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Why do people have to be so rude!!


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Have to have a rant - I was coming home on tues night after my first WI and i took out one of my LL bars (my dinner) and a old bloke piped up 'are you enjoying that bar'? and then went on to call me all the names under the sun...Fat this and that (i won't use the words, but one starts with C and the other F) and i was gobsmacked!! Must have been going on for about 10 mins - felt like a lifetime - just wanted to get swallowed up!! :eek:

I mean hello the train was packed with people and i get picked on (eating a LL bar) - i am still really upset about it.

A part of me (pre LL) would have rushed to the nearest shop and bought a load of junk but the new Chellie is now fighting that urge!

As well as that people were really looking at me in both pity i guess and some just to see what is going on, but no one said a word - mind you i could not speak myself!

Thing is i know i am big, but i am quite lucky as i am compact - alot of people don't believe me when i say i need to lose 6 stone (think most think maybe 4)
Has many people had this happen? It's happened a few times in the past (i was bigger) What makes me laugh/cry is that at least i know that in a matter of months i won't be the person that is being verbally attacked for my weight but its disgusting that it will continue no doubt to many more people.
Aah feels better to get it off my chest rather then bottle it up. :cry:
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aaaw doll.. *big hugs*.. that man sounds like an absaloutle.. well.. i wouldnt want to say the words on here that i thought..

He isnt worth the time of day.. and tbh.. he will get his karma back.. ten fold....

Well done for not breaking.. cos gawd knows i would have wanted to too..

Loadsa love

Cat x x x


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You have to just laugh at idiots like that - bet he has a small pork sausage and tries to make up for it by being obnoxious!


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Don't listen to them, You probably were in your rights to bop him one on the nose!! I have folk all the time asking me when I'm due, it has happened 5 times this year alone. It is really upsetting and like you i would have comforted myself with food, but also like you, i am not going to give in. I feel so much better about myself now I am in control, and on my way to a lighter life!! this forum is great for venting your feelings about a fattist society. Well in a few months I will besble to stick my 2 skinny fingers up to them and so will you!!!


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ah thanks guys - hahaha small pork sausage! i agree karma all the way...funny as i read that justin 'what comes around goes around' came on my ipod!! spooky!


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Weevikki, I am in the same boat - i seriously look like i am pregnant too, have the bump (so hope that goes first oh and my thighs) have been offered seats on tube on ocassion and to save saying actually i'm just fat (i take the seat) Mad and bad eh! One time i got up for a pregnant lady and they told me to keep the seat and i said no no you take it...as you are furthur along then me! She was not convinced - arghhhhhhh!


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Just think how sad and empty his life must be that he needs to put complete strangers down to make himself feel better!

In a few months time, you might see him again ;)

I'm sure it was a really awful experience. But you can (and are!) losing weight, he's stuck with that hideous personality!

I don't feel sorry for you, I'll save that for him, he's the pathetic loser that most needs pity!


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*Hugs* Sorry you had to go through that chick. On the plus side, weight is shiftable, you are working on that however, his rude and conceited personality will stick with him!

Good on you for not letting it push you the other way, by it making you more determined you have come out on the bright side xx


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Atleast you can loose weight, that idiot will always be ugly.
And I so agree with Mike, I was going to say small man syndrome but he probably has small sausage syndrome.

I hope you are well proud of yourself that you dealt with that purely for what it was and left the food out of it. That is really awesome.


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Thats disgusting what happened to you chellie what I vile person that mjstve been. Happened to me once on a bus too, got picked on by a group of lads and they even took my hat off my head and three it out of the window of the bus while calling me fat names. I was shocked no-one did anything to help me. So I know what that mustve been like.

It shocks me that someone could be so disgusting to a complete stranger...grrr I'm getting angry just thinking about it

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Yes. You can.
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:eek: CHellie, that little face there is exactly how my face looks right now. I have never ever heard of that happening to anyone. How very awful for you. The nerve of that man!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Was he mentally whacked? Not to excuse him, but if not, he is sooooo bang out of order, I just don't know what to say. What a mean spirited, black heart person.

Good on ya for being a tough cookie and not caving in to food. Well done.

I really am shocked. :(

ANd yes, you won't have to deal with that again....but still, you shouldn't have had to deal with it now either. :(

I don't know really - maybe he was a whack job, could have been a drunk - but he was defo a ignorant spiteful man - i am pleased that i did not cave in for comfort food.
I felt more upset i think because i had just had first WI and was feeling so good and motivated about myself and my LL journey and then he had to say hurtful stuff.
So unexpected, i wonder what would have happened if i did not eat the bar - maybe he would have still said stuff...i dunno! But will use it as my motivation...don't get get angry, get thin!!!


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What a hideous ugly excuse for a human being!!! How NASTY!!! I probably would have burst into tears....
You have the right attitude though - dont let the fu**ker deter you from your goal!
oh i was crying as soon as i got home, i feel better for talking about it though and not letting it be inside my head annoying me.
My new saying for now shall be 'don't get get angry, get thin!!!'


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Oh Chellie, well done you for getting through that! Some people defy belief. But I too, am a believer in karma and it will come back on him.

(((((HUGS))))) xxx
hi chellie, you poor thing some people are just soo god dam rude and ignorant. Forget about him soo not worth it. I hate going on trains buses etc just hate it full stop.


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Hiya, just wanted to say good on ya for not caving in. You use that experience to get thin as you say and just think by time you get to goal that old codger will probably be pushing up the daisies! :giggle:


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I can only hope you see him in a few months time and be sure to pull him up for it then!! I had the same kind of thing but I just came back with the old line of " well, I may be fat but you are ugly and I can diet!!" that usually stops them in their tracks and gives folk about a laugh.
If I can do this, and I have, see below, then anyone can!!!
Keep on the road and you can achieve anything! My whole shape changed and it is nice to have folk call me petite, I never saw myself as petite in my life, but now I am and that is due to LL and to me and my determination to finish what I started!!!!
Good luck!


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Good god that's awful!

Stock reply for this kind of situation should be "I may be fat, but at least I can change that, whereas you'll always be a nasty little sh*t!"

Sorry to hear this, some people are just rubbish!


Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Good god that's awful!

Stock reply for this kind of situation should be "I may be fat, but at least I can change that, whereas you'll always be a nasty little sh*t!"

Sorry to hear this, some people are just rubbish!


Close. Mine is, "I may be fat, but you are ugly. And I can diet." :D

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