Why do I suck so much?


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I think I'm going to just call the last 2 weeks "off diet" and do a formal restart tomorrow. I don't know why but ever since Xmas eve I haven't been able to stop nibbling. Not really because I'm hungry but rather for no reason at all. And for whatever reason I haven't been able to talk myself out of it!

I don't know what my problem is. Grr.

Any words of inspiration?
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Is so hard when the nibbling pixie attacks as it is nigh on impossible to get rid of him. When I started on this diet I stuck a fat picture of me on the cupboards and fridge so I would see that each time I went to nibble. Worked really well for the first 4 days of CD until I went to work and had no fat photo.

Hope you can find the inspiration you need to stop nibbling and get back on track. I personally just got my head around the idea of not nibbling and decided bing slim was much tastier than nibbling.

hugs hun. Charlie xx


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I get the greedy gremlins from time to time, they seem to want to eat chocolate and MacDonalds.
I would do echo that 'being slim is much tastier than nibbling'.
Life became so much more enjoyable when I started shedding weight last year. I took more care of my appearance, and felt brighter and lighter with each passing day. No nibbles can beat that feeling!

I regained some weight when I took a CD break towards the end of 2009 but saw a photo of myself (and I am a chunky 14) taken a few weeks back - I just looked like a different person, smiling and could have passed for nearly a decade younger. I am not confident about my appearance at all, so as you see - I really do highly rate the difference that CD can make in a short space of time.

So, come on, join me in the no-nibbles, goodbye gremlins zone x


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Maybe some part of you doesn't want to lose the weight. I know a part of me didn't and I had to sort that out first.

Or maybe you just need to clear out the food (as much as you can!).

Or maybe you are stressed about something else and using food to calm yourself.

But when it comes down to it you are responsible for your own actions - you can decide to diet or not to diet. Its not criminal either way you know. But if you do decide to diet each slip is your choice. Ask yourself when those urges come along if that's really what you want to do.

Failing that have ham or some sort of no-carb slip.

But STOP with the self hatred nonsense. It won't help. x ps And it's not based on reality!


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i still believe, it is not about every day perfection, as long as you go the right way long term... so i would just forget about the last two weeks and not let it pull you down and just start afresh tomorrow xxxx


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I agree with the self sabotage thing that people are echoing, its certainly why I am not a slim size 10 right now. Along this journey of CD i'm hoping to care enough about myself every week to make it. I'm going to give myself permission to respect my body and get through this. I know I have self defeatist thoughts, often, so i'm going to try and concentrate on that and not the actual diet. And definately dont beat yourself up...christmas is a baaad time for food temptation! x


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I really do blame the time of year!! Xmas and new year is just a bad time for food.

I started CD today and I know the road is long. I was going to start before xmas but I know how hard it is to diet anyway but xmas and new year just would have been a waste of time!

Good luck tho hun with your journey, I am sure you will overcome it x x x


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Try what I did - don't nibble. Have a day of eating what you like, for closure, and then hop back on :) Hope it works for you dear, you don't suck and you can do this!!!!


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Thanks for the support everyone! I did get my mind back in a right place this morning and am back at it full force. I think all I really needed to do was make up my mind to do this 100%. I havent had any cravings today and not terrible hunger or anything, great for day 1!


hoping for a good loss
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fantastic news hun