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Why is it soooo hard at times ?

Hi all..

Well, i thought i would have reached my goal by now, and be well on them steps to maintance.. but NO!
Over the past 5 weeks i have been using the diet, but adding my own little extras :eek:..
I have stayed the same, gained a 1/2lb.. lost 1/2lb, gained 4lb, lost 4lb.. very bizarre
BUT, this week i am dreading the weigh in the most, lets just say i held nothing back when it came to 'extras'

So my lovely people, like many others i need some help, inspiration, or a good ole fashioned telling off, to get me back on track.. so i can end this journey once and for all..

I start the day with all the determination and strong willed possible, then come mid afternoon, (after my morning shake) thats when i tend to buckle, i have tried the going for a walk, having a bath.. all the tricks...
But then i get the good angel.. bad devil on my shoulder, go on have it.. noooooo dont the angel tells me, so there i am with a biscuit doing what only can be described as the okie coakie, with this damn Garibaldi.. lol

Seriously... i want to reach my goal, and i think i need to get my bum back on SS for the next few weeks, i know its gonna be tough..:(

Will keep you posted,

if anyone has the same experiences, please share them with me.. maybe we can start and end this thing together...

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go for it. if you have lost soo much , you can do this last little bit . no more garibaldis, no more extras , shakes and soup and water from now on . just think nice and slim and at goal by xmas.......
Thanks Sue, started this diet in April weighing in at 21 stone 9lb, currently 15 stone (something ) depending on how the weigh in goes tomorrow.. lol

I really hope i can be there in a month, just want to get to 14 stone..

I CAN DO IT.. I WILL DO IT, fingers crossed

S: 19st0lb C: 12st5.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 6st9lb(34.96%)
i no how u mean!isnt it a pain in the bum bum! yeh i say the same as sue. just think about xmas. mine is new years eve!!!i cnt wait to give a new years kiss to the hottest guy in the club!lol
I agree, not the kissing the bloke thingy, my Hubby would hit the roof.. lol
But why do we do it, why put ourselves thru all the ketosis, smelly breathe.. constant rushing and i mean rushing to the loo, for the 25th time, lol
Only to go mess it up..
My head is in the right place, (just checked) and im rearing to go..

Will let you know about my weigh in tomorrow morning, please be gentle with me.. lol



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Oh C Yellow I know just what you mean Started in Feb at 23stone 10lb got to 16stone 13lb (on my scales not CDC) been a real bad girl and now 18stone 5lb WTF

Really mad ~ anyway got my head into gear and just completed one day of SS. My CDC has been away for 2 weeks and I am down to be weighed Wednesday but not going will go next week when defo lost weight

Its just so hard to crack this weight thing !!!!

Anyway lets keep at it and I will cross fingers, toes and legs and send you positive vibes so not too bad tomorrow at your weigh in. Dont have one more bad day its just not worth it try and get back on track and lets see where we are at xmas

ps my hubby gets funny if I snog Brad Pitt at News years eve ~ funny that bit of a shame tee hee

Well, had my weigh in.. and i GAINED 4 BL**DY POUNDS, to be honest i thought it would have been more, but 4lb.. ! what the hell am i doing,

So came home, after weigh in had shake.. water, black coffee, water, more water and yeah you guessed it more bloody water,
Just had soup, (i think we all get the idea of the water intake)..
Now i could start my own Olympic Peeing team, anyone wanna join.. lol

bless ya

well just focus canary y . good on u for coming straight from your wi and starting back on it.. A lot of people would think sod it i have put on so i will have something bad... head for the take away. good on u honey. xxxx:party0011:
Hi Skinny,

I have to finish the diet, i have to get this last lump off..
Dont get me wrong, i could eat a scabby horse today and tonight.. complete with hoofs lol
But im not gonna...

(god what determination) lets hope it lasts till at least the next weigh in.. lol

thanks everyone for your support x


I will get to goal .....
Hey canary yellow .... consider this your stern telling off, LOL!!! :D

STOP with the extras and stop with them now. You don't need them. You have done an amazing job to get to where you are so don't go chucking in your efforts to fall at the last hurdle.

A bit of determination, motivation and some positive thinking will see you through - just one last little push and you'll be at 14stone. Now c'mon ..... get a grip and have a word with yourself!!!

A few years back I followed SW and had the same problem with weight fluctuations. Turns out I was intolerant to wheat & gluten so everytime I ate pasta or bread I gained weight for no reason despite sticking to the plan 100%. Perhaps something in your extras is causing the weight swings ..... or perhaps its just the extras. Anyhow - they're doing you no good (mentally or physically).

Right, that's enough from me LOL!!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
:whoopass: Right young lady, you have officially been told off!!!

This is the most difficult plan to follow. Yes, I did this diet before, gained the weight and more etc, but I am back and I am here SS.
I tripped up at the weekend and ate absolute rubbish for 3 days, but after suffering through what I had eaten, I have come out the other side and got back on the wagon. If I can do it...then YOU can do it!!!!

Come on Girl!!!! Drink that water :tear_drop: as if it's going out of fashion!!!

Good luck!
Just an idea and based on my own experience, life on 790 is much more tollerable!! Might be worth a look???

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