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why did i do it ??????????????

ive been weighed today and lost 1/2 a pound :) i know its not a alot but a loss is a loss after all so when i got home why did i eat not one but two bloody dounuts :break_diet:wasting 12 out of my 30 pp i just dont undersatnd why i did it for the last 3 weeks ive stayed away from all cakes chocolate and sweetie goodies then i do this i didnt even sit down with a cup of tea and really enjoyed them i stood at my work surface where i had just placed down the shopping and thats when it happend it was only after the 2nd one that i thought what the hell have i just done i raced to my shopping guide to find i had used 12 pro points :eek: have i lost the plot or what well that was my tea tonight and luckily for me i have aqua zumba so im really gonna have to work harder tonight knowing what shameful thing i have done :eek: xxxxxx
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simple answer...you're human :)

don't beat yourself up over it, assign the points somewhere and forget about it.


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the night of weigh in id always have a treat - takeaway or cakes or something delish and never point it! The new week starts in the morning and its never affected my losses so dont feel one but bad, enjoy it!


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Hi. You pointed it so I don't know what the problem is. You say that you have avoided cakes and stuff over the last few weeks so maybe ease up on yourself and use some of your weeklies on that kind of food so that you aren't feeling deprived? (though you might be using them for something else).


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I used to do that and then i would use it as an excuse to eat what i wanted for the rest of the day - sometimes even the week, thinking to myself 'ah i've ruined it now, might as well enjoy myself and eat whatever'. Like the others have said, just take it off your points, no damage done, that's the beauty of WW :)

You're only human after all, you did well to stop at 2, donuts are YUM! x


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Hey, a few weeks ago I had a cheesecake slice that was 25ppts. I was on 29 pp! Sometimes you need to give in to your cravings - and that's exactly what your weeklies are for. :) Don't stress yourself over it, you enjoyed them and you're on track so don't worry :):):)


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This weight loss malarky is a long hard journey and we're all in it together hun and as you've seen from other posters we've all done it at some point! You cant deny yourself everything this will only lead to disaster in the end. If you want it then have it but just remember to track it!


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12pp isn't that bad so don't beat yourself up! Perhaps don't deprive yourself of a sweet treat if you fancy it, that way you will get rid of the cravings whilst eating less points instead of being overcome by cravings and eating more than you normally would. Try and get out of the mindframe that you've been "naughty", you haven't done anything wrong. Just take them our of your weeklies and carry on.

For the last month I have eaten all sorts, done hardly any exercise and have still lost a pound or half a pound a week... one weekend I drank 63pp worth of cider and I still didn't gain weight :eek:, just carry on as normal and don't use it as an excuse to sabotage yourself or beat yourself up. After all, 2 doughnuts in 3 weeks isn't that bad when you think about it ;).


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agree with everybody else 12 points isnt bad, i wouldn't think twice about using 12 points on a piece of carrot cake or ben and jerry's. i just take it out my weekly propoints, no harm done.

only thing i would say is next time, sit down take you're time and really enjoy them.


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well done on your 1/2 pound loss :) as everyone said you haven't undone your hard work. hey think positively you admitted it :) so thats got to be good? and 12 pp is not a great deal as to what others may eat after weigh in :) x

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