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Why no diet coke?

I looked at the lipotrim video and it says that some diet drinks though do not have sugar, do have additives that alters the metabolic pathway of ketosis and can stop it working
When I started this in January, I seriously thought I would miss DIet Coke more then anything else - because it was such a frequent part of my daily living.

SInce doing LL, I have learned a lot about Diet COke. I don't mean to put anyone off - but I have decided to use these months without Diet COke as my official purging my memory of the taste, the want, the all, and never have another one.

Diet COke, as in many many diet products, have ingredients in them which make you crave the bad kind of carbohydrate. Its proven. They now say Diet drinks actually make you fat - because they make you need carbs like a drug addict needs a fix. They are also horrible for your bones. THere are so many chemicals in them - they really are poison.

I really was so fearful about not having it - and now - hand on heart, I don't miss it at all and have not longed for even one tiny sip.

So maybe it will be easier then you think. And as we are doing this for health - might be a good idea to think about this opportunity to quite the DC addiction - which it generally is. Then you won't have to go through withdrawals again. :)

Good luck! It will be easier then you fear I hope!! :)
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Guess who's back...?
The fact that diet coke knocks you out of ketosis is a myth. When I did Atkins I pretty much lived on diet coke - and that diet works on the same principle of ketosis.... it would be the same with pure protein... would make no difference...


I think the main reason we are told not to is because the whole point of LL is to take you away from all the 'goodies' and make you reassess exactly why you crave certain things and give you a complete break from all things food and drink (excluding water etc)...

What Blonde Logic says about causing you to crave 'bad carbs' could be right... there is rarely a connection between a nice cold diet coke and a crisp leafy salad... not for me at least!

So - no, I don't think it would affect the diet - but it all depends on your reasons for going through abstinance in the first place... it's about more than just losing weight - it's about changing lives forever :D Good luck on the rest of your journey! x x x

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