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Why is he soooooo mean

Well OH has just asked me if i want a take out as the mince hasn't defrosted (not a problem as i can defrost it in the microwave and make Bolognese!!)

But now i sooooooo want my fave pizza from my fave pizza house....:cry::cry: and to make matters worse i could not get the breadmix that Vixxster mentioned as our Tesco's don't stock it!

I want a supreme mediteranean with feta, turkish sausage and olives...... :sigh: soooooo baaaaaad!

But i have just got back on track with another 3.5lbs weightloss this week and my 1/2st award today and Slimmer of the week!
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I think that'll be our problem when we (re)start SW next week. If dinner isn't going 'right' we fall back on to chinese or KFC.

Hope you managed to hold firm as you are doing soooooo well xxx
MY OH used to be the same - they think they're well meaning and treating us for doing so well. Just kindly say 'no you shouldn't but thanks' and make the spag bol ;)

Now he works away Mon - Fri and to be honest I'd rather have him here trying to sabotage me! :(
Hmmm - i had this a couple of weeks ago....desperate to eat some chips - but by the time i'd got to the chippy i could have cooked some anyway! What the ave pizza collection/delivery time? Quick - hit defrost and make something yummy before he gets back....x


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My OH is exactly the same, but I've said no so many times that he just says "ooooooh!" And that's that now. He did it about 1hr ago and I said "if you want to get fat then you eat it" lol.

Go make something yummy, don't give him a choice!! Men don't handle options well lol. Xxx


I will succeed!!!
My OH sometimes offers a treat up and I know it's his way of saying 'well done' if I've had a good few weeks etc. His intentions are good but it's difficult to resist sometimes isn't it?

Not sure if you had it or not, but if you did don't worry too much and work to make up for it. And WELL DONE on the WI results! Woo! xxx

Well i resisted and made the yummiest Bolgnese ever - he even said it was far better than a take-out and is even prouder of me for resisting temptation!!!

:D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D :D:D:D

I can do it, i can, i can, and I WILL!

Oh it feels sooooo good this morning!


I will succeed!!!
Well done you! That's awesome! *proud*

Well done for not giving in Hun.

I had my car full of cakes (Birthday today) and the smell of the pastry actually made me feel sick! So glad Im not giving in....hard though!!! Lol

Thanks Sticky and Mrs V

Well done to you! xx

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