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why did I bother?


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I dont know why I do it to myself - I just wanted to tell people at work that im really proud of myself losing 3.5 stone (bit big headed I know). But Ive told 2 more people I work with. Ive told 2 others and they were really pleased for me. But I told one of them last week - it sort of came out when we was discussing how much one of the girls had lost on SW - she has lost 6 stone in just 18 months. Then one of the lads we work with he has been 'sort of' doing SW ,but not going to group , he has lost 4 st but put back on 1/2 st. So I just said ''do you wanna know how much I've lost ?''- she just looked at me as if to say yeah right - where?......
So I told them I had too lost 3.5 stone.- she just looked at me with her mouth open and you could see her mind was like - you liar- I knew she didnt believe me .. We then worked it out that between the 3 of us we had lost 13 stone- wow - a man !!
So today I thought i'd tell the other woman I work with that I had lost 3.5 stone aswell......
Her reaction was a bit 'flat' she didnt seem interested or bothered and it upset me that she didnt want to know . She didnt say 'well done' or anything. I felt as if I had told her a really rubbish joke , and it had fell on deaf ears, so now its really bugging me as to why she's not interested.
Why am I so proud but no one else wants to know. I just feel that I am doing this for no reason, I wanted people to be happy for me ,but no-one is. They just seem not interested -like my life is boring to them and not worth bothering about. All I wanted was for her to say .....how ,when,well done. etc....
but no nothing she just carried on as If I was boring her .It has really bugged me all day.
So I have decided that no-one is bothered with how much weight I loose at work, they are not interested, so I may as well just keep my mouth shut and just use this site to tell you all about my weight loss and how happy I am , because at least some one is happy for me .
sorry moan over
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They are prob jealous of how well you are doing, try not to take it to heart and as you say there are plenty of people here to cheer you on, Well done on 3.5 stone x


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Don't let other people upset you hun. You started the weight loss for yourself & it's you that's gonna benifit from losing the weight. People never fail to suprise me in how negative they can be to others but don't let it bring you down. Be loud and proud of your dedication to improving your health.x


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Was this woman thin? I just wonder if she has never had any problems with her weight and as such doesn't realise how much hard work and determination it takes to lose any weight esp 3.5 stone.

Some people just don't understand - it isn't their fault they just never have to deal with it.

It's a bit like me as a non-smoker constantly telling my father in law to stop smoking - I think it should be really easy - just dont smoke as it's killing you. He on the other hand thinks it's hard. I just don't understand his addiction.

Forget her. In fact s0d her. Your not doing it for her surely?

Your loss in nothing but amazing. You have worked hard and acheived something many many people can't and that has taken will power and determination.

There are some people out there that just can't find it in them to be happy for others. She may well be jealous but is too proud to admit as such.

Her problem hun not yours.
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Dont let them get you down ,you have done so well on your brilliant weight loss .
Next time she tells you something ,you look at her as though you are bored she might learn one day .


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well done

well done you !! cant wait till i get to that loss !! but i feel the same as you i wish sumone would ask me how i got on after weigh in and say well done i always dying to tell sumone especially if done well, but i feel better and doing it for me so good luck keep it up well done lorraine
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Thats really crap, even if they arnt interested a congrats wouldn't go amiss! i know what your feeling like though, when i lost my first stone my mother told my sister, she looked me up and down and said 'really?' i was just like... :eek: i felt like crap.. but you have done so incredibly well, and quite frankly, if they don't have anything nice or encourageing to say, then screw em, youv got us! and we always want to know how ur getting on..

i know what u mean about wanting to know,
i went to a spa this weekend, and i took 2 old class copy magazines that the temp consultant gave me, .. i went for a treatment and let my mags with my sister, .. and whilst she wasnt looking some woman walked in a took one.. and she didnt realise untill this woman said 'haha, slimming world' and walked out with it... so when she told me.. i was like :eek: i'v gotta give it back next week, so much to my sisters amusment, i went and found the woman.. who was reading the magazine.. and told her that it was a class copy and i needed it back...

then she looked at me, handed it back and said '' well i was getting depressed reading it anyway!' in a really snotty way..

and before i knew it.. the words just roled out of my mouth.. ]

'well, if you wernt interested, don't pick it up. there were plenty of other mags you could have picked from,so why pick one your not intrested in?'

and i did say it in the tone of voice that proberly wasnt needed.. i should have just walked off.. BUT there was a whole pile of closer.. look.. more.. pick me up etc etc.. (im ashamed to say it but i spend a tenner a week on all the mags when they come out on atuesday and thursday!) .. and i just thought, u rude cow!!!

but i just didnt understand?! and there was no need... and the magazine had a sticker on it, saying CLASS COPY! ... eurgh..

anyways, back to you LOL... i wouldnt be suprised if she was jelous. I don't know one person who doesnt wanna shift a few pounds, even if they dont need too.. most girls are the same.. and youv done so well.. sometimes its difficult for people to be happy for someone else. . dont let it get to you, like u said.. if there not worth telling then dont bother with them.. youv got plenty of support at home and here..



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I agree they are proberly jealous and they dont like the attention being taken from themselves. If they are only work colleagues and not friends you associate with out of work I wouldnt worry about what they think. You have dont great, 3.5st is fab and just think what they'll look like when your at goal they wont be able to stop their jaws dropping. And as has been said above you are doing this for you so dont let them upset you. You know you have done well. This post has just given me a shake up too its reminded me to be proud of what I've acheived.


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Well we want to know. Some people especially ones who have never had a weight problem and so don't understand what being overweight is like wouldn't even notice and it means nothing to them.

I remember when I lost 5 stones and went to a family wedding. Nobody said a word. I didn't tell them I'd been on a diet but thought someone might have noticed I was a bit slimmer but no.

Irene xx


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They are prob jealous of how well you are doing, try not to take it to heart and as you say there are plenty of people here to cheer you on, Well done on 3.5 stone x

Exactly what I was goning to say . WEll done Hun. y
You should tell her to :kissass:


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Boooo to them!! You are doing this for yourself. I can only look to you in admiration....I have only just started, and 3.5 stone sounds soooo long away! So well done to you.
I went in rather pleased with myself last we as I lost 5 lbs, and generally the ppl who were most "happy" for me, were the ppl who had had weight issues in the past, or right now. So yeah, I am assuming she is either a right miserable cow, or just doesn't really get it! But keep going...you're doing FAB! xx


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It can be hard to stay positive and idiots like your work colleagues won;t be helping - but wait..are you losing weight for yourself, or to please others??
It IS nice when people notice and/or congratulate you for your weight loss as it makes you realise that what you're doing is working...but at the end of the day this is something you're doing for YOU babes and don't a snotty reaction from someone at work take that away from you.

WE think you're great, and your weight loss is fantastic. Keep it up babes, you're a star!! x


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WOW 3.5 stone thats fantastic well done


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OMG ...thankyou all so very,very ,very much for all your positive words- you are all so very kind .
I am struggling to think who I am losing weight for - me? or other people?
I have been big all of my life - I was 11 stone when i got married nearly 24 years ago, and Ive had 4 children -2 of each , 2 boys with severe mental and pyhsical disabilities, I lost my eldest son on new Years day 1999. and my youngest son, bless him , little toad !! he's still here, but I know its only time before we loose him too -
So I guess my weight has really been the last thing on my mind .On one hand I want to loose weight and be '' NORMAL'' for myself , then on the other I'm doing it for others - so I get respect IYKWIM, cos like it or not when you are fat you get treated like your stupid etc, not only by work ,but also family. I dont want to be called FATTY - by a youth walking out of the shop door, all because i refused to sell him fags. I dont want to get into a situation where I will be picked on because of my size,........ Hang on ...... I'm doing it for myself aren't I ? am I ? oh I dunno I'm confused


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Some people are so self absorbed. All they are interested in is their life. And a trivial thing to them might be a huge thing to you. At the end of the day to them you are just a work collegue and its just not interesting to them, their life is much more interesting (i work with a few people like this myself)

Dont worry about it - youre doing this for you, not anyone else so who cares what anyone else thinks or cares? As long as your proud and happy that is all that matters.... :)


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3.5 stone is an excellent weight loss! as somebody else has said she is probably jealous!!
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:grouphugg:Big hug sent to you from all of us hun. What a missery she is, but don't let her get to you after all you are doing this for you not anybody else. You are so fantastic sticking to plan and achieving your goals and are doing brilliantly. Rise above her and carry on with shear satisfaction knowing that one day you will be at your goal and soooo happy but she will still be miserable. xx


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Alyce - YOU care and WE care. Sod anyone else who cannot be happy for you.

Either they're so self obsessed they don't notice other people and their changes or they're jealous of anyone doing as well.

So head high honey and BE PROUD xxx


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It's them that has the problem not you! Probably so wrapped up in their own boring little lives that they can't stand the thought of someone taking the bull by the horns and changing their lives for the better! I'm sure it's jealousy. Come the Xmas party when you swan in looking a million dollars they will be stuck there with faces like slapped *rses! (I just had to lower the tone didn't I?)

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