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Why don't LLCs come on here ?

Another daft question from me (just tell me if I am boring you).

Why don't LLCs come on this forum? I see a lot of really helpful posts from CDCs but none from LLCs. Aren't they allowed to or do they not approve for some reason?

I'm asking because I have my group tonight and after reading a thread on here thought I would tell the others about it but wondered if the LLC would disapprove (can't think why)?

Last question from me today promise !
Must do some work, must do some work!!
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Taking Back Control...!!!
It is my understanding that LLC's are not allowed to post on any forums..... not just this one..... although I do know when I did LL my LLC did used to look at another forum....!
I had heard the same thing as Mich, something in the contract they sign with LL. It is a shame tho, because the CDCs on here are very helpful!


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Yeah...LLC's aren't allowed to post on forums. Shame eh?

Luckily....a lot of us did LL before anyway (like meeeeeeeee) so we kinda know your programme too.

Are you trying to tell us something Trancer? lol or am I reading too far between the lines ;) hehe
;) Hehe I thought that too. Have you just outed yourself Trancer ??
Ohh you see now I am convinced that you are all secret LLCs :giggle:
They do come on here, but for some (strange) reason aren't allowed to post.

It was even murmured that LL Locums aren't allowed to post either, but it never stopped me! :whistle:
The Answer to why LL counsellors don't come on line

Hi Wicked witch,

You got me thinking:rolleyes: so I asked my counsellor what she thought of the site and why she didn't come one line!

She said every now and then she has a look! and it seems to be a really great supportive network for ladies and gents on the programme:)

She has no contract to not go on line, no one at Lighter Life has even metioned the site (she only knows it exists through clients) and just believe her job is to supoort her clients and make herself available to her own clients giving them the availabilty and support that they need (which I must say she does, always supportive, always answered my emails and text within a short space of time) and in my first week I have had to contact her a few times:sigh: ! She would ask her clients to contact her if they had a medical query because of staying safe and well on the programme, however she said this is a time that you can ask for support through the web site, followed by all positive support is FANTASTIC! so I know there is no problem talking to my counsellor about it.

I have one other question, don't know if you can help? I keep looking at the CD and seeing "counsellors" on this web site, are the people that provide the CD trained counsellers (as lighter life) or are they just suppliers of the food packs as the chemist would with lipotrim? I know we get weighed with CD but how trained are the people that provide the packs?? when I saw the advert for CD diet I rang the lady and asked if she was a counseller or a provider (was unsure of counselling but knew I had to have some!) she said counseller and when asked what qualifications she had she just said non on paper but I know people and have been proving the CD for over 10 years! and offered me 1 months of packs straight away, even with this web site I wouldn't last 1 month on packs without my weekly meeting!!

I know it is cheeper so is it just packs and a chat?

Lighter me (I hope first weigh in tonight)
Sorry to "waste" your time

Hi Wicked witch,

Regarding the are CD "Counsellers" trained I just found this poseted on the web site - I am still amazed they call themselves counsellers,:confused: but "Hey" it diesn't really matter, I am sure!!!!!!!:rolleyes:

So, becoming a CDC (Cambridge Diet Counsellor) seems like the next natural step. As a CDC myself, I will explain the process to you and also give you MY honest opinion....remember it is only MY opinion and others will differ!

In order to become a CDC you will have to satisfy the basic criteria stipulated by CD Head Office which is:

  • A BMI of no more than 28
  • To have used the programme for a minimum of 2 weeks
Your first port of call in terms of your application, questions and queries should be your own CDC as not only will they know you, but they will also be able to show you first hand how they have set up and run their business and you can then decide how you would want to do yours. Your CDC will act as your sponsor and it will be their responsibility to co-ordinate your training date and then to ensure that you get all the support you need to set up and run your business. For this the company will pay them a sponsorship bonus based on your monthly sales - this does not come out of your income in any way. Remember all CDCs's work differently and independently and I think its only fair that all sponsors earn their money as that ensures that the quality of our service is maintained! Remember this is only my opinion! :)

If you are unable to get the support that you need from your existing CDC then you are at liberty to ask another CDC for help or you can call the CD Head Office (details on their website Cambridge Diet home page).

Of course, most of you will have questions regarding set-up costs and income expectations and, I'll be honest.....if its just about the money then maybe this is not the avenue for you! You will notice that there is a reticence for any of us to openly discuss the financial aspect because it is such an individual thing....

Each CDC can charge whatever they want depending on the level of service they offer so long as we don't go below the RRP of £32.55. Obviously, we also buy the products at a reduced rate which will depend on how much you actually buy on a quarterly basis. Therefore, you can see that it would be almost impossible to give you an idea of what you will earn without knowing what you will be charging or how many customers you will have!!! These are things that you can sit down with your CDC and work out.

Just my mind wanting to justify spending £66 a week if I could get the service cheeper, and clearly I can't!! as the "counsellers" are not trained to deliver a programme - That's not taking anything away form the CD , I am sure they do a good job and have many successes. and that is what it is all about, Success. This is about what is right for me and I feel a lot happier knowing that my counseller is trained and is what it says on the tin!! been reading my green book, what is says on the tin comes from the SMART goal bit

Have a great day, I am truly looking forward to my weight in, I feel different already!! this is my moment:)

Lighter Me

Having just seen this, I think it depends heavily on your definition of 'counsellor' when querying how well trained CDCs are.

If it means someone who has been thoroughly examined on the knowledge acrued through lectures/role play/study modules/on-the-job training/training by sponsors/transference of life and professional skills, then I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of CDCs are more than qualified to do the job.

As opposed to undertaking a course and yet not fully understanding the concepts and therefore not being able to deliver them effectively and clearly to an adult audience, which I'm afraid was my experience of an LLC.

I am, of course, slightly biased.

Hello all - one of my lovely clients told me about this forum.

I have been having a look at it this afternoon - what a fantastic support mechanism you have all created! I am so happy to know about it.

I have cleared it with LighterLife head office that we are allowed to post on forums as long as we clearly identify ourselves as LL Counsellors and we give relevant factual answers and/or professional advice at all times, which of course I will do my best to do.

So I am just saying hello and am here to help if I can!

All best
LL Counsellor Hammersmith

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