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Why do people cheat?


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Am intrigued.

Have been doing this crazy diet for 6 weeks and 1 day and, having read and been so inspired by Mike's (Icemoose) blog, had not had anything pass my lips which shouldnt have. Strictly CD product plus the AAMW allowance.

There have been temptations of course. There have been times when I have had to pass on a social life. Like everyone, life has thrown obstacles in my path (pressures of work, death of a friend 39 from cancer, onslaught of either dementia / alziemers of 73 year old father-in-law staying with us for an extended stay, plus an illness a week or so ago which saw him in hospital, every day to day cooking for rest of family etc...) and I choose to skirt round them, deal with them and not resort to food.

This diet is most certainly not the easiest choice we all make before embarking on the journey. In fact I think its a tough call. Not only the strict diet alone, but also the stigma attached to it and the wonderful wisdom of the ignorant wanting to tell you it wont work, will rot your stomach etc etc. It takes some guts to decide to do this and, for me, at a point of little more than sheer desperation to loose the weight.

If thats a similar choice to others -- why would you cheat the tried and tested?

The results on the Cambridge are pretty amazing, and quick. With such an incentive why oh why stray?

I know we are only human - but we have choices. A person happy in themselves would not be frequenting these boards, would not have embarked on the CD in the first place.

We are here because we are (were) FAT!

We hated the way we looked.
We hated the way it restricted our lives.
We hated the comments from other people.
We hated being FAT.

We got FAT because we chose to EAT the wrong foods, at wrong times in wrong proportions.

Why on earth go back to that? Not even at goal - on the way to goal?

I admit I get so frustrated at some of the '..i've cheated..' posts, and the nice people reply saying draw a line, drink the water etc etc.

I just want to yell - ARRRRGGGGH!!! WHY DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE??! Quite apart from the fact - what a waste of money and you're well on the way to proving all the ignorants right !

We ALL have a choice. My choice, same as many others is to not deviate from the CD. Its a tried and tested formula.

Funnily enough it does exactly what it says on the pack. Stick to it and it works.

If you want to give into tempation do this one this before doing so.

Go and get changed into your bikini / tanktini / swimming costume / swim shorts.

Now stand in front of the mirror with the '..food..' you simply have to have - that food you want to cheat with, and take a good hard look at yourself as you EAT IT.
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Ok, we all know it worx if ye stick to the rules But we are all only human, humans have weaknesses, sometimes people cant resist temptation and that goes for everyday life, not just food. Maybe your stronger than others, who knows.

Don't really like the way you're posting. Feel very spoken down to and made to feel ashamed.
Youre telling us something we already know.
I had some food at a wedding as a treat and didnt realise how difficult it would be to let go of again.
I then had some dinner for my birthday and the same thing happened.
It seems it is harder for some than others. Nothing to be ashamed of guys. Like Kazz said we are human and we are not bad for cheating, we just have to live with the fact it will take us that bit longer.
I hate the word FAT aswell. :mad:


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Don't really like the way you're posting. Feel very spoken down to and made to feel ashamed.
In my opinion the post seems quite derogatory to people who have cheated. I wouldnt imagine it was meant to cause offence in anyway, but unfortunately the written word can sometimes do that when you have different people with different points of view reading it....


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Certainly not talking down to anybody. Just intrigued why people cheat. We are all humans and the point I was trying to get across was to question and remember what drove us to CD in the first place and why that resolve weakens part way through.

Why are people offended by the word FAT. At 21st 7lb I was FAT. at 18st I am FAT. I think I shall be not as FAT for a good while yet. Maybe (and this is not a PERSONAL dig so please do not take it as one) the truth hurts? If someone is old they are old, if they are black they are black (well coloured now in our delightful world), if they are disabled they are disabled. If they are fat they are fat. It can be dressed up, renamed or whatever.

I personally did not get to 21st 7lb nibbling on lettuce leaves and low fat foods. I accept that as a life choice. I choose to ate.

Sorry you felt ashamed Miss R, was a general ranmle and not directed at anyone - but on the other hand, if anything I wrote gets you back on track and into those Tommy Hilfiger jeans, then I look forward to seeing your before and after pics posted with pride in the success thread :)


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I think you are underestimating the power of the mind.

The human body is designed to eat to keep itself alive. It is designed to get it's nutrition from the food we eat and keep it's fat stores for times of famine. While on CD we ARE, in effect, starving ourselves of calories (not nutrients) to force our bodies into burning the fat. that's why it is such a greta diet. But the body is FIGHTING this all the way. It's very nature is to make sure we eat so that it stays alive. All it knows is that there is food and it need sto eat it cos it's not getting enough and needing to use it's emergency supplies. Ok so WE know we have far too much emergency supplies and we want it gone, for our health and our well being, but the body doesn't know that. So people are having to fight that all the time. As well as all the phsychological issues that meant we over-ate in the first place.

Which leads me to the question - if you have such fantastic will power and we all don't why are you on the diet - how come you didn't have this will power to not put the food in your mouth in the first place? Exactly. You have found a solution that you are working well with, yes you struggle sometimes, yes you quite obviously have had some horrific tiem sto get trough i the last few weeks and we would all applaude you for getting through that and not doing what so many of us do. But you know there are many other bad times that many of us DO get through. And you are on this diet for the same reason as every single one of us - you over-ate.

It's fantastic that you are doing so well - good for you. I hope that one day i do as well as you, and i am sure i will. Icemoose made a decision himself to not cheat because he didn't want to, I don't think I have ever seen him criticising anyone who has. This diet is hard. Anyone who doens't cheat - good for you! Anyone who does - we all learn to move on and keep going. And good for all of us. It's tought bit we'r egetting there.


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TTey, I WISH I had your determination!!! I really don't KNOW WHY I cheat, it's a kind of compulsion, a momentary 'lapse', a mental 'blip' dunno! All I know is I keep losing 2-3lbs or even 1lb coz I 'pick' at bits & bobs, if you have any other tips please send them to me!!!!
There re lots of things I want to say about certain things but sometimes things get taken the wrong way & people get angry or upset so I stay quiet. Hope you keep up the resolve!xxxxx
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I completly agree with the above couple of posts..............we all know the diet works....as does every other diet in the world if you stick to it 100%............BUT

we are all here because we have had issues with food in the past, it has taken me the past 20 yrs to develop these bad habits....it certainly going to take longer than 100days(or what ever we all decide to VLCD for) to rid my body and mind of these bad habits.
You may have only over eaten because you ie liked food and just ate too much of it, others over ate to cope with various emotional situations, some steming from youth or childhood. When these emotional situations arise again its human instinct to revert to what we know, and how we have delt with the situation in the past.It only over time we teach ourslevs to cope in different ways.
'Rome wasnt built in a day' and we will all make mistakes along the way, its how we cope with the setback thats important. Yes if we go back to eating the way we did before......well we will get the same results.....as has already been said we are all human and even the best of us make mistakes sometimes.

As most of us have 'been there and done that', this is the reason why the reply draw a line and drink more water...it does help and there are loads of us who have had a slip and got back on the wagon....mainly because of the help and support of the fantastic people on here.

Obviously we are all intitled to our opinion, but we shouldnt really be belittling people who are not strong enough to NEVER EVER cheat.


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And as for your comment about the jeans - if you knew ANYTHINg about the reason people overate you'd understand it's precisely comments like that thaty knock people off track. We need to do it for OURSELVES not because other people want to kick us into it with snide comments about how bad it is to cheat.


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Well firstly I applaud you for sticking to S.S with all the stress you have. Unfortunalty, not everyone does the same, me being one of them...

Feeling guilty because you, (obv not you, am using the word 'you' as a general term) have eaten, is very distruptive. Have those of us who have eaten gone out and committed a crime? No, simply we have not followed the plan to a T and have eaten food...and Yes the best advice is to draw a line, learn from it and move on....

No point beating ourselves up about it...Ideally everyone would sail through their chosen programmes, but as you have read yourself that dosn't always happen.

At that moment when someone really wants to eat, it's as if nothing else matters for that moment. We are all adults here, and can make our own choices. If we choose to eat thats our choice, and we deal with the consequences of that, be it a lower weightloss that week, or a struggle to get back on track...

Not sure whether I've answered your question or not, just putting my tuppence worth in!


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Why do people cheat? Interesting. Why do smokers smoke? Why do alcoholics drink? Why did we all get so big in the first place?

Look forward to hearing your own answers to this:D :D

Well done for not cheating yet. If it ever happens (which it may well do somewhen in your life), you'll look back on this message and think "ahhhh...now I see";)


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At the end of the day we cheat because we are human ...... we only cheat ourselves, because we know the diet works, IF we stick to it.
However most of us feel guilty then and we go round in a circle. In an ideal world we'd get back on track - never slip again and reach our goal. I did LL/CD in 2005 and stuck to it religiously for 4months losing 4 stone - I call that my motorway way as I went from A-B as quickly as possible with no stops. This time I have been faffing around - half a stone off her - half a stone on ...etc, it is my scenic route tour - but I will get to point B again.

Why am I cheating??? I really don't know - wish i did because then i wouldn't and i could help all my clients and the rest of Minimins not do it.

Good luck Ttey and I hope you manage to stay on the straight and narrow without diverting at all. But to those of you who have been human enough to have a slip - don't be too hard on yourselves.


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WOAH woah woah...

Firstly this post was NOT about my own achievements - if my writen word has come across as that then I apologise! It was not about my own resolve either and I most certainly would NEVER critise ANYONE.

I have only been on CD for 6 weeks and yes - in that SHORT time I have not cheated - maybe this is purely down to the fact its all still 'new'

As I wrote initially I was intrigued - yeah I have had issues the past few weeks - but who knows in a few months it wont be ME posting for help as I indeed had cheated!

I cant deny I get frustrated / saddened (if thats the right word!) when I read such posts - and that might PURELY be as someone who has been on diets all adult life and am now finding CD so liberating I just want to preach the faith (after 6 short weeks)!

I think my post has (and hands up if its down to the way it was written and indeed read!) been taken out of the context it was intended!

I dont have such fantastic will power - which is why I am on CD and here in the first place - not forgetting I lost all that weight 7 years ago on national TV - how humiliating is that to have lost it in front of 13million people and to have piled it AND more back on?

The comment about the jeans. I do have understanding why people overeat. I have been a patient at Leeds Obesity Clinic in the past so please dont take that line - it was a comment made in support and one of your goals and certainly not how you have taken it.

I admit my wording (and judging by these replies) has obviously been wrong. Maybe I was seeking the TRIGGERS of seasoned CD'ers so I could try and hopefully avoid the pitfalls through the learning of others. Maybe 6 weeks into this I am frightened of myself failing.

I apologise without reserve to anyone who has taken offence. If I had intended such - I most certainly wouldnt have done it with, what started off as, a question. maybe I should have left it as that - a question rather than to go on an analyse it.
To answer your question about why I don't like being called FAT, then its because I have never had a positive comment said to me that contained the word FAT. The only things said to me with the word FAT in it have been those from disgraceful people and bullies who shout "FAT *****" and "HEY FATTY BOOM BOOM!".

I am a Big Beautiful woman.
I have a large frame.

You clearly believe in calling a spade a spade. I look at more of how someone will feel after each spoken word.

If someone is clearly ugly... i cannot imagine you describing them as ugly. Maybe it is ok to call someone FAT or an ALCOHOLIC because that is their choice and it doesn't have to be forever.


Have a serene day!!
When I first started I can honestly say, that I could not understand how people could cheat or be self destructive, in fact I felt quite pious about it. BUT after 3 months of the discipline I needed to kick over the traces and I can honestly say I cheated as anyone who has read my Diary will know.

But I know what will happen if I cheat, I don't lose the weight as quickly as I would if I was 100% in gear.

However I look at it this way:

What will happen when I start to maintain?
Will I panic at every mouthful - Will I beat myself up about the choccy I should not have ate or the glass of wine I drank or the fish & chip super I had?

Well I KNOW I am not perfect and I KNOW I will indulge ocassionally more than others, it is what we do about it that keeps us in stasis.

So if I cheat I now know that I will have to make up for it the next day and I can honestly say I do. That way I know that when I need to control my weight I can simply by being sensible, because what made me overweight was being unsensible, and doing this diet has taught me self control and self education and to make food an ally not a foe..

Perhaps you may think that this is claptrap, but it is honestly how I feel and if it helps just one person then I will be pleased.


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I have been a serial cheater - sorry a serial failure as it's not really 'cheating' you either SS/abstain or you don't!
People's minds work in totally different ways unfortunately :cry: .
Ivory Towers are wonder places to sit - unfortunately not all of us have them, 6 wks on SS is fab specially with no nibbles apart from your AAM - well done! :) :)

For now you are not in the 'real food world' which is :eek: :eek: sometimes a safe place to be.

Many people that have 'cheated' are people that havent followed the CD properly, they SS then go back to 'bad habits' there is a tested formula on how to re-introduce foods etc etc as you know. Meaning that they tehn have to re-SS, which is much much harder 2nd time away.

Often they do not have quite as much to lose so their goals are a little different :eek: :eek: eg getting from 24's to 20's - you know what I mean! Sometimes people lose sight of what they wanted as things are different???????

Maybe - I dunno, there is no right or wrong answers or opinions just different ones I think.

But, if you were to 'cheat' or something in the future, I'll still reply to your posts :) :) :) :) :)



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Miss R. I totally agree. I have only ever been called FAT in a degrotitory way. The fact I was shouted by 4 blokes in a car as I walked down the street which then had the knock on effect which stopped me going out. Stopped me hanging out washing in my own back garden. I figure but hey I am FAT. They say as they see. A small child in a supermarket. ".. mommy why is that lady so fat..' did the mother chastise the child for saying what she saw? No child was told its because the lady eats alot. Women in the Dr's. ".. are you pregnant or just fat..' I personally find the word obese more insulting. Having started up BBW bashes where ladies over a size 18 ONLY were welcomed and indeed have a BBW website - maybe I dont mind being called what I am from the confidence of these girls who go to the bashes and shout out loud they are fat and happy. I dont call spade a spade, but neither would I refer to an alchoholic as a person with drink problems.
Erm ... whats BBW and whats the web address?
I see where you're coming from Ttey - your post didnt offend me - on the contrary it gave me a much needed boot up the bum!
Mrs P


jelly belly
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well done on 6 weeks of ss`ing
i am on my 5th week and still going strong
i still hear those little voices tellimg me to nibble but at the moment i am strong enough to tell them to go away
the thought of getting fitter and slimmer out ways all the voices in my head
i class my self as fat as its direct and to the point i also call myself enormous and ugly but thats why i`m on the cd

as for cheating well it is very hard to reisist temptation and i cant say i`ll ever be faithful to this diet as i take it each day at a atime
its good we have come this far with no nibbling but lets hope we can keep it up

and for all those who have had to nibble well done for carrying on with the cd and not giving up for good
we are all here for one reason so i say

lets get on and support each other :D
kaz xxx

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