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I start, it works out well then all of a sudden, out of nowhere i just cannot stomach another soup or shake. It gets to the point where i would rather not eat anything at all. The thought of another pack makes me feel physically sick.

I don't get why I just can't stick to it. Maybe I just like food too much.

I'm going to do the Atkins instead I think. I don't understand. I've wasted so much money on these bloody LL and CD packs but the same thing happens every time. I get to a point where I just cannot have any more.
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Have you tried making the shakes into other things, like mousses and ice cream? Or trying the bars? When I think I'm going to throw all my shakes in the bin, I try to do something different to break the monotony. It might help?

Don't give up. You could try Atkins but then you might become sick of that food and have to start all over again. Atkins put me off eggs for life!
well thats when i kno I'm getting sick of the packs, when i start to do other things with them such as muffins and crisps. Then i get sick of them too. yesterday i tried to have a soup. i had two spoonfuls and threw it all away. I made crisps and gave them rest to my mother. I just can't eat.
have you tried all the sweet shakes/soups/tetra's and bars???

There has to be something there you like, i live on the tetra's and the odd soup/bar. I know its hard when you dont like them but try again :)
yep. i've tried them all. i now realise i do not like the bars either. and its weird cos i dont really care for normal food either. i just would rather not eat anything than another foodpack. everything about it makes me feel like vomitting. i hope this is just a phase
I can understand where your coming from. What about just trying to get the stuff into you as quick as poss without tasting/smelling it then drink lots of water and brush your teeth to get rid of the taste? sorry i cant offer any advice, i do feel for you though


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May be this type of diet is not for you. And you need to think elsewhere. Atkins might be the best one for you but think about WW or SW too. You don't have to go to the classes as they both have excellent websites

Good luck

Irene xx


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oh no, what a nightmare for you.
I don't really think theres much you can do except change to another diet if they are making you feel physically sick.
I've done Atkins and it's ok as long as you follow it properly. It does make you constipated tho, so be warned!!
Good luck X
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Don't be too hard on yourself, we are all different and it just a matter of finding what works for you. Perhaps try some alternatives, like as you say, Atkins. There will be a diet out there for you and don't forget that you are trying and be proud of yourself for that.



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really sorry its not working out for you, i felt like this in my 2nd week of egypt holiday, i was sick of eating the bread and soup!!! but suprisingly i am still ok with the shakes but then i am only in week 2!!
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Hve you read Neris and Indias idiot proof diet book called from pig to twig, its really good and based on the Atkins diet but the food is more interesting. You might find this helps you get into a LC diet.
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just wanted to say i felt just like you are describing, it was the weekend of mothers day and lasted from the saturday til the tuesday.
i had very few shakes and preferred to eat nothing, it all made me feel really sick...
BUT it only lasted a few days and i have been fine ever since.
i was also constipated big time so maybe this contributed to my sicky feeling!
hope this helps you xxxx

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