Why did I do that?


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Why oh why did I have such a bl***y rubbish day yesterday? I've been so good for 7 weeks and yesterday it went wrong!. Half term took my son and friends bowling and out for lunch. had already decided that I was going to eat with them as my hubby was coming too and had been looking forward to it. I'd checked out the menu and was having chicken salad which I did, everything went fine,BUT!! got home and eat 2 packets of crisps and 4 squares of choccy!!! Why did I do it? Pmt probably, but I know thats no excuse. I've got back on it today and I'm fine but am peed off with myself for doing it! I dont feel guilty but just annoyed with myself! Ok confessional over just and by the way did I enjoy it? no not really which makes it worse,

Nikki x
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We all do it or have done ....this is why we are all in the same situation and needing to lose weight.

It is so hard once you eat something to get back on track, it has an awful lot to do with our minds," we have eaten that little bit so we may as well eat a little more, it wont hurt as I can get back on track tomorrow "
But we all know how wrong it is as once you have something you will want more.

Good luck with getting back on track


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Hi Poppa

I know how you feel, I used to feel so bad when I slipped up, but the great thing about slipping up is recognising what you have done and getting straight back on your diet.

We learn from these mistakes, don't keep yourself down, look up. You've done so well for 7 weeks you can do it again.


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thanks sonya and jemax, I think that I've realised that it wasnt worth it, I'm going to treat it as a learning curve LOL My warped logic tells me that I needed to be naughty to realise how much losing weight means!!!!