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Why does my weight always stop at this point?


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Hi! Feeling really peed off and ready to give up today. I have dieted all my adult life and never get below 11.6, which at 5.4 doesn't look good believe me i'm bottom heavy! I always stop losing at WW exactly at this point but thought the cambridge was going to do it for me this time. Last week (weighed mon) I lost 1 pound and was mortified and nothing has come off since. I drink the water, I stick to the plan (790) I just get SO FRUSTRATED!!! Surely 790 is radical enough to get it moving?? HELP!!
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Mrs V

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Hi Lilly,

Don't be disappointed over your loss this week...it is still a loss. There could be a number of reasons why the loss wasn't as great as you hoped...totm, your body adjusting to food after SS?
You had a huge loss in the beginning and perhaps your body is getting used to it all. Don't give up though, keep going because it will shift again.

Take care.



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Many people (including me) believe we have set points along the way. These set points give us those plateaus as the body adjusts to the new weight. It's like a thermostat, and soooo annoying!

I have about 4 set points, and noticed in my years of dieting:rolleyes: that they also 'set' on my journey up the numbers :D

If you stick to 790, it will continue to come off...in fact, there's a good chance that you are still losing fat, but your body is jiggling about with the composition and replacing with water or whatever.

To get me over this point, and to give me something to focus on, I changed the times I had the shakes and included a little different exercise. Just some walking will do. I did this to wake my body up as I felt it might be in a rut. Hoped it would forget what it was previously doing and sort of 'shock' it into action. At least it reduced the boredom level.

Can't remember whether it worked, but I do know the loss started again at some point.

With ever other diet I never managed to get those last few pounds off (okay...last 3 stone :D). I managed it with Cambridge, as the plateau didn't go on for weeks and weeks until I gave in.


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Hi Lilly,

If it is any consolation I have been on 790 for a month now and generally I have only lost 1-2lbs a week on this plan. But as Mrs V says 1lb loss is still a step in the right direction and it could just be your body adjusting to this new plan.

One thing you may want to bear in mind is that everyones body is genetically programmed to want to be a certain weight and it can often be very difficult to get to and maintain a weight lower than this - and unfortunately our body's ideal weight has no regard for bmi or the way we look/carry that weight :sigh:.

I am really quite weeny around the rib cage and hips now but still have thunder thighs :sigh: - I don't think I will go much lower than bmi 24 as my face and ribs etc will look a bit gaunt at that weight so it looks as though I will have to sculpt my thighs with exercise :rolleyes:.


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THANKS Every1! Karion you are the voice of reason! Ruthlet 8lb to go, that's fantastic! Congrats 2 u. Endurance should see me through, just get so deflated! Have a good weekend!!

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