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Why did I do it - total failure!

Hey all
I'm feeling very cross and fed up with myself! Last summer i lost 5stone on LL and CD combined, well i've been off it for sometime now and have managed to put 4st back on:cry:
I worked so so hard to do it the 1st time and now i'm back to square 1! I'm so unhappy with myself! I hate myself for letting things get out of control again!
As a result i've started back on CD today! Got the head ache to prove it! I cant bear the thought of being this weight at xmas, trying to squeeze into party dresses! Last xmas i felt fab! was still 4st from my ideal goal but was so proud of how i looked!
I'm scared that i'll fail again! :(
On a positive note i've recently finally come of some medication that i've been on for 10yrs! Since stopping taking it my attitude to food has changed SO much! I finally feel i have a normal attitude to food. Since being off the tablets i've managed to lose about 5lbs in so many wks, but it's so slow! So giving CD another go!
Sorry for the moan, I only have myself to blame! I know that this forum saw me through last time and hopefully will again!
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Hiya Claire

Blink of an eye and you'll have lost it again!

Just make water your best friend :)

Aw dont feel bad you can do it just try and think of how you felt last xmas i am really struggling today on day 14 but i am trying to take my mind off food this is first time i have been absolutely starving since day 5 :sigh:
You have already achieved something by getting on CD.
Please don't beat yourself up as this won't help you on your journey.
We are all here to support each other so make sure you keep on the boards and keep supping that water
Good for you for taking the plunge and restarting. CD is a wonderful way to lose a lot of weight fast, as you already know. This time, when you have reached goal, you'll already have your maintenance plan ready. Getting to goal is only half the story, staying there is another whole journey. When I did CD I lost 1st10lbs (not much by comparison with many on here I know), then regained 10lbs because I hadn't decided how I was going to control my eating for the rest of my life. Now I have lost that extra weight and found an eating plan I am happy with.

I'm sure you will succeed, especially now you are off medication.
Claire I did EXACTLY the same :mad: I lost 4 stone doing LL and CD last summer and put it all plus another half stone back on grrr. BUT I started back on CD 4 weeks ago and already have lost almost 2 stone so am delighted.

As Mike says, it'll be gone again in a blink of the eye ;)

Well done for getting back on board.. this time we'll lose it for good eh?!

Sarah xx
FAO Sarah5!

Can I ask you- how did you restart SS? I have been off for 1 month due to work commitments and have put on 10 lbs. I have 21 ibs to lose to get to goal and am desperate to get there by my hols Oct 27th. Did you restart eating the bars or just having 3 shakes?? You have lost loads with not much to lose in total so any advice is appreciated!

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