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Why i want to do this:365 reasons


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We all must have loads of reasons why we want and need to lose weight. I have been doing some serious thinking today as I have struggles with my 4th day into SS. Of course, I want to improve my general health, and specifically reduce my risk of the diseases that can go along with obesity. I doubt i will ever look good in gold hotpants (will leave that to Kylie) but that wont put me off. I am aiming to have 365 reasons to be slim, so that while I lose and then (hopefully) maintain I can use one for everyday to keep motivated. Here's what I have got so far

  • I like belts. i cant war them at the moment - those lovely corsety ones - they fold over and impale me when I sit down.
  • I like hats - but I wont wear them at the moment because I can always imagine the coversation....'Which one is she?' 'Oh, over there, the fat girl in the hat'
  • Whih leads me to my next point. Why does everyone I know call overweight ladies 'girls'. I am 32. I want to be a sexy woman.
  • To feel more confident at work - to think that people are listening to my ideas, not looking at the size of my backside
  • To prove that I am not a brain with legs. Women can be attractive AND intelligent (just look at you lot!). How many times was I told...'It doesnt matter if you are a bit fat, you are clever'
  • So when people are asked what i look like, the first thing they say is, big hair! (ooh, slim, pretty, sexy, attractive, even just short! all would be better!)
Has anyone got some I can add to my list - whatever they are! I am going to write them in my diary - one per day!
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Heres mine :D

  • so my son isn't 'that kid with the fat mum' at school
  • so when my husband says he wants me I'll believe him :ashamed0005:
  • to increase my life expectancy
  • to be able to shop in all shops, not just Evans, Simply Be, MKOne, and Asda
  • to never be that person on a flight who asks for a seatbelt extension
  • to increase my fertility levels so we can have another child (losing 10% of your bodyweight doubles your fertility)
  • to increase my self confidence and self esteem
  • to stop those pity looks that family give you when you've not seen them for a while, you know, the 'oh, you're still fat' ones
  • so I can eat in public without feeling like everyone is looking at the fat girl stuffing her face
ooooh this is therapeutic. :happy096:
ok so my reasons that spring to mind right now are:

So I don't spend every minute of every day hating myself for being fat.
So I don't feel self conscious walking down the street.
So my children feel proud of me ( I know they love me regardless).
So my mum (who died last year) would be proud and happy for me.
So I can buy some nice clothes that I actually like, rather than what fits me (when I have some money).
So that I don't feel sick when I look in the mirror.
I will be so much happier, even if I end up with disgusting skin and needing a tummy tuck and thigh lift.

I've just re-read the above and I sound like a total psycho - sorry :(. I'm just being honest.


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ok ,i know you are all dying to write these so i will do it for you
1 have sex with light on
2 get looks of lust not disgust from strangers
3 be able to strip off in communal changing rooms
4 wear trendy clothes
5 feel my age ( mental age not real age )
6 buy sexy underwear ( and wear it)


Tequila makes miaow happy
S: 17st1lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st4lb(36.82%)
Cool! I will add all of those - thanks. Especially the sex with the light on!
Fantastic thread, keep it going x
great idea for a thread, think i'll write them in my diary too!

here's a few more:
  • to sit by the pool/beach in a cossie without wrapping myself in a sarong
  • to beat my race for life time of 44 minutes (ie run it!)
  • to not be knackered walking up a slight incline
  • my knees will thank me for it
  • to go into any clothes shop and not think 'will anything fit'
  • to stop buying XL anything
  • look forward to summer instead of thinking i can't wear anything revealing
  • to look forward to going out instead of wondering if i'll be the fattest person there
  • not dread photographs
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Okay a few more:

- to be able to wear sexy pjs without looking like a frump
- to be able to go to the swimming pool without feeling like everyone's looking at me
- to be able to look stunning wearing a posh frock instead of thinking I look stunning at the time, then seeing photos and cringing about how podgy I look!
- to make myself proud
- to make my boyfriend want to show me off to his friends
- to be able to wear all those clothes in my wardrobe that dont fit
- to be able to wear short skirts
- to look forward to family get-togethers to show of my new figure

theres a few! xx
Wow this is a great thread and VERY therapeutic hmmm let me see:

To look and feel amazing both on the inside and out
To eat food in public without feeling guilty and like everyones looking at what i'm eating
To wear a bikini for the first time in my life
For my h2b to be able to pick me up
To be able to walk in shops and buy stuff that do size 14 and under!!!!
To not look like a fat frump when im working out in the gym
To not look like a beetroot when doing ANY form of exercise
To be able to walk past a mirror without thinking i look horrid
To have a fab body that both me and h2b can enjoy ;-)
I have always told myself when i am slim i will buy myself an authentic boned corset

I could go on and on lol
I'm on my fourth day too Kikuka, and loving this thread

My reasons:

To go into ANY shop, try on a pair of knee high boots, and not be embarassed because the zip only reaches my ankles.

To look in the mirror and NOT notice my double chins first.

To be proud of myself and what I have acheived.

To go out with my girlfriends in a months time (2nd November) and see their jaws drop open with shock (this one is being a complete inspiration to me at the moment).

So I don't cringe when my partner puts his arms round me and touches my 'chubby bits' (pretty much any of me really)

To have more energy rather than being constantly tired due to being overweight.

So I no longer feel ashamed and disgusted that my BMI falls into the 'Obese' bracket

Plus all of those reason given above

Thanks for the thread

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dammn this could take a while

im 21 years old...and if u read my blog will say some of the following

  • go to a family party and not worry about my 70 year old great aunt having the same top on as me from evans!
  • go into a club and not be the fat girl in the corner
  • to not be completely comparing my self to other girls my age
  • to wear clothes ive longed to wear without having to hide any bits
  • to love my self
  • to be confident with the opposite sex
  • to be fashionable!
  • to be the skinny girl!!!!
  • to not get upset when i eat food and feel majorly guilty
  • to feel fabulous!!!
  • to get in the swimming pool on holiday without worrying the water might jump out
  • to be able to do all the water sports hol and not worry about the life jacket not fitting me!!
  • to be able to see ppl i havent seen for ages and not worry about hiding because ive put weigh on!
  • to be the TINA ive always dreamed of being!!!
theres so many ill shush lol

fab thread!!
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To go into ANY shop, try on a pair of knee high boots, and not be embarassed because the zip only reaches my ankles.
That's a vrey good one! Even when I was really slim I struggled with boots, who do they make them for? Max Wall?
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S: 20st9lb C: 11st0lb G: 12st4lb BMI: 21.5 Loss: 9st9lb(46.71%)
Wanted to add..

So that when I visit the in-laws at christmas, I don't feel that they are all trying to work out why one earth their precious son chose to marry a hideous fat ugly tramp like me


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Love this thread and might BORROW some of your reasons for my blog if you all dont mind

But here are the ones at the forefront of my mind right now:

So that I don't have to find a quiet corner of the pool to hide in when I sunbathe
So I can look sexy, have confidence and enjoy myself in Vegas and thereafter
To prove my point to myself and to the other doubters THAT I CAN DO IT
Clothes - so I can wear jeans that fit and undies that aren't beige, frumpy and bought for their comfort rather than their looks
To be back in my work uniform skirt and hold ups rather than trousers and knee highs with control panties
Work - so I am not the plump but fun older girl anymore
Health - so I can bonk TT and not get breathless after 5 minutes
Not having a double chin
Gettng a whole new SMALLER work uniform
Getting back into my old levi 501s instead of the mens ones I am wearing now
Being comfortable with TT putting his hand on my belly
I can't get my legs into my wellies at present!


Tequila makes miaow happy
S: 17st1lb C: 10st11lb G: 9st11lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 6st4lb(36.82%)
These are great - I got another one!

Just got my holiday photos back - yikes

I was having a moment, i had been snorkelling which I LOVE and was feeling exhilirated and happy, and so full of the old endorphins that I almost imagined i looked a bit Cameron diaz in charlies angels - you know - skin gleaming with seawater, hollywood smile, snorkel pushed up on my head for that surfer girl look. Not so. other half kindly took a picture. Greenpeace were called. Not so much sufer chick as basking whale.

So - I want to make my outsides match the way I feel on the inside
To enjoy having family photos done rather than avoiding it!