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why is it??

that when i loose weight however small i think the jobs done and feel like packing it in...with any diet

HOWEVER i havent

its just its the first time since my tshirt today felt smaller that i feel the jobs done (which it clearly isnt by far!) and i can eat now. :cry:
NO NO NO! need to whip my brain into shape! :whip:
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Louisa i think you are amazing !!!! I for one Don't have the guts like you do to do CD. Look at the amazing amount you lost last week. Remember how you felt at your weigh in when you lost that 11lb!! Come on hun you know you can do this :hug99:
I kinda know what you mean..but remember!! If you go back to eating the t-shirt will become tighter again and in a few month too small!!!

It's the next size down we're aiming for!!

Keep up the good work!

Mares x x x
i am at work and was just talking to the girl i sit next to and said i know for a fact its all in the mind as i have no hunger pangs at all!! i feel i have achieved so much just know when its in my mind and not in my stomach!

thanks guys your absolutely right!


Seeking thinner peace
that when i loose weight however small i think the jobs done and feel like packing it in...with any diet

HOWEVER i havent
Hi Louisa,

Oh I so identify with what you've said there. I always have a moment when I stall. For me, 4 or 5 stone makes such a huge difference to my appearance and with people commenting on how good I look and all, I relax and always end up putting the weight back on. That's why I look forward to breaking the 7st loss barrier. I've never lost beyond this even if I need to lose just over 13st to be at ideal weight.

I guess we both need a good talking to.
I'm just the same! Only today, I went into ketosis and suddenly had the urge to eat. What is it with me??

(PS - I didn't! ;))
I think we are all the same...but just cos we want it NOW!!!!!! I was on day two and was suprised that my clothes were still too tight!!!!:silly::crazy:

Well of course they are still too tight..they are a size too small for me at the mo!!!...and I am only on day 3...this diet is good ...but not quite that good!!!!

Keep up the good work honey, soon you will be moaning that your trousers are falling down cos they are too big!!

Keep it up Louisa - I went down to a size 12/14 from a 20/22 .... and thought "job done - can enjoy myself now" .... and yep I've put some of it back on and now i'm a size 16 - big sigh .............
I guess we all suffer from the same condition ... it's called 'being human' :confused:
very true. we ARE all human and can only do what humans do. Keep the faith. I lost over 5 stones two years ago and have managed to keep over 4 stone off mainly by giving myself a severe talking to whenever I wandered and also going back onto the diet when I went too far. My motivation now is the fact I have just become a counsellor to hopefully keep myself in check forever!!!!!!

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