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Why Do I Feel So Ill?

Hi All

Long time forum browser, literally 1st time poster!

Can any one offer advice?

2nd time on LL, only doing it for a bit to drop the weight i've put back on since 2007 thru slipping back into some bad old habits (almost 2 stone).

I've been on packs now for 13 days, and I have zero energy. Been off sick from work for 3 days running now with the migraine from hell, in fact its a miracle that today I can use the PC.

Have lost 13lbs again which is fab, but this time something is not right.

Walked up stairs this morning and nearly fainted, had palpitiations and headache came back with a vengeance.
I'm confused and cant get my words out right. Last night LLC put it down to I'm probably in ketosis and ketostix proved it. Or a bug!

What the heck can I do to stop me feeling like death??? Any suggestions before my partner and mum are forced to feed me -
Only thing is i'll be too weak to stop them!!
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Sorry you are feeling so poorly WDAS.
One thing springs to mind and that is water.
Are you getting enough?
Lack of water can cause all those things.

Hope you are feeling better soon.
. . . and welcome to the board :wavey: stick around, it is great support.


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Feeling Ill?


I think Ali might be right... are you drinking enough water and doing it through out the day? The anaology my LLC used was like a waterwheel at mill -- flowing over it all day at a steady rate.

If you are drinking the water, then I would go to my doctor and have my blood pressure checked and discuss my symptoms with him. No chance you are pregnant is there?



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I have started LL twice and both times I was utterly exhausted for the the first three weeks. I think it's just the body going into starvation mode and trying to pursude you to hibernate. If it doesn't go away after the first month then you might need to seek medical advice.

I do feel dizzy a lot of the time as well but I just put that down to my blood pressure which has now dropped to somewhere near the bottom of the normal range. If your blood pressure has dropped a lot since starting LL that might explain any light-headedness.
hi again all

Thanks for the constructive comments re:water and - Deffo not pregnant!

In truth, i'm feeling slightly better because I could no longer tolerate the pain and fell off the wagon and ate this weekend.

I still have a niggling headache though, albeit a much smaller version of weds/thurs/fri's pain accompanied by light and noise sensitivity.

Have stuck to packs today and am just off to have my 4th and final one along today with a final pint of water!

It was unbearable.

I tried upping the water and making sure I didn't leave it too long between packs. It just all got too much friday night and I couldnt keep on with it...I am totally gutted as i was 13 days in, and ketosis was just kicking in. Now I'm back to square 1 as my food choices at the weekend were poor to say the very least.

However, whats done is done, and each day I get thru now is a step in the right direction. Isn't it???

I shall have to see how I go for the rest of this week, as if the head comes back each time I do packs I am going to have to seriously rethink my weight loss strategy. I have a meeting with my boss tomorrow re: last weeks sick leave, so I get the impression she's not best pleased about my 3 days off because I was on a diet!!!


Why Be Normal?
S: 192lb C: 192lb G: 138lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0lb(0%)

Hi, is it going any better? When you do feel the need to eat - prehaps, you could stick to Phase One South Beach Diet foods. You can google this information. They are compatible with ketosis -- so, you might be able to eat something and not affect your ketogenic state. Have you spoken to your GP, there might something else going on? Flu, blood pressure, etc.

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Oh dear, hope you're doing ok. Are you back on the packs. Seeing your GP sounds like a good idea as anything that makes you feel ill for a long time should be checked out.

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