Why is it so hard! !!! ??

Discussion in 'WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time)' started by bexy1986, 12 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. bexy1986

    bexy1986 Member

    I am 20st12lb I really want to loose weight I am sooooooo unhappy with how I look and try so hard but all I think about is food and constantly sabotage myself I just don't no what to do I really am at the end of my teather and have tried every diet in the world!! Any ideas I'm so stuck ??????
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  3. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    hi bexy i could have wrote that honest there are a lovely bunch on here will help you with any problems you have
    im calorie counting using my fitness pal i find it the cheapest and the easiest way for me x x
  4. bexy1986

    bexy1986 Member

    Thanks the thing is I always have healthy food as I love veg and salad I just fine myself thinking about food all the time while I'm eating my tea I'm thinking what can I have after
  5. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Hi lovely,

    I'm totally with you. I'm a year older than you and weigh more and things have been tough - but there is a way out of the darkside, I promise you!

    Personally I find calorie counting works for me like no other. MFP does the hard stuff for you (and is a little skimpy with it's numbers so don't worry if you go over on occasion!) and you just add what you eat in. It's a bit of a mind feck to start with but soon it becomes second nature.

    We're always here to help and support you, we're pretty busy in this forum and everyone's in the same boat.

    Grab a cuppa and come and have an explore! :)
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  6. bexy1986

    bexy1986 Member

    Thanks I'm thinking of cc it's just the simplest way to do it ?
  7. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Hello hun, totally know how you feel. I think it's about finding out what drives the eating and the sabotage. Any plan works whilst you stick to it, sometimes being on a restrictive plan makes you blow it when you have run out if points or cals and you just think screw it I will start again tomorrow. For other people they work.

    I personally am trying to learn to eat healthy foods and always ask myself am I truly hungry because I have spent enough time screwing up diet plans.

    Find the wemitts forum too...Lots of us all in the same boat. Just never give up and it can only get better :)

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  8. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Doh just realised this i on the wemitts bit lol. I was half asleep when I was reading obviously!

    Hope today is better for you x

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  9. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    jayde i read this and burst out crying very emotional today not sure why this is me i need to be more like you and think do i really want it and keep of the larger and a little white wine and diet lemonade x x
  10. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    Welcome Bex, the fabulous thing about this forum is everyone knows how you feel. If it was easy we would all be waifs, losing weight is hard work but we can do it! Take your journey a day at a time, plan your food, write everything down that goes in your mouth, maybe set up a diary in here and get some support from the lovely people in here. Good luck :)

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  11. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    My Fitness Pal takes all the work out of CC lovely, all you do is add your food each meal and it just adds it up for you :)

    How are you all doing now? Are you feeling better Chezz? xx
  12. bexy1986

    bexy1986 Member

    Thanks ladies I've decided Monday is the day I'm going to think if I'm really hungry before I put something in my mouth
  13. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    hi bexy thats it you have took the first step

    i think its because im going into the unknown lolol i have got butterflies in my tummy x x x

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