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Why no vlcd pre and post op??

Hi All,

Im going in for an op soon, keyhole hysterectomy.

I have read that you shouldn't do a vlcd 2weeks before or after op for 3 months.

Can anyone tell me why exactly?

I know the packs provide all the nutrients needed, and my general diet before didn't, so surely the vitamins and minerals in packs are better?

Is it the calories you need more of??

Many thanks and I Hope you are all doing well

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Staff member
VLCD's change the viscosity of the blood...it flows more easily when on a vlcd ...so I guess potentially you might bleed more easily because of it.

You also need more protein to help with healing, especially after your operation and also a vlcd can interfere with some medications...so you are best coming off it before your op.

Always make sure you inform your doctor and those involved with your operation as they need this kind of information to help them make the right decisions for your well-being.

You also can't donate blood whilst on a vlcd.
Thank you mini.

Will tell consultant when I see her again this week.

My plan is to loose as much as poss pre op and get back on it as soon as is safe to. I don't like the idea of 3 months off it!



Staff member
Best to discuss it with your consultant or doctor about when it is okay to go back on it as I cannot advise...they might let you back on it sooner if you are healing well and making a good recovery.

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