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Why did i do it???????????

Grrrrrrrrrrr i am so annoyed with myself, i woke up this morning and............weighed myself arghhhhhhhh wish i bl**dy hadnt now cos its showing a 1lb GAIN........I go to sw class tomorrow night and weigh in there but for some reason i felt the need to weigh at home this morning and i feel abit peeved about it. I fel really good cos i had managed to stick with ee all week and i thought i was doing fab.....i felt less bloated too which was gr8......now tho i feel huuuuuuuuuuge again, all because of what the scales say MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying all day to put it out of mind and just concentrate on weighing in tomorrow because that will be the true weight anyway.

I now am beginning to feel guilty because although i have stuck with ee all wekk i am thinking that maybe my portion sizes have been too big, although at class our leader is always saying fill up on free foods whish i have been doing but then again maybe my portions are too big arghhhhhhhh i dont know.....Wat do you do? i tend to have big meals, free food, so that i feel full and i dont want to pick on rubbish i thought this would be ok now i not so sure lol.

Just got to keep strong until tomorrow night now....and boy am i scared to weigh in now!!!!!!!!!!
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Right then, put EVERY thought you've voiced in your previous post out your head right now, young lady!!!

Go along to WI as planned. Firstly, your scales won't match the SW scales. Secondly, my weight always faffs about up and down during the week and it's only on the 7th day it seems to settle down.

You say you've been eating large portions of free food? Good for you - that's what the whole eating plan is all about!

If, and it's only an if, you haven't lost weight - you say you feel less bloated. In which case it may not be showing on the scales but it IS showing in your body and will show on the scales the following week.

All joking aside, worrying and fretting and feeling guilty is your chocolate-receptors way of getting a donation via your mouth. Ignore them and they'll go away and sulk xx
i once did the same and learnt my lesson i Wi 2 days before my normal +2lb then the day before sts then when i Wi on my normal day and lost 3lb....

Thats the first and last time i ever wi before wi day!
Sue is right Hun..stay away from the scales for this very reason!
Dont think about it any more than you already have as this is going to make you want the rubbish foods even more now! Dont do it.
Just go to class tomorrow knowing that you have stuck to plan 100% and thats the main thing.



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I do this to myself too and we're stupid for doing it. I'm dreading going tonight because once again I weighed myself this morning and wasn't happy with what I saw on the scales. Smack hands!!!
thank you thank you thank you. I'm sorry that the OP has gone through so much worry over this but you have just deterred me from getting on the scales in the morning. I'm being such a good girl so naturally I want to know if it's working, but hearing something like this is an incentive to stay away from the scales until Friday.


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You know it's the right thing to do...staying away from the scales, I mean. Good luck! x
AWWWWWWWWwww thanx you guys your so so right and you have all made me feel so much better, just keep my fingers crossed til tomorrow night......and IF just IF i havent lost or i have gained so what i know i have been 100% and i feel better for it so eventually the weight loss will have to catch up hey !!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again (((((((((((((((Group hug))))))))))))))))
Did the same thing this morning!! 7 days on SW and exactly the same bloody weight :(:( I have stuck to it 100% and went back through my food diary too.. All being Good!! The only thing I can put it down to is Being on m period! Better luck next week I guess :(
You know, I am thinking of selling my scales down to this very reason. One week last yr I showed up as putting 4lb on and nearly didn't bother going to group. My mate told me I had to and I had actually lost 3lb! Home scales are evil if you weigh in at Group! xx


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You know what - I think I'm going to keep a tally of the number of times people post this question - we could run a book on the number of times it's been asked come the end of the year :D Care to guess? Must be at least once a week!
I weighed in this am and gained 2 lbs since yesterday - this made me depressed and I have had a terrible day diet wise - mind you this thread has made me feel better - I am back on track and I will never WI at home again!!
Did the same thing this morning!! 7 days on SW and exactly the same bloody weight :(:( I have stuck to it 100% and went back through my food diary too.. All being Good!! The only thing I can put it down to is Being on m period! Better luck next week I guess :(

maybe u have been drinking too much water?? x


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your weight will vary a few pounds during the day anyway, and also you a) might have needed a wee, b) had a drink before hand (pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter!) or c) might need a poo!

just carry on and see, also changing diet structure may take time for your body to settle, stick with ee and maybe next week when your body has readjusted you will have a big loss.

our bodies are very complex, and no scales are configured to allow for that.

:) xx

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