in 3 months of doing this.

    So then I don't bother - why should I if I won't gain or lose? Then, I will decide again that I am ugly and stop eating entirely. Might be crude, but it works, at least. Only, I'll get hungry, eat again, and throw it up in guilt.

    At this point, I don't believe I have eating disorders anymore, but how can I lose weight? I'm doing everything right! I've even had different areas tested - all my glycerin and calorie levels are text book perfect, all my heart rates are comparable to athletes, and my blood pressure is spot perfect, so nothing there is stopping me from losing the weight. What is?
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  3. skinnymongoose

    skinnymongoose Full Member

    You don't say how tall you are, GTP, 100 lbs seems like quite a low weight unless you are very petite? Maybe that's why it's such a struggle?
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  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    You said youre watching every little thing youre eating but are you actually following any plan? If not maybe going with a specific plan would help, whether its WW, SW or Calorie counting.

    As skinnymongoose said tho 100lbs seems quite a low target.

    Dont give up though, you CAN do it :)
  5. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    for someone who is 5 feet tall, 100 lbs inst so low a target. :-\

    no specific plan except that every day i am incorporating 3 servings of fruit, 2 of veggies, 1 meat, and a glass of milk. 4 bottles of water a day and only 1 glass of anything bad (ie: not water or 100% juice).

    i tried following the plans before, but they never worked for me. they were either too lenient and allowed me the sweets i wanted which made me unable to not eat them, or they were too strict and so when i finally got to eat 1 i ate a ton.

    one of my worst stumbling blocks is being an emo eater. these days, ive gotten to the point where i've trained myself to grab something healthy. if i must eat because i feel blue or was hurt or something, i now grab a piece of fruit.
  6. girlygirl

    girlygirl Silver Member

    I can't say what is or is not stopping you from losing weight now but I, too, was very thin from not eating. I starved for a long time, and yeah - it worked. I was 'hot', too. But I was in a total state. physically and mentally.

    I have a sluggish metabolism, and was told years ago that I inherited it from my Dad's side of the family. My Dad is fit ONLY because he exercises a lot and watches what he eats. I think, for many of us, that is the only recipe for success.

    When they do studies on tv shows that measure the metabolic rate of those who simply cannot lose, they always end up by saying that their metabolism is normal, or even, slightly higher than normal. When I had my thyroid function tested I was told that, if anything, I tested 'higher' than 'normal', not lower. I asked for a second test a couple of years later, and was told the same thing.

    In recent years I have lost nine and a half stones by eating less and exercising more. I lost three of those stones on CD. I honestly feel that very carefully measuring what you eat, plus exercising daily or at least every other day - if only walking - can make the difference.

    I wish you luck, and hope that you will find the right plan for you. It can be hit or miss, I know. In the end CD, long-term, did not suit me, but in short bursts it can make a real difference so long as you follow the instructions! CD and cheating on carbs do not mix.
  7. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    Yeah; it's really hard. The CD looks like it's more for ppl looking to lose a ton. I just need like 2 or 3 stone.

    Honestly. the other thing is, a Lot of my weight is in muscle mass, so I don't know what to do to get me to lose stone of fat not muscle. Like, what's a healthy weight to get to if most of my current weight is muscle?
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Might it be that you aren't eating enough?
    Two things worth trying are upping your intake a bit, and changing the times you eat...preferable the types of foods to 'surprise' the body.
    Much depends. Height? male or female?
  9. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    height is 5 feet. female. ;) surprise eating times?
  10. clairejen

    clairejen Lurker

    I had a similar problem with losing weight, I could do it on a VLCD but then started to regain afterwards. Normal iets were useless for me, my body just adjusted to the lower intake and didn't lose after the first couple of weeks. Then I found JUDDD which alternates between normal and diet days so your body can't get used to it. The weight loss wasn't quick but it did work for me, and I am maintaining on it too.
  11. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

  12. gina_todd

    gina_todd Member

    Might sound obvious, but are you incorporating exercise? I used to diet and would always lose a little, then put the weight back on again. Once I started personal training the weight flew of and has stayed off. I don't need to count every calorie like I used to do either.
  13. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    Yes, I exercise in some form daily. I cycle 5 days a week (usually 20miles or so). I do weight training as well - light weights with many reps. I also do water fitness 3 times a week, and walk on the weekends. Not casual, but brisk, usually about 4-5 miles.

    To the earlier poster, what is JUDDD?
  14. Sweetpea

    Sweetpea Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Just my opinion but if most of your weight is muscle mass and you are still cycling 20 miles 5 days a week plus weight training, water fitness and walking then you clearly cannot possibly lose the muscle mass.

    Surely the only way you can lose weight that is muscle is by not exercising? - you know, use it or lose it. it seems to me that you could do with some professional advice as most people on these forums seem to be in the category of having fat to lose and perhaps aren't in the best position to offer appropriate advice for your particular situation.

    Are there any personal trainers at the gym you go to who could help discover the right way for you?
  15. help6363

    help6363 Member



    I had the same problem when I started calorie counting. I just hung in there and the results came very slowly. I did up my calories and it did help my weight loss. Oh, drinking lots of water helped too. Oi and I kept a food journal to make sure I was eating the correct number of calories. It's so hard and we are all not made from the same blueprint......so what works for one person may not work for another person.

    Can I ask.......

    1. Are you following a program (ie: calorie counting, WW or so forth)?

    2. Do you keep a food journal?

    I know annoying questions....... sorry sweetie!

    Hang in there, k?

    And YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, don't call yourself ugly:)
  16. dawnyblue

    dawnyblue Full Member

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  17. AppleB

    AppleB New Member

    "I used to be unbelievably hot, but I was also not eating."

    There lies the problem!

    Excuse me while I go over there >>>> and chuckle.

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  19. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    you aren't really consuming enough carbs to be doing the amount of exercise you are doing. Perhaps you could approach a nutritionist and get their advise as to what is best for you and your lifestyle.
  20. Craig Harrison

    Craig Harrison New Member


    It might be you are not be eating enough to get your metabolism high enough where your body starts burning fat. When you reduce your calories, your metabolism adjusts to that low level and stops burning fat. Let us know a typical daily intake and when you are eating during the day so we can give you more help.

    And starving yourself isn't fun! We all love food!

    I would try switching your exercise routine as well. Incorporate full body exercises for lower reps. Much more intense. Things such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, pull ups, pushups etc. Get someone at the gym to show you how to do them properly of they are new to you.

    I would switch the long aerobic exercises to short burst exercises, sprints are best. 20 Second sprint, rest, then sprint. Do these for around 15-20 minutes on they day you are not in the gym.

    Good luck and let people know how you get on!
  21. GTPeach

    GTPeach The Nerdy Singer

    Wow, I haven't been online in a while. Thank you all for your advice and responses. I will surely look into those plans.

    I did approach a nutritionist and a doctor who specializes in this, but neither worked. :(

    One of my big problems is motivation to keep going when it comes off so slowly. I am wondering, would it be beneficial to do one of those water-only or liquid-only diets to jump start my diet, and get a lot of weight off quickly, so I won't be so discouraged at the lack of progress?

    If so, what would you suggest for losing a quick stone or 2?
  22. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    For quick weight loss you could try a liquid diet...

    Here is a couple of links that might help as I see you are in Atlanta. You could check them out both are similar to the liquid diets we do here.

    Immediate Rewards - Product Catalog

    Cambridge > Food for Life

    You could possibly lose 14lb a month if you stick with it.

    Love Mini xxx
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