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why did i eat so much..

Am on day 5 and am doing great.. i sat down and wondered why i eat so much, why i let myself go this much, well these are the reasons i came up with.

1) boredom, since as i havnt got many friends as am a bit of a loner( i keep to my self alot) so i turned to food. really trying to break that habbit.

2)when sad.. i realised that i find so much comfort in food..i hope this diet breaks the bond i have with food.

3) smoking.. i stopped smoking and i turned to food instead...silly me :sigh:

these are few reasons i came up with .. what are yours, i hope u dont mind sharing.
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Yeh - boredom is deffo a big issue, the thing is taht food only lasts for a few seconds (well it does the way I eat it :D) and then your still bored, but also p1ssed off coz you've gorged yourself
i put on weight when my mother was poorly and i took a leave of absence from uni to spend some time at home, all my granny and aunties home cooking and being really inactive meant i just ballooned and i didn't bother to do anything about it

not gained any weight since then but i should have tried much earlier to shift the weight - not sure why i didn't - i'm a fool lol


Back on the wagon!
Stress....is my downfall.....I find myself wanting that sticky bun when things are not going well. Find food a real comfort when I feel down or upset about anything....never realised until I was SSing....and the only time I wanted "food" was when stressed out and wasnt even hungry!!!
Boredom, alcohol (alot of it), and the fact i LOVE junk food lol! xx
Ditto all of the above and i love food, but i hope to change my relationship with food this time round and treat it as something i need not just something i want when not necessarily hungry. Good Topic x
That loneliness thing rings bells with me, in part. When I was away from the family in a flat on my own, I was missing the wife and kids like mad. And I basically stayed in and watched movies or played computer games. And ate and drank beer. I ate a lot too, there were three takeaways at the end of my road; a KFC, a Dominos and a kebab shop. One night I ate an entire bucket of chicken from KFC. I had two donner kebabs from the kebab shop on another occasion. Washed down with cans of Carlsberg Export... It's kinda disgusting when I think about it. On top of that there was a laziness aspect while in the flat; cooking facilities were pretty limited so it was easy to buy those twin cheeseburger packs from Tesco and grill one of those for tea. Only it'd be both of them of course and they were large burgers...
Thanks for sharing guys...i hope after this diet..we all will be able to change/break our bonds with food...i intend to really change my life style, join the gym, watch what i eat and burn what i eat...this diet for me a step to a happier, confident and healthy ME, i hope its the same for everyone.
Food and alcohol are also a big social thing for most people eg going out on a date usually involves the pub or a meal in a restaurant, someone's birthday usually involves pub lunch or restaurant meal, going back home to visit my parents usually involves mum cooking a nice meal etc. It can become very difficult to think of things to do that don't involve food! I know my friend is very frustrated because she wants to go out for birthday drinks but doesn't want to see me drinking fizzy water all evening, I'm not bothered but it upsets her.

Eating's also a good way of defining and passing time. It's familiar. It's 12.30pm, everyone else in the office is getting out their sandwiches/nipping to the butty van etc, and usually we'd be getting out our lunches, I guess eating breaks up the day, gives you time to stop work, socialise and have a break.

I find life a little more dull without food, that's all. Life doesn't stop because we're not eating traditional food, it just means we have to find other methods of breaking the working day up, or socialising with friends.
In the earlier days i just ate too much of he wrong things. Over the years it got so i had real binge periods, only i just wouldn't accept it was a problem, would feel crap about being fat and so would eat more. The usual reasons, boredom, habit, routine, when lonely, or to celebrate and end a good night out, I'd use any excuse really. I just wanted crap food, and huge portions at that, and thought because i wanted it, i had to eat it, instead of listening to the sensible me that knew i was just out of control and would live to regret my actions. So here i am, and for the first time in my life, cd had begun to help me believe i may just do this and change my life for the better. I'm in early days still, only on ss and still have 2 stone to go, but its a step closer. xx
A number of reasons, have been greedy for nice food since I was a child, gave up smoking, got into a vicious cycle of feeling fed up because I couldn't look the way I wanted to so eat more, stayed at home comfort eating when I got too tubby to go hiking (without getting breathless) and join in with the great social life in the outdoors activities club that I used to belong to- will be joining a new group once maintaining on cd.
All of the above plus plain old greed.
I used to inhale cigerettes for 12 years at over 20 a day

I gave up (in 2005) and inhaled chocolate instead amongst anything else i could get my deprived hands on

I put on over 5 stone in the space of 4 years *horendous*

Am now getting back to how i was

The end.


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Boredom and stress.

But also... I LOVE FOOD. I really do! I love cooking it and serving it and trying different things.

I need to learn to love exercise


Winning a losing battle!
I'm with Guru on this one, I love food, experiencing different flavours, ways of cooking etc.

It's the whole social side too, whenever we go out with family or friends, it revolves around food. I'm now learning that I can still do that as long as I have a healthy balanced diet on the days that I am not out with family/friends etc.
I'm with Guru on this one, I love food, experiencing different flavours, ways of cooking etc.

It's the whole social side too, whenever we go out with family or friends, it revolves around food. I'm now learning that I can still do that as long as I have a healthy balanced diet on the days that I am not out with family/friends etc.
Yep, I'm there too; food is just yummy! There's only turnip, and wierd stuff like whelks that I don't like lol

And I've posted before on this too, as a family, every event revolves around food. I need to learn to not go mental at these occasions; certainly this summer I've managed to resist and hopefully will manage in the future
Happiness, sadness, celebrations, commiserations, boredom, habit, greed, holidays, workdays, going out, staying in, I think that about covers it....
The only thing I don't do is drink alcohol - I just don't 'get it' as it makes me ill rather than feel good so thank the Lord for that

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