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why choose tfr?


Back on the diet train...
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hey guys just wondered why and how u all came 2 b doin tfr???

i no my decision was my mum who lost loads on LL, she had loads of energy and basically ive tried calorie diets and after 6 wks wen ive only lost under a stone i get fed up an slowly the portions get bigger, i ad a biscuit here an a cake there an b4 u no it im back 2 square 1. :sigh:

so enter LT!! i was reccommended it by a friend of my mums whos son had lost loads.

i knew i had to do something as i was gettin out of control. food became my friend but in reality it wasnt. i wud think about it all the time an even wen i was eatin was already plannin my next fix. yes fix coz food is my addiction!!

i needed to take it out of the picture totally and this diet gives me that control. its not easy an i no that but im givin it all ive got!!! its time i got a life that isnt about food!!! ;)

thanks for lettin me rant. lol. good luck 2 everyone and well done for stickin 2 it!! :)
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I've done WW in the past and sometimes it was sucsessful and other times not. I always start off very good and then the odd cake or biscuit starts creeping into it and before you know it I'd blown all my points by lunch time!

I did LT this time last year after having my 4th child and I didn't want to do WW again so I heard about this from an old friend and decided to do it. I loved it, the best way of losing weight.
I'm doing it now as I put on a few pounds over xmas (a biscuit here and a cake there) and I did try doing the special k diet at the start or 2010 but I lasted 2 days so I decided to do LT again and I'm so glad I have!


Size 14 here i come!
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I have been dieting for yrs, i did manage to lose about 3st once with WW but since having a child WW didn't work anymore i just cheated ALL the time.
A friend lost loads of weight, she went from an 18 to a sexy size 10 and looked amazing. I asked how she did it and she told me about LT. I did it first time and lost over 4st but over a yr i put 2and half st back on. I tried WW AGAIN but lasted a week,lol i just can't do it anymore.
I got more and more down about my size and started to avoid going out, all of my nice clothes were too small and the ones i could wear i was bursting out of!
I never believed i would be able to do a TFR diet again, really thought it would be another failure. Eventually i had no other choice and went back to chemist with my tail between my legs. They were brilliant and after 1 week i felt such a difference i could have slapped myself for waiting so long to give it another go.
I did only manage 4 weeks on LT this time and then switched to CD but not because it wasn't any good but i needed more choices this time and CD does that for me. I now have about 5lb to be back at my last goal weight but want to take it another stone further, so just under a stone left to lose!
I can say i will be sticking to the CD refeed programme 100% as i mean to do it for the last time this time(famous last words,lol)


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I'm on LT because I hate losing weight slowly, I'm so impatient, I tried swimming, cycling and healthy eating, but it wasn't disappearing fast enough and I lost hope and just packed it in! I wanna be at a nice healthy weight, so I can exercise without feeling embaressed :)
I have been overweight since I was about 8 ... managed to loose 2 stone on slimming world yrs ago .. then put 4 on when I gave up smoking . ( started again too !!!)
I gave up smoking in the summer of 2008 and put 5 stone on , then had another baby .. and found myslef at 18.5 stone :sigh::sigh::sigh:
It was some pictures that started me off .. my 3 yr old took a pic and I felt so sick looking at it .. couldnt believe it was me ( the pic is on my profile ) and that was it .. next day I found the nearest pharmacy and signed up ( after a friend told me about loosing 6 stone on it )
A 'normal ' diet like WW wass too daunting and it would take so very long .. I need a quick fix and also something drastic to change my realtionship with food for good .. so Lipotrim came along , and I lost 5 stone !! I have now swapped to cambridge so I can work up the plans learning how to cook and eat healthily whilst loosing the remaining 2.5 stone I have to go

Best decision ever :)
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hey hun, think the main reason i started lt was because i didnt want to have 1lbs a wk losses i was getting with ww, also its so easy to cheat with food so thought the best thing to do was have no food at all. i knew hardly anything about tfr, didnt know any1 who had done it before so purely decided on posts that i read on here.

its a great diet and would def reccommend it to any1 who wants to shift the weight quickly.

x x
S: 14st5lb C: 12st0lb G: 9st5lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 2st5lb(16.42%)
hi, i found i was pilling on the pounds i got to 15 stone at just 5-2 i was devistated. i had been told about lt by some one i worked with. if you csn get past the first two weeks it great. its simple you still get cravings i wont lie but no more than on any other diet i have tried.

good luck cant wait to hear your first wi youll be suprised how much you lose.

hope to hear from you soon



Back on the diet train...
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hey guys thanks for posting. its interesting 2 c why ppl r doin this diet coz it is extreme. i no my friends r all sceptical an say i shud just do WW or sumthin but i no this is the diet for me. not that im findin it easy but coz ive got that much 2 lose its alot quicker. :)

matt i totally agree im soo impatient and wnt it all gon then can focus on exercise. im goin 2 hopefully join curves wen ive only got a couple of stone 2 lose. at the mo tho im walkin my dogs, which is still good exercise an as i drive more than i was doin!!! lol.

i remember b4 i decided 2 do LT, goin to a LL meetin wiv my mum and i saw this woman who looked amazin an i thought y r u on tfr, then my mum sed she had lost over 10 stone!!! i was like wow this cud b the diet 4 me!

heres 2 a slimmer 2010 then!!!
S: 18st10lb C: 17st10lb G: 12st7lb Loss: 1st0lb(5.34%)
I lost 4 stone over between sept 2008 and June 2009 I did really well in march 2009 I had gallbladder problems and had to restrict all fatty foods which was awful, I had my operation in june and after a breif period I could eat what i wanted anyway between then and february this year i managed to put on a whole two stone back on again which has devastated me, as i had to buy a pair of jeans a size bigger as all my jeans didnt fit me anyway decided to give this a go as it had been rolled out to more easy pharmacies in the Plymouth area, three years ago when i tried it for two weeks it was only at one and it wasn't easy to get to, also I was working and had two small kids so it just wasn't easy to stick to the food with all the stress I was under, but now I am not working due to redundancy and the kids are both at school so this time around I am on day ten I am finding it so easy, I have almost lost a stone already and feeling so much better in my clothes :)
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I put the weight on gradually since my first daughter was
born almost eleven years ago now!! After her birth I was 2 stone
up at 13.5 stone back in 1999 developed asthma following child birth too
so tried ww, slimfast, sw,heart foundation diet, slimming pills from xenical
to phentermine (lost two and a half stone with these) only to find myself weighing
17 st 8lb in may 2008 then unexpectedly fell pregnant was nine weeks when I found out!
Second daughter was born feb 2009 just turned one! My mam who is also on LT
and has been dieting as long as I can remember read an article about LT
in a newspaper back last July we started I lost almost 3 stone in 11 weeks my lost 5!!!! We couldn't
believe we hadn't heard about LT before now!! Then my gran died in nov last year really sudden
and that threw us but we are now bAck on and going well!!:)
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It's the only diet that has ever worked for me. I lost 10 stone in 2008 by sticking rigidly to LT. I've now regained virtually all that weight and am now back on LT. I know LT works. It's not easy sticking to the diet but as weight lost is guaranteed it keeps you motivated. I dabbled with Cambridge a few months back but found it too nice! LT is appropriately bland for my liking!!! I've now managed the first two weeks and I can feel my clothes are looser - I know I must have lost weight but unfortunately I'm still too heavy for my pharmacists scales (they only weigh up to 150kg.) The great thing about TFR for me is that it not only gets me away from my food demons but also stops me drinking alcohol. I know that for continued success I will have to totally give up beer and wine - which are a large part of my social life - but when I drink I munch and thus gain weight. As so many have said in so many threads this is a life long journey. We are on a tough road but what's the alternative?
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Loved reading everyone's stories. Thank you.

I happened upon LT by chance. I was basically told I was going to die if I didn't lose weight. I already kind of knew this deep down but like any overweight person I was full of excuses and in denial. 'I'll start Monday, after I've had this huge curry, a bottle of wine and a date with Mr Smirnoff' was my mantra.

I was reading the news online when I found this:

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Somerset | Man loses 11 stone 'to save life'

I was amazed! A quick google and I found Minimins. I read all the inspirational stories, looked at the astounding pictures, and realised this was the plan for me.

Left to my own devices I'm a nutcase. I knew that having the control of LT would suit me perfectly. I need to be controlled and told what to do, and when I truly set my heart to something I always finish it.

6 months down the line and 10 stone 7lbs lighter, it has to be the best decision I've ever made!

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