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why do I have these dreams? also feel i'm missing out on things


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I have been on the cambridge diet for nearly 7 weeks, and today I got up had a bar and water, I usually am up for the day then but I got back into bed and was having a dream.

Anyway, I have a recurring dream (at least once every couple of weeks or so) where I am leaving school or sixth form and I am sad to leave and am crying.
Or the dream is that I can't find the leavers assembly/any other pupils/or my uniform to go to the last day. (the dream varies slightly everytime) I wake up feeling a bit unsettled.

In reality it was not like that, I was glad when it was finished as had had enough of school, exams etc. I was picked on at school but by sixth form it had stopped.

Now I am 27 so this was all quite a while ago so why am I still having these dreams??
I suppose in hindsight I was happy then,
I had friends etc and I was doing something decent in my life (trying to pass my exams).

I feel somehow subconsciously I am sad that that period of my life is over and that my dream is a warning to me that i'm missing out on stuff and thats why i'm having it all the time??.

I am aware anyway that I want to improve myself and my situation and one of the things is to lose weight, which I am doing.
I have lost nearly 2 stone and feel good about that I have a long way to go but i'l get there.
Once I have lost some more weight I am hoping it will boost my confidence.

I have no female friends now which I miss, but i've sort of accepted that, and I make the best of it. It would be nice to have some friends though.

I am a bit shy anyway but I feel i've gone into my shell over the past couple of years especially since moving house.
I have shut myself away quite a bit which probably didn't help my weight but now i'm losing weight and when i've lost a bit more I hope to get a decent job and find some friends etc.

It is tricky to meet new people but I'l try.
I just hope there are ladies about my age that want more friends.
I find my old friends are too busy for me now (they have families and we've lost touch as I live somewhere else now so its understandable)
But even so I feel a bit unsure about making new friends.

I am not sure what I am trying to find out by posting this just wondered what people think

Does anyone else find their weight holds them back??
Does anyone else have dreams like this??

Do you ever get a recurring dream??

Hope this is the right place to post this

Thanks from miss r
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I think it sounds like a typical recurring stress dream. Mine are usually about packing to get to the airport!

Why are you waiting until you have lost more weight to get a decent job and start making friends? I know it's easy to feel like your weight is holding you back, but it isn't really your weight, it's your lack of confidence. You can refind that whatever weight you are! Maybe a good way to meet people would be through losing weight? Is there a class for your diet? Could you go to a zumba class or something similar?

Could you start looking for a new job now?

I think there will be lots of people who want to be friends, once you're ready to start meeting them :)

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