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Why is this not going right for me no matter what??

Ok as many of you will have realised by now, I'm a very slow loser and it's really been getting me down lately.
I know lots of people have 'slow weeks' but I have them pretty much constantly and I've only just made my 2 stone loss in 8 weeks thanks to a 10lb loss on one week due to a bad dose of tonsilitus.
For the last 3 weeks, I've only lost 4.5lbs in total which to put it mildly, I've been devastated about.
Spoke to my LLC last week and she was convinced I wasn't drinking enough water so she said to step it up so for the last week I've drank ATLEAST 4ltrs..some days 5-6ltrs.
Went to the chemist on Monday (my W.I is a Thursday night) and got my BP check etc and weighed and seemed to be 5.5lbs lighter…I was delighted but shocked that it could be that much since Friday. So lastnight I went again and just checked my weight and found I was 4lbs heavier again meaning I would have only lost 1.5lbs AGAIN this week! 6lbs in 4 weeks that would be!!
How can this be happening to me???? Now I'm thinking it must have been a mistake on the Monday..maybe I wasn't properly on scales or something.
Why even when I'm guzzling water like there's no tomorrow is the weight coming off at 1lb-1.5lbs a week???? I can't win!!...
6lbs in 4 weeks…hardly a stone a month is it!!
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C: 13st3.0lb
Hi ScotsNat,

I know we aren't supposed to do all this in between weighing, but I do it too and you have to just relax about it. Do you realise how much water weighs and what a difference it can make to the scales.

I jumped on them yesterday when I got in 65.3 kg, went and drank some water and had a shake and got back on (WI last night!)
I was 66.5 kg - thats 2.64 lbs in just a few minutes.

2 litres of water weighs 4lbs. Are you getting weighed when you have had similar amounts similar times before?

Apart from that, if you are sticking to the plan, it WILL come off, it can't not, there are too few calories.

Hope you have a much better weigh in this week.


The Diet Guy
Hiya Nat

You do need to stay off of those scales and just go on the LLC's scales at the same time, same situation, same floor etc every week, other scales read strange and can be inaccurate.

Just out of interest are you doing a lot of exercise?

Usually when I go for my W.I I haven't had water for an hour or 2...so I don't even think it could be that. When I went lastnight and checked my weight I had only drank 2 litres of water so far that day so it couldn't even be the water making me 4lbs heavier than Monday.
I mean 4lbs is a big difference in 2 days...now it looks like I've only lost just over 1lb again tonight which will be my 4th week like this.
It's honestly almost reducing me to tears because I can't see it happening for me anymore....
Hi Mike

I'm not doing a lot of exercise no...my LLC advised that I change 1 thing a week to see what the problem is so this week was the water.
I mean our LLC said when we started that without any change to exercise we did before, 3lbs should come off per week...
I just don't know what to do anymore...a 4th bad week is just not what I need :cry:


The Diet Guy
2 litres of water weight 4.4 pounds and hence it makes a huge difference.

Wait until you get on the official scales though to get the result and you might be surprised.

A VLCD works for everyone, it is impossible to sustain body weight on 450 calories a day and hence you have to lose it, and quickly.

I am definately wondering if you are exercising too much though as that is the only other factor that could be masking loss.



The Diet Guy
Hi Mike

I'm not doing a lot of exercise no...my LLC advised that I change 1 thing a week to see what the problem is so this week was the water.
I mean our LLC said when we started that without any change to exercise we did before, 3lbs should come off per week...
I just don't know what to do anymore...a 4th bad week is just not what I need :cry:
Well let's get the result first, I am hopeful it will be better than you think and then you might get the wind back in your sails. Water retention is definately an issue (especially for women) but unusual to go a month with low losses, anyway lets get a result and then see what we can come up with.

It definitely can't be exercise Mike...I work in an office based job and so I sit at a desk 9 hours a day and other than that my walk back and forth is about 15-20 mins.
I haven't been doing anything other than that.
Hi Scotsnat - just wondering if you feel like you are retaining water (i.e. are your rings tighter all of a sudden?). I struggled for a couple of weeks with retained water that no amount of drinking extra water would shift. Someone on here recommended nettle tea (sounds gross but it is actually quite pleasant) as a natural diuretic and it really worked. You will still be burning the fat - it just isn't showing on the scales. This week I suddenly dropped 7.2lb after struggling with a 1.9lb loss and a 0.5lb loss (and no cheating). It will find its way off you at some point.
What you need to try to remember is - (someone on here said this and it struck a chord with me) - the time will pass whether you are on CD or not.
Whether you are losing weight slower than anyone else, you are still losing weight and getting closer and closer to your goal. Plus, I am absolutely sure that at some point you will have a cracking loss to make up for these slower weeks. Just hang in there and white knuckle it a bit longer - your reward is just around the corner.
Hey Scotsnat- just to provide you with a little solidarity- I have lost the grand total of 3lbsin the last 3 weeks- been doing everything the same as I ever have (4.5 stone lost up to now) but now everything has ground to a halt. My CDC doesn't know why. I checked last night and I am not in ketosis either! Anyway, I am not going to have any bars this week- perhaps that is something you can try next week, as they are sightly higher in carbs. Also- have you checked you are in ketosis?

My weight has been up and down just like yours- half way through my weigh week I had lost 5lbs, but by last night it was only 1lb?????? Trying not to be down about it, and I have lost a lot, so maybe having a little plateu (SP?), but as the others have said on this amount of calories it is impossible to not lose. Please stick in- hopefully not having the bars will work for me- I'll let you know!
Best wishes


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Hiya Scotsnat,
just one other thing, how are you having your packs? If your'e having say 1 bar and making crisps or a muffin, then that would mean you're having less water, because obv your not having to use water to make them up as shakes... Not saying you shouldn't have them, but if you do then have extra water with them, say a pint....

Hang on in there, the reward will be worth it :p
Hi Geri

I have 1 bar a day and the other 3 packs I make up either as 2 mousses (1 with 1 pack and then 1 with 2 packs) or I'll have a mousse (2 packs) and a shake.
I never microwave my packs.
I'm drinking 4-6ltrs water....
What about constipation? One of the girls at our class was very similar in your weight losses and she had had a bit of tummy ache. One of the other members is a nurse so she had a chat with her and they thought it might be that she was constipated so she tried dulcolax last week, just once if I remember rightly and lost 6lbs. She did have bowel trouble before the plan i.e. IBS.


The Diet Guy
Nat, I didn't think you had mousse on Lighterlife? And on Cambridge it is only 1 level scoop which makes 1 single sachet into a mousse.

On LL you are allowed mousse, because you can make the packet into a mousse, you just add less water. It is exactly the same pack.
Also wanted to add that when your fat cells release the fat they sometimes take in and store water (which believe it or not is actually heavier than fat) this can get stored up to 3 months before it finally decides to release it full and the cell shrinks back in size. It may be that your cells are retaining water which doesnt leave by drinking teas or more water, it is just something that will happen from time to time.

I can completely understand how frustrated you must feel, but try not to give up.

sil x
S: 14st9lb C: 14st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st9lb(4.39%)
As everyone else has said, try to wait til the official results before getting disheartened. It is hard I know. I had several slow weeks in a row (6lbs in 3 weeks) at one point and I nearly gave up. I asked my LLC to measure me and although the lbs weren't shifting, the inches certainly were which gave me a big boost. Try getting measured and I bet you'll see a difference. Sometimes it shows on the waist even though it dosnt on the scales.

Good luck and stick at it - I'm at a healthy weight now and it really is worth it.


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Hi Geri

I have 1 bar a day and the other 3 packs I make up either as 2 mousses (1 with 1 pack and then 1 with 2 packs) or I'll have a mousse (2 packs) and a shake.
I never microwave my packs.
I'm drinking 4-6ltrs water....
bang goes that theory then!

Try not to fret, I know soo much easier said than done, as uphill says you may well be losing inches, ask your counsellor to measure you at your weigh in :p

Hang on in there
Dear Scotsnat

Everyone above has given you some brilliant advice. I weighed myself everyday - morning and night (goes against all the advice, I know) and it's incredible how much we can fluctuate in a day.

There are a couple of things that make a difference to me - I notice if I get really busy and then eat my foodpacks late at night, it slows my weightloss right down. And I have only made this connection this week - after 22 weeks in!! LOL.

It might help if you write down when you have your packs and whether you have any bars. Several of us in Development have stopped having the bars - one person is just doing liquids.

The other consideration is to see whether you have any intolerance to the packs, although it would have shown in your skin, I think.

I know just how frustrating it is not to lose larger amounts; are you managing your 10,000 steps per day (makes a huge difference to me and I don't go to the gym) too? I still wear my pedometer - vital.

I hope you manage to sort it out; if you can hang on in there, chances are the weight loss will follow.


Take care.

Mrs L xxx
Hey Scotsnat
How are things? :D
I guess everyone has mentioned pretty much everything, so only a couple of things to add.
Firstly, I was the quickest off the blocks - by a mile - in my Foundation group. It was a little tricky to be honest, I lost sooooo much more and sooooo much more quickly than everyone else. No idea why. (I lost over 5st on Foundation).
Oh how times have changed! With a few stone left to go there is absolutely no reason why I should have slowed down so much but I have. And believe me, there is no benefit from quick losses at the start rather than at the end.
Secondly, a friend from my group had some chronic slow weeks. In 3 weeks I think maybe 1.5lb at one stage. It was soul destroying for her. The thing that moved stuff on was a mental breakthrough (of the huge variety) around what she was doing and why. The following week she dropped almost a whole stone! It was incredible.
I guess there's no answer but I do think the mind is the thing when going through this process.

Let us know how you're getting on :D

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