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Why Did I Do It????

I must confess i've been naughty this weekend. I was going well on Saturday until....

I Had a laser eye consultation at 4.30pm which was going to take 1.5 hours so told my OH to take the kids for dinner while he was waiting for me. He came back to meet me and they hadn't eaten, he then decided he wanted to go to the food court and get a Burger King and offered to get me a water, I caved in and got a KFC. :sigh:

Then yesterday we went to a park with some friends and done a bbq there, was really good and stuck to my shake, on the way back my OH stopped at the petrol station and got a box of chocolate eclairs, when we got home I sneaked one while he wasn't looking. :sigh:

I feel like all muy efforts have been wasted. My scales have'nt budged since my WI last Tuesday now i'm really dreading tomorrow, can't believe i've jeopardised my chances of a loss this week. Feeling really, really cr*p today but determind to be 100% this week, must get a good loss next week if I don't loose this week.

Anyway, after my rant, hope everyone else had a good weekend!!!
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Don't worry Lisa, just make sure you stick 100% this week and hopefully the damage will be minimal.
Which step are you following? If you are on ss why not move up to ss+ so you can have a small protein based meal? There is hardly any difference in the loss between the two, and you may find if you have a meal to look forward to you might stay on track more. Just a suggestion of course it is all up to you, what you decide.
As for this week up your water intake and put last weeks blips behind you- you can do it!!
Just think how amazing you will feel when the new slimmer you starts to emerge! Good luck for this week.


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Hi Lisa, Try not to worry too much!

I've done the same this weekend... OH had Fish & Chips on Saturday night but I resisted and had a chicken Salad (as I knew i'd cheat otherwise.. I love F&C).

Yesterday we went shopping and OH and Kids had Burger King and I resisted, just sat there with my water! But last night when the kids were in Bed, I had the rest of their Bubble & Squeak that I had cooked them and then I had a few jelly babies! Don't know why I did it but Today is the start of a new week... and that is what you need to Focus on Lisa!! You know you can do it... it's just a blip! Get back on the Horse as they say.

And like you... scales haven't shifted since thursday WI!?:confused: But remember it's your CDC scales that count... and I doubt you'd have lost nothing!

I think it's just a case of taking a step back and look at why we are doing this and how good we feel when the scales show those losses! Next time we want to eat the things that are bad for us.. just imagine them stuck to your body, how attractive I would look with a bubble & squeak belly!!



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don't beat yourself up too much lisa, these things do happen unfortunately. Just drink plenty of water and try your hardest to make sure it's 100% for now. I know you can do it!
Dont beat yourself up!

Hey guys!

Whats done is done!. Don't beat yourself up you can't change the past. Just dust yourself off and keep going!

You'll be even more determined this week! We all have our down times when it's hard to resist and fall off the wagon.

But your less likely to do it again once you start to feel bad. Youve done so well so far, keep that in mind!
Thanks guys, do feel a bit more positive now, will definately be 100%this week.


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Don't worry Lisa, I am sure that any thing you gain will be gone the week after, what is done is done so just get back on track.

I am wondering whether to have cottage cheese for my lunch.........could it hurt if I miss a pack an have that instead???


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Hi Eternal, what would that mean ? 3 packs plus a meal ?
I am scared, only in week 3 and scales not really moving this eek (TOTM too).
Is it very wrong to subsitute a pack for a tub of low fat cottage cheese?


Excited about the new me!
Its just not that good for you as you aren't having all of your supp's. I have supplemented a few packs, felt tired,lack of eneggy too,so I suppose weighing it all up, Yes.. Not good to.

SS+ is 3 packs + a 200 cal low carb meal, 810 plan is similar,but a bigger cal meal (think 300). I've been doing ss+ since week 5, as needed food, with my job and my homelife. So I'll have 2 packs,then my meal,then my 3rd pack, which I have in the form of a choc bar, as it feels like a desert that way. You'll need to discuss it with CDC, but its your diet hon and if you think you'll be more motivated by doing this, then I would go for it. The losses are similar to SS, a few ounces less a week, nothing that you can really see on the scales. IF you have your TOTM as well, thats why you're sticking at the moment, but that will adjust. Good luck hun. xxx
Yes you need all the nutrients from all 3 packs.... I SS'ed for 8 weeks, then changed to SS+ and then at 11 weeks did 810 and still lost 3 stone in 3 months, so if you do SS+ it wont affect your weight loss too much.

Also just bear in mind, hopefully next time before you have a blip, that if you do not lose any weight that week because of your blip, this means an extra week on CD which is an extra £40, so a blip also works out very expensive..... just added incentive to stick to plan...

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Hi hun, I've only just seen your thread. You sound much better now. You made the choice to eat off plan so just look at it like you've added another week to doing cd that's all. :)

You're doing so well so hang in there. Sending you hugs xxx

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