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Why is CD more successful for you than other diets?

I've tried lots of diets over the years. Up until I was 30 I always managed to control my weight with dieting - I'd put on 1/2 stone or stone, go on a diet and lose it and this kept me fairly slim although I've always had the tendency to put weight on.
When I turned 30 however, the diets stopped working and I piled on the weight. I tried WW, lost 8lbs and then nothing for months. I went on Atkins and lost 3 stones to take me to about a stone away from my target, then it stopped working. I put all that on again and when I went back on it lost an initial 1/2 stone and then nothing. I did Scottish Slimmers and lost nothing. I got xenical & lost 8lb and then nothing else. I did F2 and lost nothing. I tried appetite suppressants and think they were placebos. Last year I did SW and was loving it losing 1lb a week and lost a stone and 1/2. I was delighted but then my weight loss stopped with that too and for about 4 or 5 months of sticking to the diet I lost nothing.
This has all been terribly depressing for me as I always stuck to the diets but with months of not losing I finally gave up and started eating too much again, outting more weight on.
I am terrified this happens to me with CD. But it doesn't seem to do this with this diet. Finally the dream of being slim feels more like it could become a reality for me. Which is absolutely amazing.
What are your experiences of diets and why do you prefer CD? Have any of you done diets, stuck to them and they stopped working? Or is that just me? I'd love to hear what people's experiences were and hopefully find that CD works for everyone.
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Oh hunnie, I too have tried SW, WW, xenical, appetite suppressants the lot only to fail miserably. CD seemed the only thing where I could still get my nutrients but took me totally away from food, so I never had to worry about how much I ate, what to have etc etc. Does that make sense? Im in my 14th week at the moment and have lost 38lbs so far, I will admit I havn't been 100% all the time, but as long as it comes off eh? You're doing so well with your losses, don't give up pet xxxx
I wont give up as long as this works. It will be a miracle though if I get to my ideal weight. Thanks, Suzie x
you're very welcome love, but it won't need any miracles! xxxx


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You post some very interesting questions Broxi!

It works for me because it doesn't allow me to be greedy. On WW and SW I always struggled with the 'unlimited' or 'free food' as to me this was just a license to indulge. Also I would loose say 1.5 st, feel great and think I was doing fine and bad habits would quickly creep back in. Plus I never weighed or measured anything - I thought I knew what I was doing. I think I never really embraced the full concept and set myself up to fail. Plus you could fit booze into the diet and the only other time I have been this successful and committed to a diet was about 10 years ago and I went fully on the wagon for nearly a year!

Plus CD has taught me that I don't need food, I want it, not need it - and that is what I have to deal with. I used to have a cup of tea just so I could have something to go with it! I now have the space to see that and I hope that when I get to a place where I can move up the steps I will deal with/ have dealt with this.

With CD there isn't really anywhere to hide - I see it as a bit like rehab! My name is Wales and I am addicted to [insert numerous food items] ;)
Great Wales, yes it feels like rehab to me. I hope I can treat food as a fuel rather than an addiction when I reach target. I stopped smoking and drinking before and I always said I found all that much easier to do than dieting cos I still had to eat. So I agree totally with you!


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Personally I feel so much better physically and not just from dropping the weight - not drinking and not eating any processed, rubbish food has meant I feel superb. I REALLY don't want to go back to feeling sluggish, bloated, tired, jaded, dull etc. It is obv to me that this comes from food and drink and I need to keep these thoughts and feelings with me when I am in a position to eat and drink and ensure I come out of this with a diet for life that keeps me full of life!

I didn't think that I would spend so much time thinking and talking about food doing this diet - but it is totally from a different perspective that on WW/ SW. I don't talk about what I am doing to have, when, and how much - now I talk about blimey I don't need to have what you are having!

Even my OH who did 4 weeks on this and has now stopped has overhauled his diet - it is amazing to see him make the choices he is making. We are dog sitting this weekend for the in-laws and their fridge and cupboards have lots of goodies in them and he has stuck to his planned meals even though he can have what he wants. That is an inspiration to me as in the past we have allowed each other to over indulge!

I am sure you will make a success of the diet!!
Thanks, I certainly hope so but it's great to see how well everyone is doing including yourself xxx
Every diet I have ever stuck to has worked in a limited way....

IE if I took in less cals I lost weight...

The thing is... with SW for me, I used the plans to suit my unhealthy lifestyle... I gorged and took the unlimited food rule as stated!! This taught me nothing about control!

With WW I used my points to eat comfort foods and so was still using food as an emotional crutch..

Atkins for me was lethal as I lived on red meat, sausages and bacon... not sure how i lost weight BUT it certainly gave me spots.. the only time I had ever had them!!

With CD, it has taken away my emotional food crutch and has literally forced me to look in my head and sort out my problems instead of masking them with a takeaway.
I feel in control now, not just of my diet choice, but also this has spilled into other areas of my life.
I KNOW I will reach a healthy weight for the first time in 20yrs. and I KNOW I will maintain it when I get there, not because it is easy, but because I am learning the steps now, and will continue this learning curve at goal.

For the first time in a long time, my family are also eating a much healthier fresh diet and I am savinf a lot of money on my monthly shopping bill, so far CD has been a win win situation for me and I didn't even mention the fast weightloss!!

Wow that is interesting Tillyfloss, you are right about the other diets- I took the free food thing at face value. I don't know if CD is re-training me and how I abuse food but that would have to be my ultimate goal.
Interesting post, Broxi. I echo what others have said about other diets - for me I think there was just too much choice:eek: I know I'm only in the early stages of CD but I've never felt so positive about a diet and haven't missed any certain types of food as I have on other diets. I'm also a bit of an 'all or nothing' type of person so CD really suits me;)
Hi Milsey, I think that's what I find easy is this all or nothing thing. You can't just cheat a wee bit; if you cheat, you cheat. So far I haven't, thank goodness.
Interesting post, Broxi. I echo what others have said about other diets - for me I think there was just too much choice:eek: I know I'm only in the early stages of CD but I've never felt so positive about a diet and haven't missed any certain types of food as I have on other diets. I'm also a bit of an 'all or nothing' type of person so CD really suits me;)
I agree. It's not easy by any means but easier because it takes the issue of choice of foods out of the equation. (For a while at least before reintroducing them slowly and re-educating us about food.)
I think the concept of CD being a sort of rehab is a really interesting one. Its a great way of putting it! I've had to move away from food completely because I had become incapable of making sensible choices and had lost all sense of normality round food. I ate when I needed emotional strength, comfort or stimulation and actually never felt hungry because I never left it that long between eating. I don't know what 'addiction' is like but I would imagine that it can't be that far away from where my relationship with food was. After nearly a month on this diet - I can see things so much more clearly and have learned to respect food as fuel and as something to be valued. I'm actually craving healthy foods - rather than the rubbish I'm used to cramming into my face. Thats just amazing to me considering where I've come from!!
I think taking food out of the equasion really helps. The fast weight loss is really encouraging too. I agree SW and WW have their limitations for long term weight control. The real challange as always is maintenace once reaching goal. I believe if we use our intelligence we can go back to healthy eating. I don't know about any of you but I want to remind myself just our depressed I was about my weight before starting CD. I feel really positive now.

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