Why cant i do it!! :(


Ok so today has been the worse day ever!! After weighing myself yesterday and lossing 2lbs in the first week i was feelin great.I woke up thismorning and couldnt resist stepping on the scales to find i had put on half a lb in one nite without even going off track,how!?? so feeling rubbish i decided to comfort eat and have nearly eaten every bad thing in site :( which has now made me feel even worse!!

My boyfriend has booked a few days away for my birthday in feb to go clothes shopping so want to shift some for then,i really hope i can do it.If i dont i feel like he will be upset as i wont enjoy it and he will just be like 'what was the point'.

I would like to loose about a stone and a half to start with and see how i feel once iv got to that weight.Just hope i can actually stick at it long enough!!!

Sorry for boring everyone just thought writing it down mite help me so that the next time i want a binge i can come on here and see how bad it made me feel the last time. Anyway i think im going to go to bed before i eat anythin else.x
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Your weight fluctuates every day by as much as 4lb so that's why we never ever EVER weigh in more than once a week on thae same day and ideally the same time. This is to make sure we get an accurate reading, if we weighed every day we'd see the fluctuation as us doing something wrong and lead to a binge because it would feel like we weren't getting anywhere. You've now learned this, you were probably doing fine but ruined it with impatience and a binge because you were feeling discouraged. Trust the diet! If you're getting your HEX, eating loads of free foods and having your syns then you will get results. Now go and hide those scales!


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I sometimes think even a weekly weigh-in can be misleading. Take your measurements too, as there is more to slimming than weight. My weight hasn't dropped in the last few months, but I've lost 4cm off my waist since last August and am visibly slimmer.

Keep it up & you will see results


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You will see results if you stick with it, forget about the scales and concentrate on getting to know the plan and familiarising yourself with it.

If you truly want to lose the weight then only you and nobody else can do it for you and once your head is in the right place, nothing will stop you :D

Good luck with following the plan and anytime you need a rant or a moan we are here.



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How much are you expecting to lose from tomorrow until your shopping spree? Was that a stone and a half?
Very nice of your bf :)
I know what you mean, last night I did the same, weighed myself and ended up having peanut butter sandwich! a massive overdose of 19syns over my daily limit!
Will stay away from scales until next official weigh in !