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why do people...

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...think they have to do you a favour when it's really not necessay? just now the rest of the family are eating fish and chips in the hotel room and I say 'right I'm off to get something' and they're all 'oh yeah, you don't want to be around this'. I genuinely don't give a tops so I tell them it's not about the chips andamd I can hang on before sloping off for my tea. them everyone's on the defense for some reason, saying they were just thinking about me despite the fact I'd said it wasn't a problem, and that I've been mega good while we've been away and they all know it. I just wish people wouldn't try and get i
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Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Frustrating isn't it Jim?

On the other hand, I think there are times when people genuinely don't know how to deal with us. You are basically shrinking before their eyes and it is a change for everyone. Have you tried to sit down and explain things to them?


WILL be Slim!
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i know!
My DH was eating flapjacks yesterday and kept going on and on about how bad he was for eating it in front of me!
Dont get me wrong, i struggled, but i coped! I've been through worse! lol
I think people just feel guilty!
(not guilty enough to not eat it though i mist add!) lol ;) :D

Glad your having a fab time and being good! Well done!



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Awwww give the family some slack

This is probably the only diet people (not on it) genuinelly dont understand... hell i didnt when it was first explained to me! lol

People just dont know how to deal with it...

Let it wash over you :D


loving life
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Well done for being strong. I hated it when people were being sypathetic to me at bbq's etc. It embarresed me more than anything due to being pointed out for not eating. If we eat there's a problem if we don't eat there's a problem lol.
S: 18st2lb C: 17st4lb G: 13st12lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 0st12lb(4.72%)
ah it's sorted now, was just frustrated... I had cajun chicken salad and it tasted better than the fish and chips looked anyway, the chips were all bitty and the fish batter looked odd


needs a real kick in the
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lol have a good hol xx
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lol i find it quite funny when people fuss because there worried im going to dive into their plate of food like some frenzied pig i honestly dont think they believe me when i say im perfectly fine to be around food even better when someone accidentaly offers you food and start flapping over it. i think people are trying to be supportive but they dont understand how is best to go about it. have a nice holiday
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Been staying with my folks recently for a bit to help them out, mom had op so needed help. She had a major guilt problem, especially as i was doing all the cooking for them and yet not eating it myself. Used to go on about it, and took her ages to stop offering me a cuppa. No problem though, found it quite funny and i know she's chuffed to bits with my loss and really impressed by cd. Its just so alien to most people! xx

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