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Why I love this forum!!!


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Hi guys and girls

Well, you probably know that I have become quite a regular around these parts and it seems that the day is not complete without a bit of time reading and posting on this forum!! :)
I miss it when I can't get on here....

So, my question is.....

Why do you love this forum?

For me, I like to know I'm not on my own, that I can have a rant if I need to and that someone will make me feel better if I've had a bad day!
I love being able to offer advice and I love the recipes and ideas.

What about you?
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Good thread:cool:

For me its simple, support from like minded people, who are all struggling with weight issues. Its not judemental, no-one beats you up if you slip off the track, people understand and encourage you with words of wisdom. I also like looking at the inspiration stories and photographs, it keeps in mind why you are here.
I haven't been posting much the last couple of months, but I still pop in most days to have a read ... I like to see how everyone's getting on, check out the recipes/syn values threads, and also follow some of the diaries.

I'm doing the plan by myself rather than at a club, so this forum has been invaluable in terms of feeling like part of a 'virtual' group. The support and information is vital, and just the sense of like-minded souls all doing the same thing and helping each other through.

I didn't post a thread for it, but I hit 4st loss just recently. I'm so thrilled with how this is going, and so grateful for the motivation provided by many of the folks here. :)
Brill thread!

I love this forum because no matter how bonkers I feel I am with food, sw etc, I'll always come across someone else just like me, who's felt the same or done the same thing! ;)

There is always someone listening and willing to offer support/advice. Seeing other people's success is hugely inspiring.

I think I've become addicted to the forum rather than eating crisps etc, much better in my opinion :D


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I love to know I am not alone through the week in my slimming battles & I love the ideas other people have & the different recipes ideas people post
I love this forum because everyone is so supportive!!

As we struggle with our own battles its comforting to know that we can support others and be supported!

Great thread!!

K xx


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I love this forum because everyone is so supportive. I do not feel as if i am on my own. I know that someone will always be able to help me know matter how small or trival my question might be.
Mostly it is amazing to find a forum with so many people going through the same thing as yourself.

thank you MiniMins:553::happy096::thankyouthankyou::0clapper:


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I love this forum because we all share the same goal - to lose weight! Everyone is so supportive and no one is here to judge anyone else. Weight is such a touchy subject but here I can just take it 1lb at a time!
I love this forum too - spend far too much time reading all the posts!

I only learnt to use a laptop very recently because our Consultant opened a Facebook site just for our Group, and I've never learnt to type, so I'm sooooooo slow - by the time I key it all in with one finger and post my reply, the thread has often changed quite a bit, and I look a bit daft, but I'll keep plodding on...

Not enough join in on our Group site, so this one is GREAT, so many
thoughts and ideas from like minded folks...

Not so good a bit earlier though, it "ate" my whole post, and even hubby couldn't get it back, but, lucky me, he keyed it in again!

See you all soon...


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i spend far too much time on this board and i love it because i am boring i see it in my friends and families eyes lol they are sick of hearing me talk bout syns and fat content and red and green and how much weight i have/need to lose , i know you people dont find me boring because you talk about the same things endlessley too XXXXX and your all so bloody lurvely too i love my minimins ladies
I love it because there are no *****y comments and no nasty remarks. I have been on other forums (not weight related) and people can be so horrible! I had almost given up hope and thought that the world was full of nasty judgemental bigots who seem to compete at who can say the cruelest thing.............then I came here.

I have NEVER seen a comment that wasn't kind, positive and/or funny.

We are all strangers, but I really feel close to you guys who bear your soul to me and listen when I do the same

xxxxxxxxxxx (can you feel the love?) xxxxxxxxx
I am a newcomer to this forum and think it is fantastic! I actually found it through a knitting forum and no, I'm not a geek, well, I don't think so! I have been a SW person on and off for a number of years but was grateful for the advice I received about EE on this forum. Is this site mentioned during anyone's group at all?

I think I am addicted!
Im a newbie too and I love this forum because the people are so friendly and supportive. Its a really welcoming helpful community and I am definatley addicted!
I too am a relative newcomer but I love this place and feel so at home. Everyone is lovely and friendly with so much information. I have also found someone who lives down the road from me on here and we're going to meet for coffee very soon!


Trying again!!!
I agree with what has been posted so far ~ I do SW alone but with this forum I don't feel alone ~ it really is a lifeline for me ~ everyone is supportive, friendly and helpful, not to mention the fab recipes and tips that are posted! This forum has actually restored my faith in mankind!! Hugs to you all!! xx
i can only echo what everyone e;se says knowing there is always support and encouragment and sometimes a kick up the bum when needed i have been on this forum for a while first on the w8 one who are also a friendly bunch then here the only thing is im getting addicted its the first thing i do and the last chek posts see whos up to what take care all
This forum is a godsend, if you post a question someone will know the answer and if you need the syn value or something you need it NOW and not at your next meeting.

I'm also new on here from the WW forum and everyone is so friendly and welcoming I really do feel as if i am among friends


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I go on this site everyday because it helps to keep me focused. It's great to read about someone who has struggled with their weight like me and overcome it and hit goal, that spurs me on. Also there are great recipes and tips on here too. Everyone is friendly and helpful.
I love it here too. I don't stay for class as I don't have childcare and so Minimins has becamemy class. I don't feel alone. We're all in the same boat :)

It's great to be able to help someone when you can and equally be helped. A big thanks to you all as I believe we have all helped one another :):):)

K xxx

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