Why do we self-sabotage?


Losing it!
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Question's in the title!

I've spent all day fighting the eating demons. I want to succeed on this journey, so why is my mind turned against me today?

I'm pleased with myself for holding fast, but I'm not going to test my will power any further and go to bed as soon as I can!

Any thoughts please?
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ive had a day like that today aswell, so your not alone, all ive wanted to do is eat hot warm comfort food, bread , mashed potato etc etc , oh and blooming chocolate, but i just keep thinking about xmas, i gave myself a little goal to lose 7lb for xmas, ive lost just over 5lb now and i weigh in tomorrow, im giving myself 1 day off on christmas day to enjoy my food without any self loathing or any guilt about what i will drink and eat, i know its probably not helping you much but i think sometimes you need to give yourself a little goal to aim for and thats mine, maybe if you dont want to do that, say to yourself when i lose x amount of lb i will buy myself a new outfit or treat yourself to a lovely pamering maybe, keep going your not allone trust me we are all here to help each other over these hard times

Jane xx


No matter what, carry on!
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Why do we self-sabotage?
I do not know.
I know that sometimes we may feel lonely, sad, tired, unloved or frustrated about something in our lives.
We must understand the cause of this... we must be gentle with ourselves.
Giving in to temptations will only make us happy for a short time then we will feel remorse.