Why is it so hard 2nd time around??


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Hi all, I restarted yesterday and had a fab day, Ive been fine today up until 10 minutes ago when I just thought thats it I cant do this diet!!! I now want to eat everything and anything in site!!! Why did I manage diet first time around for approx 16 weeks with the first 10 being a walk in the park!!!! So annoyed!! Sarahxx.
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Hi Sarah

It's the same for all of us .. you're not the only one!

I managed to stay 100% for 9.5 months on LL without so much as a flavoured lipstick to taste, but now it's a different kettle of fish. Mind you, I'm nowhere near as heavy as I was to begin with (thank goodness), but even so, I'd like to be lighter, and back nearer to my original goal.

This post might help you .. http://www.minimins.com/bring-your-...different-2nd-time-around.html?highlight=diva understand from someone else's perspective


Mandana x


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Hi Sarah!
I too am on the 1st day of my 2nd attempt! Stuck to it 110% first time round and intend to not give in til xmas however it's already feeling harder than the 1st time round!
I'm SOOOOOO hungry! I'm gonna get in the bath in a bit and paint my nails! That should keep me out the cupboards - for 2nite anyway!
All the best!
Claire x


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S: 21st13lb C: 21st13lb G: 19st13lb BMI: 46.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks to you both for your support, its nice to know its not just me and that there are people who understand how difficult it can be!!! I know im not meant to but ive just had a bar for my last pack as I felt it may stop things from deteriating fast so fingers crossed!! Sarahxx.


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Hi Sarah good luck and hope the bar stops any other temtations Ohhh just remembered i forgot to put my bar in the freezer today so have to go and pop it in now!!

Ohhh I just a weird feeling of dejavu when i was posting this weird when that happens isnt it!!