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Why do you want to lose weight?

Hello all!
I was just sat at my desk having a think about all the reasons I want to lose weight, and writing a list to try and keep myself going and to refer to when I'm tempted to eat big fat bars of chocolate. It made me wonder, why does everyone else want to lose weight?
I want to because I'm sick of putting clothes on & having big love handles - plus I used to be slim less than 2 years ago. I've put on weight because I've gotten lazy & I want to be the person I used to be. I don't want to be unhealthy and constantly out of breath. Plus I'm hoping to get a holiday in September so I'd like to look good in a bikini by then :)
I'd love to hear why everyone is wanting to lose weight & hopefully it'll remind anyone who's tempted to stray why they're doing this! xxx
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I want to lose weight so I feel confident going out again and I want to be able to go swimming with my son - I wouldn't be seen dead in a swim suit at the minute. I am also bridesmaid for my sister next year.
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OOoo..what a good thread! anyway, I want to lose weight to have more energy for my kids, to be able to wear strappy tops, to buy clothes cos there nice not cover ups!, to be healthy, and to have more confidence. to make my hubby proud of a slim, confident, and happy woman, and most of all, just for making myself feel better, and know that ive done it all on my own..and with support from you lot as well of course.

linda xx
I want to lose weight so I feel confident going out again and I want to be able to go swimming with my son - I wouldn't be seen dead in a swim suit at the minute. I am also bridesmaid for my sister next year.

OoOh a bridesmaid dress - a prime reason to lose weight, think of all those photos! eek! good luck :) xxx
Linda you're doing great already - all those pounds off, can't wait til I get there :) Your other half & kids must be so proud of you already xxx


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erm the main reasons for me are for more confidence in myself not to feel fat or like people are stareing......so that clothes look nice on me and not have buldges everywhere.....to feel fitter and not out of breath all the time and just to be more confortable in my own skin
S: 15st2lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st2lb Loss: 2st12lb(18.87%)
aww thanks jymfiend. i must admit, i do feel loads better. will feel even better when i lose the other 2 and a hlf stone though. the kids`are quite small..5 and 1,so they dont really know the difference, but im just pleased im heading down the right path, and will have loads of energy for them. hubby is a man of few words, so not really sure how he feels bout my weight loss...he keeps moaning that he's putting on what i take off so i guess he must notice something! men huh? lol

linda xx
This is a great way to keep focused on our goals. Thanks for think of it Gymfiend.

I want/need to lose weight because I feel so unhealthy and I'm finding it difficult to get nice clothes. I'm hoping it'll boost my self-confidence too, but that will be a bonus!


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i want to lose weight so that i feel more confident, i love clothes but want to wear the stuff i like not the stuff that fits me! I have a holiday to Turkey in September with my 2 Sisters my Niece and my Daughter and i want to enjoy it without having to cover up and worry about if my 'bits' are hanging out , :giggle:
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I want to lose the weight so I can wear the styles I want and look good in them, instead of haveing funny tummy bulges.
I really want to have less of a chance of getting some of the heriditery nasties in my family, like diabetes. For some reason I've become more aware of the fact that being overweight can be a real health risk (it's not like I'm on borrowed time or anything, I'm only 19!) and I get determined to do something about it.
And, because I'm a bitter, bitter, person, to show all everyone else just how great I am.:p
I want to lose weight

A. So I can go into shops other than EVANS! for clothes
B. So I can stop wearing huge baggy jumpers and t shirts when it's boiling outside!
C. So I have the confidence to leave my house again and take my daughter to the shops/park etc
D. To feel better about myself when having sex :O

Lissy xx


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When I first started in January it was originally a bet with my elder sister to see who could lose a stone and a half first. Then my fiance and I decided to get married next August so I decided to get all the weight off before dress shopping. I did it and have ordered a size 14 wedding dress!

Good luck everyone



is going to loose!
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I used to like getting dressed and chosing my outfit for the day... not anymore it's what fits!!

I DONT LIKE THIS FEELING! This time last year I began loosing and at my refeed stage I got sick and went on steriods, I'm still paying for it now and would desperately like to have the motivation I did this time last year.

Iit was about 15yrs ago when I felt normal!

It's strange but I only ever see slim people and I want to be one of them. I don't have any self confidence and even when I'm at goal I'll still have many hang ups.
I'm looking forward to reaching my goal and it's great having everyone on here around :0)
Just read through all the responses - I guess we're all in the same boat, sick of looking rubbish in lovely clothes! I must admit that I've just stopped caring about clothes recently - so unlike me - cos Im so convinced everything looks horrible anyway thanks to all my bulges :cry:
No more though, I'm going to banish all my gross fat and look gorgeous!!!!!xxxxxxxx


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I want to lose weight because I know if I don't do it now I'll be fat for the rest of my life. I was thin before I met my boyfriend and then got 'comfortable' going out for meals and take aways etc, then we moved in together and it's just piled on! I've always been curvy but now I'm just tubby so I want to be the weight I was before I met him because I never thought about scales or anything like that then lol. Plus I'm a short arse so I carry the weight awfully!


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Hiya all,
i'm new to slimfast (day 3) and i'm finding it ok at the moment. I was on and off lipotrim for a couple of months but that diet is soooo strict you have to be 100% all of the time. so i want to be able to lose weight but live at the same time if you now what i mean?!
Anyway i want to lose weight because i have a 17 month old daughter and i find myself out of breath going up the stairs (i'm only 23!) and i shouldn't feel like that. i also want to feel more attractive in myself even thought my husband thinks i am, and to have more confidence for evenings out. I weight 13st 7lbs on sat morning and i want to weigh in at 9st, what i weighed 3 yrs ago.
have a good day everyone!
mine is mostly my health...the dr says it`ll prolong my ability to walk etc if I lose some weight....mind you as you can see I`m crap at it!
Mind you saying that...this time last year I was a stone and a half lighter.....so I can do it really!..lol
Kim x
S: 15st2lb C: 14st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.6 Loss: 0st5lb(2.36%)
hey.. i really want to loose weight because it is my prom in july and i ve always dreamed of looking amazing in a beautiful dress. i went shoping today and ramdomly descided to try on some dresses. so i slimed one on and looked in the mirror. i looked in the mirror and felt so sick. i looked like a sack of potatoes. i really wanted to cry. but now sat at home this has really motivated me to try harder so i can really enjoy my prom..X

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