Why do you love CD?


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Thought i'd start a new post to help us think of the positives of CD and any VLCD for that matter.
We all know they are hard and the negatives can really start to weigh us down so come on eveyone tell all about why you love CD!!

I love CD becuase it helped me to lose weight that had been getting me down for years. It was simple to follow and i had a great support network on here. 2 /12 stone gone and i feel brilliant!!!!!
Because it changed my life............
Because it worked. If you stuck to it you got the results - simple.
Agree with you there Mike.
CD has changed my life so so much.
Is simlle to follow,healthy,and just the greatest.
I am a new me thanks to CD.
Love libbie xx
;) it gives me an excuse not to have dinner with my partner's mother;)

I am just joking btw, she is lovely!:D
LOL fairy that made me laugh. never thought of that benefit. :D
I love it because before I used it, I had to take pills 3 times a day for Type II Diabetes, I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to boot. I was miserable as sin with incredibly low self esteem - although I knew how to eat healthily I used to take comfort in food because I was so big that there just didn't seem any point in trying to diet. I then used LL before I moved to CD.

A VLCD offered a radical solution that enabled me to lose weight quickly and safely. It totally changed my life, my health has improved beyond measure....

It tastes fantastic, compared to LL it's affordable, and above all it works!!!

I love it because it does what it says on the tin.:)

Says you'll lose a stone a month and you do.

No other diet gave me that.

Great idea for a thread, helps me remember in a positive why I'm doing this and not trying something else.
My dream for many years was to wake up slim.

On CD my dream came true today x
Finding CD enabled me to keep the promise to myself that I made on a beach in Goa on New Year's Eve last year .. and that was to be "Fab at Fifty".

Losing 8 stone in 9 months (with still 2 months to go before my 50th birthday :) ) has changed my life entirely and has given me (amongst other things): a new figure; a new career; a renewed zest for life; wonderful new friends; increased self-confidence.

Negatives? What negatives?! :D
I love CD cos..

Its the diet that actually works! :D
I love CD cos I'm impatient and loved the quick results.
It tastes nice.
It's completely given me the figure and face I've been happiest with back.
I feel like a success because I've been able to stick to it.
I don't like cooking or choosing food so have actually enjoyed lots of the last nine weeks food.
I feel secure in knowing I have a good weight loss method if I ever need it again (but I don't think I will).
I've come to appreciate food more.
Every minute of every day I'm happier than I was before.
I love it because it works!! You can see the results in a few weeks and every week I can notice something else has changed....no other diet has ever been able to give me that before. I am sick to death of counting points etc, CD does all the ard work and all I have to do is follow the rules!