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why do we binge


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I think if we knew the answer to that we wouldn't need sites like this!!

The only thing to do is recognise the bad behaviour and try and learn from it ... move on and get back on track!



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i would love to get into the sicological side of this but have no time and as someone who struggles on all the time and try not to get to overweight and feel fab when its all gone i stil do it to myself


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Because we are all human and one of the biggest traits of the human race is to rebel...For some reason we get (while binging) a sense of satisfaction because we have gone against all rules....

Well that's my take on it :p ... Doesn't just happen with diets neither! x
i have one of them to, i can do great for weeks then all of a sudden it creeps up on me and i feel its out of my control, once i have binged i just get back to normal until the next time...at least this time im learning to pick myself up straight away instead of carrying the binge on...

if anyone finds a way to get rid of the self destruct button can you let me know !!!


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its true all the reasons we all have our own but im in top form today so onwards and upwards but not on the scales lol this site realy heps so i will be here more often


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I am ok till there is an event, when i am not on a diet I eat normally, but when i am dieting and there is an event, its like 'whoa I can eat for england now as its an 'event!' it is special! I can have cake and cream and it wont matter!'

then i get the munchies for the entire contents of the fridge, and this gets far worse after drinking alcohol. then the night before i 'get back on track' I feel i have to eat all the things i avoid while on a diet!

it makes no sense to me, I know it all counts, espec on weigh day! but yet i still do it!?!?!

it must be a deprivation thing, maybe i try to deprive myself at other times??

ah well, if anyone finds the cure then I am all ears!

H :)
I'm reading a great book at the moment called say goodbye to over eating. its all a bit psychological but i think its helping, am only half way thru it tho so dont know how it ends!!

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